Saturday, 16 August 2014

Nesta's Birthday Button Bag. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Thank you for your comments on my DT cards and also my last post about the craft show.
I was quite restrained (well, for me anyway) and the big pile in the middle of the picture were envelopes of varying sizes.

Firstly, a warm welcome to The Pond to Merethe Arstein. Merethe doesn't seem to have a blog but thank you so much for following. Hope you can pop by for regular paddles.

Now, Mrs B and Jackie asked about the A4 rectangle dies. They are made by Jus Cutz, bought from Once Upon a Stamp (they do have a website and free postage over £6) and were on a show offer of £15 for the set. . . . . . bargain!!! I think the usual price is £21.99, so still not too bad and they seem to cut ok so far.
The Krylon Gold Leaf Pen I have wanted to treat myself to for ages so I used my usual excuse of "there's no pockets in shrouds" to justify buying it lol!!!

Ann O, the plan for the NEC is to go on the Thursday. The Scottish Posse arrive on Thursday afternoon and go to the show Friday so myself and Christine met them for a meal on Thursday evening, after we had been to the show last year. John (John Next Door) is joining us this year too. Would be lovely if you could make the Thursday, for the show and the meal. Don't know if you follow any of the Scottish Girls as I'm sure they would be happy to meet you for a coffee if you can only do Friday.  Also, Janice take the plunge, do both shows, you know you want to lol!!! (and I promise there is no more secret stash)

Now, today's crafty offering is, as promised, Nesta's gift bag. As you know, my bestest chum was 60 two weeks ago and part of her pressie was 60 bags of her favourite sweets, Cadbury Chocolate Buttons. Like a loon, I decided to make a gift bag to match her card (see here).
First one I made was too small (I seriously underestimated how much room 60 bags of buttons need) and luckily I hadn't stamped it so I will save that for something else.

I apologise for the picture quality but I was literally out of the door before it occurred to me that I hadn't photographed the bloomin thing!!! There are the proper creases down each side.

Its not fancy and filigree as it was way too big to fit through my GC as it took 2 sheets of A3 to make. Now, if only I knew someone with a Big Shot Pro. . . . . . . . . . .
The labour of love was the stamping again. You may have noticed on my new stash snap, I bought another Card-io set, Mum's Garden, so I shall be playing with that in future. They are super little stamp sets and I wish that I could do them more justice.

2 sheets A3 300gsm card (Limetree Crafts)
Card-io Rose Garden stamp set
Spun Sugar, Victorian Velvet, Bundled Sage and Pine Needles DIs
Sage green Staedler fineliner
Pink satin ribbon

Last Sunday, one of Nesta's nieces' was having a Hindu wedding blessing (Bangle box to be featured here shortly) so Nesta's sister turned the evening do into a surprise birthday party for Nesta. I had responsibility for the non-family guest list and for keeping it quiet for the past 9 months. 
She was gobsmacked and totally overwhelmed but a lovely time was had by all. No tales of drunken debauchery I'm afraid (Well, her Dad was there, still going strong at 80).

Well, that's all from The Pond today. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you're up to. I have work today but never mind. With what's going on in some areas of the world, there's a lot worse places I could be on a Saturday (might think differently after some kid has poured acrylic paint over the floor again, hahaha!!!)

Be good!

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang. Lovely bag. The cardio stamps are so pretty but it must have taken hours and hours to stamp it all.
    Can't imagine the size of 60 bags of buttons but my mough is watering a the thought of it.
    Sounds like the party was a great success and a lovely surprise.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Love Val x

  2. Oh! WOW!! Ang that bag is AMAZING ...... I love it. No wonder Nesta was bowled over by it. Lucky lady ....... filled with Chocolate BUTTONS ....... oh! heaven.
    When I read the Post Title here was me thinking you had, had a love affaire with Buttons.....LOL. I expected to see the bag fully decorated with them!!!
    NEC ....... our plans are the same as last year arrive Thursday afternoon, meet with you guys at the Harvester in the evening (if that's ok with you) it was handy for us not knowing our way about.
    Show all day Friday stopping for a quick bite to eat for Lunch then back for more of the show.
    I have lots going on between now and then I hope I have some "spending" money left.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang,

    This is so, so pretty, love it. Well worth the effort.

    Don't think I will be able to make the NEC if its a Thursday because of work, never mind one year maybe lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Oh my gosh Ang, this must have taken forever! You have way more patience than I do! Wowsers! Your friend is going to love it, how could she not, it's gorgeous! hugs :)

  5. Morning Ang,
    So pretty, a real labour of love.

  6. Beautiful, What job of stamping.

  7. You do know someone with a Big Shot Pro (I have one!) Just pop over here for a leisurely weekend, I have three guest rooms and you can cut what you want! You would need a flight to Knock airport (now Ireland port west or something daft). and can pick you up from there.

  8. Wow. How much patience do you have - but well worth it - the bag is fab and hear a lovely idea to full with 60 bags of the choccy variety of buttons xx have a lovely weekend (what's left of it after you have finished work) xx GailT xx

  9. Wow, what a lovely gift you have made. So pretty and unique. You could never do 2 exactly the same - could you LOL !!. Must have taken you ages to do. Well worth it though. Have a good weekend. Janice xx

  10. After noon Ang. Hope work wasn't to bad today? Just love your bag for Nesta, and to fill it with here favourite chocolate buttons is just what friends do.. When I make a gift up I always ask people to tell what the person receiving it likes - no point in filling a gift with things the person won't use. Maybe we will be better to book a big table at the Harvester this new. Hazel xx.

  11. Pretty bag. I love that little roses stamp. Like the fab way you have stamped them to trail round the rods. Very effective. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Ang that bag is beautiful! I don't know what chocolate buttons are but I turn 70 in a couple of months hint - hint
    Sandy xx

  13. That is one beautiful bag and you are doing those stamps more than justice! I bet it was loved very much - it is so nice and special to create something for one person and I bet that is how she feels. Look forward to seeing more of those stamps - I love the majestic/card-io ones! Karen x

  14. Absolutely gorgeous bag Ang, I love Card-o stamps and what a lovely job you've done here, love the colours and your design, hugs Kate x

  15. WOW! Gorgeous bag Ang I love the way you've used it on the letters too What a labour of love but very rewarding I expect

  16. Hi Ang stunning bag,lucky friend,I have never seen anything like this.

  17. Hi Ang. What a fantastic bag, Nesta must have been delighted. The stamping must have taken you ages, it's all so pretty. Thanks for the info on the A4 dies, will have a look at them. Take care.

  18. Hi Ang, Just catching up as I have ben with mum for a few days. Nesta's present bag is such a work of art as well as a labour of love for a dear friend. Will she thank you though when she has worked her way through 60 bags of buttons?? I think I have put on a few pounds just thinking about it!! Thank you for the info regarding the dies, they were certainly a bargain. Unfortunately I won't be going to the NEC this year as I would have loved to meet up and join you all. A friend and I booked a crafting long weekend before I realised the dates coincided but I will still be having a great time. Maybe next year. Best wishes Jackie

  19. Hi Ang,
    all that stamping is a fab work of art.
    Love your superb bag and the fab stamping design on it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. This is fabulous :) love those tiny little flowers !