Saturday, 20 December 2014

Festive Trio. . . . . . .

Good morning my paddling chums. Hope you are all well or if not, a sincere get well soon.

A big thank you from Mr D for his birthday wishes. He was very chuffed that he was mentioned in dispatches. He had a lovely day despite the disappointment of not going away. He loves a full English (that's a cooked breakfast for my overseas chums) so I took him to a local carvery that does a buffet breakfast and he tucked in with gusto (I could almost hear his arteries groaning when he munched the fried bread (ewwww!!!). Its not something I cook very often so he enjoyed it.

Thank you all, too, for your lovely supportive comments about my work issues. Its taken the enthusiasm I had for the job and squashed it.
There was a mention of changing my shifts again for next week to which I offered to save them the trouble, by offering to hand in my notice. . . . . .no further mention made!
Still, I had to stifle a very wide grin, when it dawned on them that next week, the other experienced girl is on leave and there is the annual stock take on what will now be one of my none working days. So, the only bods in on my section are the supervisor (one of the ones who changed my rota) and a new girl who only started this week; to do a stocktake of 3 departments.
I was asked, through muffled tones, if I would go in for overtime for that day. . . . . .well, you can guess what my answer was. . . . . . . still stifling that grin. . . . . . .

Anyhoo, enough of that, and I'd like to welcome to Debs, one of my new team mates at MAWTT. I'm looking forward to joining the girls in a couple of weeks.

Now today, I'm sharing some quickie batch cards I made for Christmas. I was getting pushed for time and needed some less involved ones to keep me going so made a few repeats of each. Although they are foam padded, they still come under the 5mm for postage.

White Card (Lime Tree)
Green, ruby red and red card (PMD)
Gold mirror card (C & C)
SB Snowflake Pendant 2013
X-Cut circle die
Card-io Festive Fir Cones stamp set
Bebunni embossing folder
Hobbycraft corner punch
Sentiments CE and Dovecraft (I think)
Inks, Memento Dew drops, Versamark
Gold mica
Gold Krylon pen
Anita's 3D Gloss (on the holly leaves)

Dozy duck that I am, I forgot to take close ups. . . . .doh!!!

Before I waddle off, I wanted to mention, I received some fantastic creations recently. 
Of course, there were Wendy's fab pins and John gave me a beautiful notebook that had started plain but had been "John-ed" (yes, I still love jotting things down with pen and paper)
I'm not showing it as I'm not sure if its a project he will be doing at some stage and I haven't managed to catch up with him since he came back from his break in Spain.

I also received two stunning cards through the post. The first was from the lovely Karen (Karenlotty). Karen doesn't have a blog (but should if the card she sent is anything to go by) and I wouldn't put it on here without her permission (still waiting on a reply for that Karen lol). Karen, its fab so many, many thanks.
Then, I received another beauty, from Pamellia. Now as Pamellia has featured my gift on her blog, I can refer you to it here to see it photographed a lot better than I could to do it justice. The tactileness (yes, I made that word up) of this card is amazing. I had to stop Mr D touching it all over (steady!!!)
This gal is going places (Nantucket maybe, eh Pamellia?). . . . . well, crafty ones I think.

Well that's me, off to enjoy a homemade Snowball (I'm scheduling this on Friday evening, not hitting the alcohol at 6am, hahaha!)   so thank you if you've managed to get to the end of this without nodding off, otherwise "WAKE UP!!!!!!"

Have a great weekend and be good.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . .just checked. . . . .yep, I'm still stifling that grin. . . . .



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! good for you Gal!! so glad to hear this news on the "Job Front"
    Now! your fantastic cards, they are brilliant, love them all.
    Did not for one minute think you were "drinking" thought the "Snowball" was another of your great "chocolate" style recipes......still making, packaging and of course eating "Thank Crunchie"
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Patricia xxx

  2. Great cards Mrs D. Was thinking the middle one could double as a male card as that die cut looks like the steering wheel of a boat. Do boats have steering wheels I wonder?. You can see I'm a landlubber.
    All dried out here thank goodness but a hectic 10 minutes.
    Good to hear you have given work the flick and keep grinning.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year.
    Margaret M

    1. Just to clarify, haven't handed in my notice (yet) I just offered to if they were going to mess me about again next week, when they realised that changing my shifts had now left them in the doodoo for next weeks stocktake. x

  3. Hi Ang, Good for you on the Job issue, I can imagine is such a satisfying feeling.
    Love your cards, I love the card-io stamps, , your colours are fab too.
    As for Teallach, well, he is such a great wee guy, but still to have the pleasure of the Christmas tree, I've not managed to get it up yet, i fact the only deccy up is a wreath on the front door. After today I'm on hols so plan to concentrate on the Currie household.
    I with you and Mr. Duck a fabulous Christmas and a very Happy New Year, I hope it is kind to you both, Big Hugs and Love Kate x

  4. 3 lovely cards & so was Mr D's birthday card. Sometimes it pays to be assertive and I think your comments re changing shifts again must have worked!


