Wednesday, 24 December 2014

So Here it is. . . . . . .Merry Christmas!!!

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all set for the festivities or you're fast running out of time.

Thank you Elaine (nattyboots) for your duck saying. It did make me smile. And blimey, I've not looked at Pinterest before but I'm really flattered that you have a board for "Ang's cards" on there. It looks fab so thank you so much for thinking my bits and bobs are worthy of pinning.

Now, I have decided to post today, rather than tomorrow, as you will all have more exciting things to do than come a paddling. . . . . . .and quite right too!!! 
I will be working this afternoon and Boxing Day morning but off for New Year. . . . . . . . . . Wonder how that stocktake went. . . . . ?

I am, with permission, showing Mr D's Christmas card, which was a labour of love and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
The centre panel is woven from red and gold satin ribbon (oooh yes, it did take some time to do) but I think it was worth it. 
This is the back of the frame. . . . . . 

The red snowflake card is from a Hunkydory Christmas set I bought a couple of years ago (I did in fact buy 2 big sets only to discover Spellbinders a month later. I am trying to use the sets rather than them going to waste). Didn't have a square die large enough so had to hand cut the aperture. I only wish now, that  I had run my gold Krylon pen around the inside edge, but hey ho.

Cream card base (8x8) (Ross Card)
Gold mirror card
Red mirror card
Hunkydory red snowflake card (and round sentiment)
Soft gold card (Lime Tree)
Red and Gold satin ribbon 
Hobbycutz Snowflakes (coloured with gold Krylon pen)
SB Snowflake Pendants
Red bling
Docrafts "Husband" stamp

I know that its not going to be everyone's cup of Earl Grey but Mr D was genuinely thrilled with it so that'll do for me. 

Its been a tough few weeks, with work issues, some sad news about a couple of friends I used to work with, lost two earrings (one a honeymoon pressie from Mr D and the other a special birthday pressie from Nesta. . . . . . . .both since found after much banshee like wailing), Mr D lost his wedding ring and now (with comedy timing) my cooker oven has decided to pack in (thank the Lord for halogen ovens) but thank you all for making me smile with your thoughtful comments.

And though its all upsetting at the time and tears get shed, it puts things in perspective when you switch on the news and see some of the tragic events that have happened during the last couple of weeks.
Its times like Christmas when we should make those special memories with loved ones that will always make us smile. And when I see what sadness others are having to endure, it makes me hug my loved ones just that little bit tighter.

Yuletide felicitations to you all my dear paddling chums. Enjoy your time with those you love.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, a smashing card using an effect that I've tried a couple of times. Is a bit fiddly but result is worth it. Your comments are spot on regarding appreciating your loved ones. Thanks for all the comments that you have made on my blog, I really appreciate them. Have a great Christmas. Love Janice xxx

  2. Hi Ang. What a wonderful card for Mr Duck, you have woven the ribbon beautifully.
    As you say, there are so many bad things happening in the world, we may have sad times but we do have our loved ones by us, what more do we need. Wishing you and Mr Duck a very Happy Christmas. Take care.

  3. Good morning Ang. Yes another labour of love went into making this card, it's stunning. Yes you are so right, and I was just saying the same to Patricia last night, that we have to stop and think of those who won't be celebrating tomorrow, but will be filled with sadness over lost loved ones. So if the food isn't cooked on time or we have forgotten to buy something - so what it's only one day and does it really count??? I have forgiven Charlie for trying to help, because at the end of the day it dosent matter, I have him and our family. Health and happiness are the best gifts to have tomorrow. You and Lee have a wonderful day. Hazel xx

  4. Good morning my friend,
    Wow! Oh! Wow! I am not surprised Lee loves this little "work of art & love" it is stunning. I really LOVE what you have done, everything is beautiful.
    Glad you found your "earrings" told you they would turn up.
    Our Christmas Day might have to be postponed ........ John Jnr and Robert have got some kind of Cold/Flu bug and are lying very low. We have been told to stay away in case we catch it. Boys want us to come visit, something we always do if they are ever ill and ask .... chatting lots on the phone. Robert did ask "are you sure you won't get my bugs over the phone Grandpa???"
    I have the meal to cook, Turkey still to be cooked but I am sure it will keep a couple of days in the fridge.
    So what if we have to delay the day at least we will all be together to share it when we can. There are people out there who would love to have that as an option.
    Having the ones you love and care for around you is the most important thing in the world any day of the year.
    Have a wonderful day enjoy every moment.
    Hugs a plenty

    Patricia xxx

  5. Hi Ang, this card is stunning, I am sure Mr Duck was over the moon. I have yet to finish mine for Him indoors, so better get a paddle on. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and to all the lovely bloggers. Have a wonderful time and as Ang says make memories with your loved ones, and keep those hurting in your thoughts. Bx

  6. So pleased you liked the Duck Saying Ang , Mr Ducks card is just gorgeous beautiful ribbon weaving , colors and with the gold snowflakes it looks very regal .
    Such bad sad things happening in our world Ang ,it makes you appreciate your own family and realise how precious they are .

