Friday, 22 August 2014

One For the Guys. . . . . . . .

Good morning to you all. Hope this finds you feeling champion (Not the Wonder Horse as the RSPCA would get involved lol!)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Nesta's Bangle Box. I really hope her niece keeps it but she is a bit of a fickle creature so goodness knows whether she will. I'd rather not know as I'd be heartbroken if it got binned.
As for Inkpadgate, I didn't see the offending minx daubing it everywhere but there were small fingerprints on a 12x12 First Edition pad (sacrilege and something worthy of capital punishment in my book) so I take heart that the errant parents would have had a lot of cleaning of the little darling and probably its clothing too. 
Sadly, its a regular event when you're working with ink pads, glitter glues and acrylic paints. Maybe if we made them top shelf? (steady, not that kind of top shelf lol!!!).

Now, today's offering is a change from what I was going to show as John featured a mica-ed peacock feathers mask card yesterday and that was what you were going to get from me today. I'm not brave enough to to show it immediately after John's so I'll keep it until you're likely to have forgotten his gem lol! 
This one was made for my brother in law (Mr Duck's brother) who is a very keen golfer (so guess what theme card he gets every year lol?) I have a few sporty Docrafts toppers I keep for the fellas so they do come in handy. I did die cut the topper too to get that nice embossed edge around it, like the frames.

White base card
White and black PMD card
SB A2 Matting Basics A & B
Docrafts Golfer topper
Creative Expressions sentiment stamp
Bundled Sage DI
Black archival ink

Quite straightforward but with the recessed frames to add a bit of dimension.
Mr D's brother was very happy with it. He's a graphic designer so does take a keen interest in my handmade stuff.

Meeting up with our John this morning, so it will be nice to have a catch up.
Hope you have a great start to your weekend, whatever you are doing and thank you, as always, for popping by for a paddle.

Ang x

Ps, forgot to say thanks to Lesley for her offer of letting me use her Big Shot Pro. I was actually hinting at John as he's a bit nearer than you lol!


  1. Ang, another beautiful card, and just right for a golf loving man. So glad in a way that the parents of said small child will be paying in a way, I bet they have inky finger prints on lots a there things too. Enjoy your time with John. Hazel xx

  2. Love todays card Ang. The matting and layering looks perfect.
    I thinks I'd be putting the inks way out of reach.
    Enjoy your time with John.
    Love Val x

  3. Morning , I too have a male that is a keen golfer he too gets a golf themed card every year!!. Lovely card. Have a good weekend.Janice xx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Great chap card, love your mat and layering. Enjoy your catch up with John.

  5. Classic man card Ang, lovely. Have fun with John, xxxx

  6. Good morning Ang, great how a topper can become a masterpiece with the matting and layering to make a really impressive card. Have a good catch up with John and enjoy this weekend's offering from Spa. I seem to have lost touch with what's going on, seems ages since the last race, best wishes Jackie xx

  7. Beautiful card , I like this stamp. Hugs

  8. Beautiful card Ang. Love the frames around the image.

    I don't think we will forget John offering of the peacock mask too soon lol! Cannot wait to see yours, its one of my favourite masks but still on my list shame on me!!! As for the hint to John, did you not know Men cannot take a hint!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Neat card today Mrs, Duck, enjoy your visit with John, I was hoping to entice you over here for a visit!

  10. Hi Ang,
    what a really great card.
    So right for a golf fan, or player.
    Love the fab colours.
    Now I mad a Golf Bag card that I enlarged from a smaller version a while ago, and forgot to photograph it.
    I just wish I had as it came out so wonderful.
    Enjoy your meet with John, maybe he has something to lend you. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Wow, this is really classy for a masculine card! I love the black and green together and your image is a perfect choice! Your brother in law will love it! Hugs :)

  12. I realize I have not been around too much this summer - wee farm and grand children! Wonderful card for a male golfer.
    Sandy xx

  13. Perfect card for a golfer xx enjoy your catch up and have a good weekend xx GailT xx

  14. Fab card for a golfer Ang!! hope you have a great weekend huggles Sue xxx

  15. Hi Ang, super card for a golfer, love how you've made the frame, giving the image a 3D look.
    I hope your weekend is a good one and your catch up with John went well, hugs Kate x

  16. love the matting dies,make a great card ,looks so neat.Laura O

  17. Great card I have one of the matting basics which I don't use that often because although for 5x7 the proportions aren't (or is it just me?) perhaps if I get the second set, the borders would be narrower and better...

  18. Hi Ang. Great card, embossing the edge of topper ties it all in really well. Have a good day. Take care.

  19. Hi Ang I have not had much chance at Blog visiting this last week,I thing God got up one morning,and had not much to do,so he decided,that I had not suffered enough,so sent lots of stuff that causes bad pain to me.
    I love all your cards ,and you are a very brave lady to make a card for John,but it turned out smashing .I have not made a card for a year,so fairly rusty.Ireland is drowning in water today,so back to winter,