Friday, 16 January 2015

Another Bloomin Christmas Card and Mrs B's Banner. . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is safe and sound after this spell of Baby Weather (wet and windy) and for those unfortunate enough to have snow. I hope that this is the worst that Winter has to throw at us.

I must apologise for not being too swift around the blogs this week. I'm all behind (in more ways than one after the excesses of yuletide lol!) but shall be caught up by today, hopefully. Sometimes real life creeps up and mugs you of time.

Thankfully, there has been no repeat of Flash (definitely not saviour of the Universe from what I saw . . . . . . . . . .apologies to non Queen fans who didn't get that lol!)
He is a bit strange anyway, occasionally putting his bins out in his wife's dressing gown and slippers (well, we had assumed they were the wife's as they are both pink and fluffy. . . . . . . . .that's the dressing gown and slippers, not what I saw the other day hahaha!!!)

Now today, is rather picture heavy so maybe get a cuppa, snack or possibly a sleeping bag.
First up is another Christmas card I'm afraid (I did warn that I still had some to come).
This was what was going to Mr D's brother and girlfriend until he decided he wanted the relation details on the card. 

I had a play with different colour mica again with the fab Docrafts stamp and recessed the sentiment for something different. I think it was Margaret who asked about mica? its a pigment powder that you can brush over inks to give a lovely sheen or you can mix it with water and paint with it and well, allsorts really. it comes in different colours and  got my sets off eBay. Here, I used gold, copper and silver mica brushed over the stamped image (stamped in Versamark)

Cream card base (Ross Card)
Soft gold card (Lime Tree Crafts)
Docrafts Home for Christmas 6x6 stamp
SB A2 Matting Basics B
Gold, copper and silver mica
Silver satin ribbon
Gold teeny bling

Now, time for some pics for Mrs B to show how I do my banners (apologies for the picture quality but I had to use the camera on my phone and the light wasn't great). . . . . . . . 

I start with the top layer, cut to size and with its sentiment as above. . . . . . . then

I cut the "V" into the end as above . . . . . . . . . . . . .then

I stick this to the next layer with the margins I want at the left hand side and the bottom (make sure that the bottom layer is cut straight at the side and bottom). . . . . . . .then

I trim the top margin, to match the side and bottom, with my guillotine so you end up with the above. . . . . . . . . then

I cut the "V" out of the bottom layer to finish it off.
You do the same with any subsequent layers you wish to add.

I hope that makes sense Mrs B. I'm sure that there are better ways of doing it but this is what works for me.

I will keep my die cut fridge magnets until my next post now otherwise you will be losing conciousness at the length of this post lol!!!

Till then, be good and as Sgt Esterhaus would say, "Lets be careful out there"

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    The picture I conjure up of your neighbour is wonderful. Will keep,me laughing most of the day, especially the "pink fluffy" bits......!!!
    Your card is brilliant, take away the "Christmas" and you have a fantastic design for any occasion .
    You do your banners exactly the way I do mine .... simple once you know how.
    I am sure it will be helpful to a lot of your Blog visitors.
    Have a wonderful day

    Patricia xxx

  2. Hi Ang, well that was another early morning laugh fest. Pink and fluffy, just conjures up all sorts of weird images in my head. Love the card with the recessed greeting. As Patricia says would be a great design for many occasions. It seems quite a few of us do our banners the same way, great tip for many of your followers. Have a great day all. Bx

  3. Morning Ang, Another day when you have given us a great start to the morning, you really need to make this a daily thing you know, heaven forbid I hear you say lol! Best cheer of any morning is reading your blog!

    The card is fabulous by the way! I make my banners the same way you do I don't think there is an easier way?

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  4. Like the others Ang you have started my day off with a laugh, Pink and Fluffy did it.
    Love the way you did this card and I can see why you could have done Mr D an injury when he asked you to change it. You take care to while out. Hazel x

  5. Morning Ang,
    Thanks for the morning chuckle, can just see the pink and fluffy.
    Love the use of the mica, I love doing this myself.

  6. Hi Ang! The weather, yipes...last week we had a couple of days in the minus 30 category!! A girl can freeze her nibs off in weather like that!!! Needless to say, I avoid the outdoors in lieu of my cozy craft room!!