    Can i take this time to wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and thank you for your very entertaining blogs, beautiful cards and inspiration.
    I will be away shortly after the New Year ,but back in March i don't want you thinking i have deserted you, and i will try to pop by if and when i can

    Take Care and happy splashing .......
    Elaine H X

  7. Good morning Ang
    Your very special card is fabulous I do hope Mr D was pleased with it the colours were wonderful.
    Please don't work too hard, who you work for don't appreciate you so don't over do things and to pot with the stocktaking!
    May I say a special thank you for all the laughs you have given me and the wonderful inspiration since I found your little pond, and wish you and those you love a magical Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year with no ruffled feathers.
    Festive hugs
    Margaret corgi owner

  8. Morning Ang,
    A stunner, don't think I would have the patience to do the weaving.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and don't work too hard. I have just made the crunhie thingy to take to our Daughters on Boxing Day.

  9. A labour of love but so worth it. Happy Christmas to all at the The Ducks Doodah's.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Oh, dear, what a time for a cooker to die on you! That's not fair. I do hope Mr Drake finds his ring, what a shame to have lost it. Sorry you have to work either side of Christmas day, that's hard going too.

    Love the card, the woven ribbon is sumptuous. Will be with you in 2015 too, I love coming here and seeing your beautiful cards.

  11. Well said Ang Hope it all comes together in the end What you said is so so true Just look at what's happened in Glasgow Christmas is a very bittersweet time for me so try really hard to be cheerful for my daughter but I also get so upset that my lovely son is not here to celebrate too sadly all I want for Christmas is something that cannot happen We will have a lovely day and remember family members that are no longer with us This is why I started card making - to get lost in the moment of creating something beautiful and join this lovely crafting family Merry Christmas Mr & Mrs Duck and all of you PS Thank Crunch it's Friday is a huge success Love love love it

  12. great card nice simple style for a man ,always find them a little harder to make .Laura O

  13. Dear Ang, your husband is one "lucky duck" to get such a beautiful card. I was in awe of your beautiful ribbon weaving. So glad you found your lost earrings. Hope the ring turns up soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  14. Hi Ang what a stunning card, the latticed ribbon is amazing, no wonder Mr. D loved it.
    Pleased to hear you found your earings, I hate loosing things given in a gift. Hope Mr.Dfinds his ring.
    I'm all organised thankfully, Helped by Teallach this morning whilst wrapping prezzies, he just loves ribbon and paper. Spending tomorrow with Damian and Moreen, it will be a quiet day but lovely, lots of lovely food.
    I'm going to give blogging a break for the next week so, and wont be commenting, I feel I need to pick up my knitting again, and once I get in front of the computer that's me for hours. So see you in the new year, have a very Merry Christmas and beat wishes for 2015, I hope it's kind to you both, hugs Kate x

  15. I think this is a wonderful card & since your hubby is truly appreciative, makes it all so worth it! Sorry to hear about all your recent trials, but happy you are still smiling. Merry Christmas!

  16. hi Ang
    Wonderful creation ,I love your creation.
    I wish you a Merry christmas .
    hugs laurigami

  17. Hi Ang,wow you are a busy Lady,the card is fantastic and I know Mr Duck loves red.I hope you have a great Christmas.
    Thank you so much for all the fun you put into your blog,and your cards are a joy to look at.I wish everyone that follow your blog a Very Happy Christmas.
    Has anyone any news of
    Crafty hugs,

  18. I can see why Mr Duck liked his card a true labour of love. Enjoy the festive season.
    Margaret M

  19. Good morning mrs D - an amazing card/gift - this is sooo much than just a card and not surprised Mr D loved it - nothing to dislike about it and I absolutkey love your ribbon weaving xx I like you agree about Christmas it is one day and again,like you if something gets forgotten or doesn't turn out quite right so what it really isn't important xx I can understand why you were upset though, over your earrings as they are sentimental not just earrings and it it the sentimentality that upsets you not the items themselves xx I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day with those that mean the most to you - we did and remembered those who are no longer with us too - too many over the last couple of years so hoping for a quieter one in 2015!! Here's hoping anyway xx GailT xx

  20. Gorgeous card frro Mr D Ang. fab design. Merry Christmas, if a little late, just got back from Benidorm

  21. Hi Ang! Thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes you left me while I was away. I had such a great holiday, I hope you did too! I'm playing catch-up now. This is absolutely gorgeous, I bet Mr Duck was head over heels for this! All that weaving, oh my...what patience you have! It's great to be back in blogland, I missed all my creative friends! big hugs :)