Tuesday, 12 August 2014

GBCF New Stash. . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you in good health and good spirits (not the alcoholic ones at this time of day I hope, although some of my creations may look better when enhanced by gin lol!!!)

Thank you for the kind comments on my DT cards. And now you have the third days post in a row (just like buses eh?).

Just a snap of my GBCF purchases today. Didn't think to take pics at the show, doh! Too busy yapping with John and going "Ooooh, look at this" and "Cooooo, look at that"

The day started with collecting breakfast of sausage batches (baps/barms/rolls-delete as appropriate for your area of the UK) from a local cafe. I then met John in a layby off the A46, in torrential rain, in a very ineffective waterproof, trying not to look as if something shifty was going on.
John then followed me to Stoneleigh, where he got to park under cover and I was outside! By the time I got under cover, my hair was plastered to my face and I smelt like wet dog!. . . . . . not the most attractive of looks!
We troffed our brekkie then dashed outside to the exhibition hall.

It was fairly quiet as it had just opened, so we had a good natter and browse without the usual rugby scrum scenes that happen when it gets busy. I introduced John to my local craft shop owner, Wendy (Daisy's Jewels and Crafts) as they had a stall and we picked up the same item to buy lol! (Not for the last time either!)

Met Christine at 12 for coffee and a catch up. Christine's friend had come along as she is thinking of starting to craft and I think we bamboozled the poor lady with some technical talk. It was lovely catching up with Christine as she's a smashing gal.

Back to the stalls again. I was on my own at one point and had just picked up a pack of peel offs to look at when my phone rang. . . . . John! I thought, blimey, he must have some sort of anti peel off device trained on me. I half expected a tannoy saying "Ang, step away from the peel offs" lol!!!

So, laughs had, purchases made and finally left as they were closing the doors. John then gave me some fab holographic card, some Chino shop pearls and gems and one of his gorgeous cards.
Led John back to the M69 then home to get showered, changed and off Nesta's surprise party (More on that later in the week with Nesta's gift bag).

Looking forward to November at the NEC with the Scottish Posse coming down again (but without Elaine, boo hoo) Christine and John and anyone else who wants to join us, the more the merrier!

 Ththththththththat's all folks. See you later in the week.

Ang x

Ps. . . . .yes, those rectangle dies in the snap are A4 size!
PPs. . . .there was some acetate purchased too but that's not interesting to photograph lol!


  1. Hi Ang. Great to hear how your day went at the GBCF with John. A4 rectangle dies! Hope you don't mind me asking but who makes those and how much were they? Love the rest of your stash, especially the gold leaf pen. Take care.

  2. Glad you had a Fab. day. Had a wee laugh at your description of the "wet dog" you will have been far from that but got the message.
    Lots of great goodies there. Looking forward to the makes.
    Have a good day

    Patricia xx

  3. Hi Ang. First of all loved yesterdays card. Great colours and design.
    Sounds like a lovely day out. Very jealous of all your new goodies.
    Love Val x

  4. Morning Ang,
    You always manage to make me smile, love the wet dog tale. Great goodies, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. Lovely stuff you have there Ang, great time had by all by the sounds of it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Oh my you paint such lovely pictures with your words! But nice little stash you have there Ang, I can see Limetree were there, one of my favourite stop offs. One of my friend bought some of the little stamps you have and brought them along to club yesterday. I've never seen A4 dies like that - dread to think how much they cost!! Glad you all had a good day though, best wishes Jackie

  7. Morning Ang, well you certainly had a good day, but where is the real photo of all the things that you bought LOL I'm sure that there is more hidden away - I normally come away with much more than I intended to buy. I'm hoping to go to the NEC - went for the first time last year and was really impressed. We have a show at Excel in London around the same time of year so it will be a toss up as to where I go. (or might just go to both!! ). Have fun today. Janice xx

  8. Ang. Glad you had a good day and managed to get some goodies. I can image what you felt like getting so wet, I can see me ending up the same way later on when I have to go shopping with the girls to get school bags. Take care Hazel xx

  9. Looks a successful day was had - and the sausage butties - the icing on the cake xx glad you had fun - can't wait to see the makes with your stash xx GailT xx

  10. Shame about the weather but glad you had a great day Woo hoo... A4 dies! Can't wait to see what you produce with new goodies

  11. Hi Ang
    I so enjoyed your tales of the day out! Like the look of the A4 dies. Which day are you off to the NEC? I'm hoping to go on the Friday and would love to meet up for a coffee. Best wishes, Anne O

  12. like the a4 size dies ,you lucky duck ,[ha ha that just came out ] .Laura O

  13. I spit my beverage over my keyboard at the visual of you and John in the lay by, Ang! Naughty! They don't call it a lay by for nothing! I am sorry you got so drenched, but it didn't slow you down any once you got down to business. Your goodies and your John are all sensational!! Have fun playing!! Hugs, Darnell

  14. It's so much fun to have new stuff to play with and it sounds like you had a fabulous day! Looking forward to hearing about Nesta's party and it sounds like you are making some fabulous plans for this fall!
    Sandy xx