Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Die Cut Fridge Magnets. . . . . . .and a Sneaky Christmas Card.

Good morning one and all. I hope this finds you well. I have been doing a very convincing Norman Collier impression for the last few days.
I haven't got a cold but had a sore throat, that developed into an equally impressive Frank Ifield impression, then Marcel Marceau and now the current Norman, with a silly cough.
Mr D has been walking around with a smile. . . . . . .can't think why ;-)

First things first, a big welcome to Carole who has kindly become paddler No 80. Very kind of you and much appreciated.

Nothing really, as of typing, to report about any of the neighbours. We used to call Flash, Sooty as the vehicle he used to have was similar to the Sooty Mobile (for those who remember. . . . . . I still have my Sooty glove puppet, that sits on my bed post, ahhhhhh).
He was out scraping Mrs Flash's car at the weekend in his own dressing gown, hairy legged, with Crocs on his feet and one of those trapper hats on his head but to be honest, thats reasonably normal for him.

Now today, I'm showing a few of the fridge magnets I have made by die cutting some magnetic sheets.

Coloured black and topped with stamped red funky foam, offset and stuck to the magnet 

I bought a load of Polaroid magnetic sheets from one of the pound shops to store my dies on (2 A4 sheets in each pack for £1 rather than expensive ones I had seen on C & C). The good thing with these ones is that they are white on one side (you can run them through a printer as well) so I usually write the name of the die on that side.
This also means, they are thin enough to die cut and you can use inks or what ever you fancy to decorate them.

One of the SB Medallions coloured in silver metallic Promarker
You can also make cards using these and then the recipient can use them on their fridge.

One of the SB Les Paps coloured in gold Krylon pen
My current favourite is. . . . . . . . . . . .  

Spellbinders A2 Filigree Delight cut from the magnetic sheet and also from a sheet of one of my favourite First Edition Pads (Neroli) and yes, I was finiky enough to position the die on the paper so that the pattern lined up lol!!! I then simply glued the paper to the metallic sheet.

Mr D wanted to remain anonymous so I've swapped his picture for a Tesco voucher lol!!!

Just wanted to show something different you can do with dies. . . . . . . think of all the flourishes and frames you can use.

Hope that these may be of interest to you all but if not, here's a card to make up for all the magnet shots. . . . . . . . . .

Its a Christmas card I made for Mr D to send his bosses (the car was requested because of his job). I am trying to use some of my Hunkydory stash and this decoupage and sentiment were part of it. Mind you, I do think it looks nice set on some snowflake embossed soft gold card and teamed with some gold and copper ribbon.

Well, that's me. Hope you can join me for my next offering which will be my second DT card for MAWTT.

Til then, be good!

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . the puddy tat is our dear departed Sam. She's been gone 8 years but we still miss her terribly.


  1. At LONG last we can see what you have been up to.
    Love your wonderful Magnets which you have patiently made. They are all beautiful. Like the idea of the frame one to tuck something into.
    I have a few but only because I stupidly placed my Dies the wrong way on my Magnetic sheet and cut!!!
    Have a good day

    Patricia xxx

  2. Hello Ang, loving the magnets this morning, all great ideas, and thanks for the tip on the thinner magnetic sheets, I have found on that auction site, a place that sells them in varying thickness, and quite reasonable prices too. Love the sneaky Christmas card too, very classy. Take care and have a great day. Bx

  3. Great use of dies and a lovely card. Hope you are sounding/feeling better, Jx

  4. Morning Ang, a lovely idea to use magnetic sheets for your dies. I've bought the cheap ones from the pound shop rather than c&c, and they work just as well. Didn't go to the cinema or a meal yesterday. Will hopefully do soon. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  5. Morning Ang, brilliant idea these fridge magnets, will have to have a look in our pound shop as I need more magnetic sheets and never thought of going there lol!!!

    Beautiful cat you had, they are part of the family so yes we do miss them.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. The magnets are great I have a magnetic note board in my kitchen so I will definitely have a go at making some magnets and there's the side of the microwave and the fridge and the washing machine and ...

  7. Great magnets, I love fridge magnets anyway. Thought that was your holiday wish list then realised F1 LOL. xxx

  8. Love your fridge magnets Ang. I use magnetic sheets for my dies too. A few years ago Hobbycraft did some foam backed magnetic sheets for 50p each and I bought loads. Unfortunately they don't do them any more. Never seen any of these in the pound shops - must look more closely. Hope the cough/sore throat improves soon. Christine x PS My neighbour has moved his cows back into the field adjoining us so no doubt we can look forward to visitors again!

  9. Good morning,
    Wow,so pleased to have discovered your blog!
    What a fabulous idea, especially the frame dies, I usually put the little 'congratulations ' post cards that the girls get from school on the fridge, I could now make a couple of magnetic frames with their photos in and put their achievements under their photo! ( that was a bit long winded, sorry)!
    You have inspired me thank you!
    I will be looking out for those sheets in the pound store, mind you we only have 99p store in witney, that extra penny probably means they don't stock it, although I have to say their foam tape is ok, very sticky, good for the dimensional lift!
    Crafty hugs
    Sandra xx

  10. Morning Ang,
    Great fridge magnets, I usually get my magnetic sheets from ebay. We do have a local cheap store where they sell foam tape and gems and such, next time I need magnetic sheets I'll get my hubby to have a look for me. Good to see you have the F1 schedule ready.

  11. Morning Mrs. Duck - my bird bath is frozen again today, and we had an inch of snow overnight, so you wouldn't be able to paddle here in Ireland at the moment. My local (€2) shop doesn't have any magnetic sheets, they would be a real bargain if they did, so I'm envious you can get them at that price.

  12. Morning Mrs Duck, love the blog and your tales, great sense of humour. Keep them coming. Linda.

  13. Great idea for the fridge magnets! Love your card, that layered image is so elegant on the gold background! Oh, how I miss my Krylon pens now that Christmas is over! May need to find a new use for them. hugs :)

  14. The fridge magnets are a great idea, especially like the butterfly.
    Lynne x

  15. What some clever ideas you have had for us today. I'm going to have to give them a try.

  16. Hi Ang, the fridge magnets are brilliant, such a super idea and would make lovely little gifts. Your card is lovely, great embossed card.
    I know what you mean about missing your Sam, although we now have Teallach, we still miss Cuillin after all we had him for 16 years.
    Your neighbour sounds a bit strange!!, take care, hugs Kate x

  17. Brilliant magnets and what a lovely way to decorate your fridge too (by the way it looks like a humongous fridge - are you feeding the 5000)!! How lovely that you are able to see Sam on a daily basis too - we are a cat family and ours is presently curled up in a ball in his basket - he was a rescue cat and we have had him for nearly eight years now - we decided we weren't going to have anymore after our last cat passed away but our daughter still lived at home and decided otherwise but he stayed with us when she moved out as he is quite timid - our daughter now has a dog and the two definitely don't mix!!! So he will definitely be staying here now but that suits me - hope you get your voice back soon and you are not feeling ill with it xx GailT xx

  18. Hi, I love the idea of making fridge magnets. I know a few who collect them and it would be great to personalise them.
    I also thought that you had a world tour planned, then the penny dropped.
    Janice W

  19. Hi Ang. Love the fridge magnets, I have made a few accidently when putting the dies on the wrong way up! We never forget our pets do we, they become part of the family don't they. I was another one that took a while to work out the F1 list : ) Hope the throat clears soon. Take care.