    Gorgeous Christmas card, I am loving your work with the mica powders! The mix of metallics looks spectacular and I love the sentiment window! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! big hugs until next time :)

  7. Hi Ang, this is a really gorgeous card and I think it's a shame as it's just for Christmas, can I ask do you set your mica?, only I did a Sue Wilson card and the mica came off where it was handled but a friend suggested using a cheap hairspray, and it worked.
    X Ros

  8. Well I have had a good chuckle the thought of fluffy and pink!!! Thank you so much Ang. Does he wear gloves when he does the bins, we once had a 'funny' neighbour and he did white ones!
    Neighbours aside this is such a beautiful card really love it,one to remember for next Christmas thanks.
    So pleased you say about the mica as I have had problems with it and thought it was me at fault, also the CE glitter glue too it kept coming out in lumps no matter how much shaking I did.
    Take care, we have snow with more to come they say.
    Margaret corgi owner

  9. Hi Ang. First of all, thank you so much for a great tutorial on how to do banners. I do the same, but, and it's a big but (I'm glad my hubby doesn't read this otherwise there would be some very rude comments here!!!) I always mess up when cutting the second V! No matter how careful I am I always manage to cut one too close to the first layer. I think I just need to practice lots more using scrap card. Thanks again for all of the time and effort. at least I know I am on the right lines now : )
    I love the Christmas card, it is something different that will be great for someone who isn't into lots of embellies etc.
    A note for Margaret corgi owner. Do not shake the glitter glue, just roll the bottle in your hands a few times and it should be fine. I read this tip a while ago, sorry, can't remember where but might have been on Sue Wilsons blog, I find it works for me. I hope that helps you.
    Stay safe and warm Ang. Take care.

  10. Your blog really made me chuckle the baby weather LOL Ang!!! gorgeous card love the colours and as for the other ..fluffy slippers etc wellllllllll it takes all sorts hahaha have a great weekend huggles Sue xxx

  11. Gosh Ang you do make me laugh, I can just picture it.
    Gorgous card, it's a great design and love the paper you've used.
    have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  12. Hi Ang
    I love your blogs! What amusing neighbours you have! I love how you've used the mica powders on your card. I'm sure you found another suitable recipient for it! Can't wait for the next instalment! Best wishes, Anne O

  13. Evening Ang, your description of the weather is spot on I will have to remember to call it baby weather from now on. No snow here in Kent at the moment I'm hoping we will be let off this year. Your neighbour is certainly an odd ball character - I had visions of him in his fluffy dressing gown and slippers ------ not sure if I'll sleep ok tonight !!! lol !!. Great card too xxx Janice

  14. I am completely out in left field here as I do not now what is so funny. But I do know how to admire pretty cards and appreciate crafting tips.
    Sandy xx

  15. Great card & very helpful tips re banners. Very funny comments about your neighbours, can't wait for the next instalment!


  16. Love the card and your stories do make me chuckle And can I just say a huge THANK YOu to all the ladies that were very kind and their comments re my card

  17. Luv your card and the recessed sentiment looks fab xx I don't make banners very often but funnily enough I made one the other day for a friends card and I make it exactly the same as you (great minds)!! thank you for your lovely comment on my last post it is much appreciated as it is a bit out of my comfort zone but liking it!! xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  18. Beautiful Christmas card Ang! Nice demo on the banner too! Have a great day!

  19. Thank you for all your lovely comments you have left me. I got round to sorting my team lists at last so am now following.
    Great make and tutorial, I cheat and use my silhouette
    Have a lovely day
    Carole x

  20. Great Christmas card Ang. The soft gold is lovely. I do my banners slightly different, but hey - whatever works I say. Christine xx

  21. Ang, you are so right that Family Ties pad has some strsnge papers, but a couple are ok. Patricia got me that pad at Glasgow for £6.99 for the 12x12. A bit stiff tonight. Hazel x

  22. Lovely card Ang, at first I thought it was a book, it would make a fab book cover. Coming over your way on Saturday for 6 days, xxxx