Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bangle Box. . . . . . . .

Good morning my little Duckadees, I do hope this finds you well.
Thank you, as always for your lovely comments, always encouraging and always appreciated.

Nesta did love the gift bag but I think she was more interested in the contents lol!!! For my overseas chums, Cadburys Chocolate Buttons are milk thin chocolate discs, about the size of an average button, that melt very nicely on the tongue.

Whilst we are on a Nesta theme, I thought I would show you the bangle box that I made for Nesta to give her niece for the blessing last weekend.
She had asked a male friend to find an A4 size purple box (as she didn't want to bother me) but he hadn't much sense of urgency and so I was seconded at the last minute.
As part of a Hindu blessing, the bride has to be presented with saris and bangles from various relatives. These were the ones Nesta was handing over.

A beautiful array of colours but the box had to be A4 and sturdy and the lid had to be cut away in areas to show off the bangles.

Fortunately, I had kept some purple cardboard boxes that had housed some card I had ordered from C & C ages ago, so I made a sturdy base for the box (it wasn't big enough to make the entire box from)

I then used some PMD A3 purple card to cover this and make the sides deeper.

I then popped a doubled over piece of the cardboard down the centre to stop the bangles moving in the box.

The lid was also made from purple PMD card out of which I cut rectangles, squares and the wonderful Striplet and backed with acetate. 
It meant that you could see just enough of the bangles  inside.

I also used a Hobbycraft punch around the edge of the lid and backed the aperture with gold card (you can see this on the very top photo)

I apologise for the picture heavy post but I was rather pleased with how this turned out and apparantly, it drew some admiring glances from Nestas family and the blessing guests, some of whom just handed over bangles in clear plastic bags.

One last snap. . . . . . . . . .

That's it now, I promise, before you overdose on bangles and boxes photos lol!!!
The official wedding is in October so I have an order for the wedding card for then.

Charity shop for me today. At least some little cherub won't have gone smooshing a cerise pink pigment ink pad on several paper pads, some wooden stamps and 2 pots of Modge Podge in there. . . . . . . .yes, that was yesterday's delight at work.

Whatever you're up to this week, enjoy!!!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang. You sound like you had a fun day yesterday? I hope the parent was made to pay for the damage or had they quickly left the shop???
    Love your box, it made Nesta's present into a wonderful gift. Beautiful bangles the colours are stunning. Hazel x. P.S. The goes bus on till it gets to St. Andrews 24 miles away, but we did the trip again yesterday and she knew when to get off.

  2. Good morning Ang,
    Love, love, love your stunning Box. WOW!! what about the contents oh! man! they are just wonderful.
    I really can't get my head round "parents" allowing children to do that kind of thing.
    However having seen some parents and children well .......... !!! enough said.
    Have a good day

    Patricia xx

  3. What a beautiful gift & box, no wonder it got admiring glances!


  4. What a work of art, Ang. Really beautifully made. No wonder you are pleased with it.
    Such a lovely tradition and such pretty shiny bangles.
    Mine would have got a slap on the legs but apparantly you're not allowed to smack children any more!!!
    Bye for now.
    Love Valx

  5. Morning Ang,
    Wow! a beautiful box, and the bangles are stunning. I agree with Patricia some parents are just as bad as their children.

  6. Hi Ang. I love the box, it shows the bangles off beautifully.
    I'm sure the little darling was just playing...........or some other pathetic excuse that the "parent" came up with, were they too busy looking at their phone to watch what she was doing by any chance? I hope you have a better day today. Take care.

  7. AMAZING box Ang, so pretty and very bright too, xxx

  8. Love this box (and the contents) Ang, my friend's son is marrying an indian girl later this year so she is learning all the traditions and having to buy saris for the wedding ceremony ( apparently lasts 4 days). I will tell her to have a look at your blog. Have a good day. Janice xx

  9. great box ,and with that fab die again too ,Laura O

  10. Great box, and I love the contents! So interesting to read about other wedding traditions.

  11. Just love what you have done here Ang. Really shows off the bangles so nicely, no wonder it put the other guests offerings in the shade. Great news today, after about 4 years I have had an offer on my bungalow!! Now all I have to do is find somewhere else................bye for now, Jackie

  12. Wow Wow Wow,fantastic box,take a bow Mrs Duck,this is stunning.

  13. Wow, so gorgeous Ang! I love how you used the striplet die down the middle, really gives it such elegance! Great colour too! Just stunning! hugs :)

  14. Well deserving of a picture heavy post - this box is amazing (luv the bangles too) but that's another story xx absolutely gorgeous and not surprised Nesta got admiring glances for the box (box)!! doesn't do it justice it is so much more than a box - a real keepsake xx GailT xx

  15. Wow! Ang,This is absolutely gorgeous, well done you. A lot of work has gone into this and the bangles are so beautiful, an array of colours. No surprise of the looks the guests gave Nesta, bet she was well pleased. I do hope they keep the box with the bangles in for use its far too nice to throw away.
    Sounds like you had fun at work, hope today was better lol!

    Love 7 Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Hi Ang forgot to mention my DT card, the main card was lilac, the background was a Dark Purple, although it does look Black! The corners were out of the same Dark Purple card. I coloured her in Purple and added Purple gems. You are not the only one who could not see the Purple lol! Trust me ay? I should have gone with my original one of 'Anything Goes' lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie xxx

  17. This is stunning Ang!!!! lots of huggles Sue x

  18. Wow-the box is stunning, very fitting for the beautiful contents.


  19. Hi Ang, fabulous box, and Nesta's bangles are beautiful, the colours are wonderful and your box just compliments them completely. Love the design and colour of the box. Hope your day was better than yesterday, hugs Kate x

  20. This is a stunning box. I love the filigree cutouts. No wonder the other guests admired it so much. Gorgeous array of bangles too. Hugs Mrs A.

  21. wow Ang, just love it...a fantastic work of artistic creation.xxThe Journey is the Start

  22. Hi Ang

    What a beautiful gift. The box is fab, you and that striplet die will never be parted. there are some beautiful bangles. what a lucky girl.

    Kind regards :-) Tina XX

  23. Hi Ang,
    what a very beautiful and superb box.
    I love your super design of this.
    Now your Nesta's bag has inspired me to make my 1st bag.
    will be showing a little later once the lady has had it as it was for a commission.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. What a lovely box No wonder you're so proud of it Makes the bangles look spectacular as for the child! It really irritates me that some parents appear to take no notice of their cherubs As someone else has said they're more interested in their phones than their kids

  25. Just absolutely gorgeous! I really hope she keeps the box because it is beautiful. I also love those very sparkly bangles Lorraine - a beautiful and very visually stunning project. Thankfully we don't have little cherubs as I would be in prison if anyone touched my stash lol! Karen x