  5. Morning Ang, what's wrong with having a snowball in the morning hic hic !!!! Lol!!. Well done you on the job front - hit them where it hurts!! Love the Christmas cards but using those cardio stamps isn't a quick card and isn't as easy as it looks (well not for me!!) Have a great day. Janice xxx

  6. Morning Ang, beautiful set of cards though they do not look like quicky cards all that colouring lol! Well done on the job front, I can still see you smiling lol! You have hit them good and hard would have loved to have been a fly on the wall lol!

    Stunning card from Pamellia, all here creations are stunning, I would have to frame it lol! She so kindly sent me a lovely little bauble card that I have put on my tree and a set of stamps, such a kind Lady, I felt awful really not being able to send anything back. I am even late sending cards out to family this year, got to do it today as last day of posting!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Ang

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Oh well done Ang. There loss, that's what happens when these places get good staff, they take loan of them. ( oh I might be speaking from experience!) I was at work for 5 hours yesterday and did nothing except sit do things with Beth and then we watched a DVD. were as I would have been on the go all the time.
    Love your cards, looks to me like a lot of work. Enjoy your time with Lee over the holidays, and keep smiling. Hazel x

  8. Hi Ang. Good for you, wish we could have seen their faces when their clever ways of messing you around came back to bite them on the bum! Let that grin break free : )
    Love the cards, not sure the cardio stamp ones would be that quick for me to
    Glad to hear that Mr D enjoyed his birthday fry up : ) Take care.

  9. Morning Ang,
    Go girl, you stand up for yourself, it's not right that they can mess you around like that.
    Love your cards, just got some card-io stamps myself so will enjoy playing with them.

  10. Well done on the job front Ang, so pleased Mr D enjoyed his Full English { lucky fellow ] lovely cards Number 3 catches my eye ,BEAUTIFUL .
    Keep Smiling .
    Elaine H X

  11. I agree with everyone, well done with your bosses, you tote that grin!! Love the cards, your wreaths are amazing with the touches of glossy accents and the gold medallion is stunning! Isn't it horrible that we have to quash our creativity because of postage charges! Ugh!

    Thanks for the shout out, you are such a sweetheart! I'm just so glad you like the card I made you! Wish you and Mr D the very best wishes for the holiday season! big hugs :)

  12. Nope, still not asleep. Well done for sticking up to the bosses, its a shame you didn't do that when you lost your few days away. Keep grinning, and offering your notice if you have to, to get the message over.

    Love Pamellia's card, lots of super ideas on that. And I love your Christmas cards too - I don't have that Christmas set, so I might have to rectify that.

    Happy Christmas to you, Mr Drake and any ducklings paddling around.

  13. A hearty well done with the standing up for yourself. If done right, it works every time.

    That is a great trio of cards. Great color and creativity. - Jim

  14. Hi Ang, Eh up my duck,Lovely cards, heard about you via John next door, have had problems commenting on his postings so hope this comes through alright.

  15. Glad to hear you got out of the stock take. After all must be dead boring counting ducks I mean they all look the same don't they! lol
    Cards look great. hugs mrs A.

  16. Stunning cards Ang - love the designs and fabulous stamping.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Debs xx

  17. Good on you for standing your ground re job You've obviously been too accommodating in the past It'll do them good to be left in the doo doo The Christmas cards are gorgeous AND yes I'd be honoured if you want to publish my card Don't forget it was inspired by SW Maybe in the new year I will seriously think about a blog as you think I'm good enough I do post quite a few of my humble makes on Pinterest

  18. Just popped on today to let you have a read of this .... i just found it on Pinterest and could nor resist .....

    Always behave like a Duck
    Keep Calm and Unruffled on the Surface
    But Paddle like Hell Under Water .......

    I am adding it to the Pinterest board i have of you on my on my Site ..
    Hope it made you smile ? it did it for me xxxx

  19. A trio of loveliness - like you on the last push with Chrsitmas cards and a few 2.20am finishes and then up for work!! Why do we do it xx good for you re your job it is such a shame you had to resort to saying they could have your notice but good for you (Mrs Smiley Duck) xx enjoy what is left of the weekend xx GailT xx

  20. Three super cards Ang love them they are so lovely.
    Well done on the work front for letting them know, I would like to be a fly on the wall!
    Take care
    Margaret corgi owner

  21. Hi Ang, a fab blog post, and fab cards, what a laugh about stifling that grin. Take care. Bx

  22. Hi Ang! Good for you standing up to them at work. Maybe they will learn from this! I love these cards but the gold diecut one is my favorite! Glad you and Mr. D had a nice breakfast together. Have a great day!