Monday, 12 January 2015

Especially For You. . . . . .and Karenlotty Too !

Good morning friends, Romans, Ducks! Lovely to have you all pop by. 

Norah, its definitely not "oh no" chuck. . . . .its lovely to have you back and I hope you managed to get your bits dry lol!

Welcome to Janice and Chang Alison. Lovely of you both to come and paddle, especially this time of year lol!

Thank you for your extremely kind comments on my first MAWTT DT card. I think I shall be tinkering with a few more gatefold style cards in future. 

Now today's card is residing across the Atlantic. I had made this as a thank you for the lovely Pamellia (click here to see her enchanting blog) and John then did something similar so I've held it back for a few weeks. However, Pamellia has kindly shown it on her blog so I thought it was time for an airing on here.

I had been playing with the mica so the stamped frames are stamped with Versamark and dusted with mica and the sentiment was done the opposite way. . . . . . . . .I Versamarked and mica-ed the entire centre panel, then stamped with Versamark to "lift" the mica off the card (if that makes sense).The inner and outer edges of the frames are edged with the Krylon.

White card (Lime Tree Crafts)
Cuttlebug Kassie's Brocade embossing folder
Sissix Square dies
SB Fancy Tags Two
Creative Expressions Garden Frame stamp
Crafters Companion sentiment
Gold Krylon Pen (just had to on a card going to Pamellia lol!!!)
Versamark pad
Mica in various shades of pink
Lilac bling

And now, over to Karen (Karenlotty). . . . . . . . . . 

Karen was the winner of my last Pond Prize, part of which was a pad of Docrafts papers. Karen kindly made this card for me, using some of the paper, along with sending a lovely note.
Karen's inspiration for this card was Sue Wilson and as Karen doesn't have a blog (yet!) I asked if I could show this fantastic gift on here.

So come on Karen, time to set that blog up. . . . .  lovely to see your email entry at House of Cards Challenge and thank you for sending this super card to me.

Before I forget, Karen asked on my last post where I get my teeny tiny bling from. I buy packs of Dovecraft teeny weeny bling from a stall called "Every Crafts a Pound" at the NEC (No prizes for guessing how much a pack is lol!!!). Its £2.99 a pack everywhere else I've seen it so I make sure I stock up at the NEC. They do have a website but I think the postage is £4.95 per order. 

I hope when I get up today, I won't be greeted with the same sight as yesterday morning. I drew the curtains in one of the front bedrooms, only to see the chap across the road opening his blinds. . . . . . . . . stark naked!!! Seemingly not noticing me, he then had an almighty stretch and stood for a moment surveying his front garden (that isn't a euphemism, he was actually looking at his garden).
Sadly, he is no adonis. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I certainly wouldn't want to be beholding that in my eye every morning (not that there was too much to behold!!!) He was lucky he didn't let go of the cord of the blinds or that would have been an interesting visit to A&E!!!

Anyhoo, hope this week is kind to you all, with no flashing neighbours and no getting stuck in electric chairs lol!!!

Ang x

Next time. . . . . . Mrs B's banners and die cut fridge magnets!


  1. Morning Ang, beautiful card, i had seen it on Pamellias blog lol!

    Ooh ah, I think I would go over to your neighbour and have a word if that happens again with some sarky remark lol!

    Great card from Karen, she did a lovely job.

    Now off to work so will 'see' you later.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Good morning Ang,
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Oooo! that's a brilliant card, love the design Ha! Ha! Ha!
    I use that "buckle style" and every one seems to love it Ha! Ha!
    Karen's card is brilliant ..... Yes!! she needs to start a Blog so we can see more of her wonderful creations.
    Ha! Ha! Oh! I wish I could stop laughing Ha! Ha!
    Thank for giving me a fantastic start to the day Ha! Ha!

    Patricia xxx

  3. Oh Ang I'm thrilled to see my card in "print" You are so kind and I feel very (I dunno) proud, humbled, delighted that you like it It's lovely to see other people liking it too Today card is stunning I've never tried a buckle style card I will have to have a play Your bit about the man across the road did make me laugh Why is it whenever we catch someting like this they're never the young handsome ones?

  4. Good morning Ang,
    Thank you for the top tip on getting a mica background with the words popping out at you (a bit like your neighbour). I love the colours you have used and that pen you tip the edges with is brilliant. Karen's card is lovely and she might just have solved the man problem of our parish or awkward women that don't like bling or bows, although i know she has some bling going down the butterflies bodies. Thank you for the triple dose this morning, the two cards and the tears and wetting myself laughing, the sights you see when you don't have a gun. Just think the DUCKS could have got their own back on the hunters, although imagining a wee Duck with a gun under it's wing is quite funny, but that imagine is going through my little grey cells at the moment. This reminds me of being at high school and this big, lanky weed that used to unbutton my pinafore skirt (it had buttons on both sides from the bottom to the waist) and peg test tube pegs to the back of me because it got him a laugh knocking a rise out of me. One day he went to far as he had done it in the canteen queue and with all the pushing and shoving that they did in the queue i didn't notice until there was a distinct draft and i kicked him where upon he waddled funny down to the nurse where she promptly asked him to drop them so that she could see if there had been any damage done....he managed to pick up speed quite fast at that point high tailing it out of the nurses office, he never bothered me or my pinafore again but he had waddelling down to a fine art. Three years of abuse i had taken from this creep until i eventually lost it and found that i would be good at the hurdles or karate with my left leg. Thank you for giving me such a hilarious start to the day as the though of his equipment being all hung up is funny.
    Have a good days paddling around your pond,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  5. Hi Ang. Between tears of laughter caused by imagining your neighbour getting parts of himself that shouldn't be uncovered near a window tangled in his blind I must say that I love your card, it is beautiful. Karen should be very proud of herself for her wonderful card too : ) Looking forward to the banner post : ) Take care.

  6. Fab design Ang, you do make me laugh, you are a tonic, xxxx

  7. Morning Ang,
    You always manage to give us a laugh, would love to have seen the look of surpise on your face.
    Great card, love the design.

  8. Oh Ang you do make me laugh. Only you could have a neighbour who exposes himself oposite you. He doesn't exactly soung like george clooney which would be a different ball game if you'll excuse the pun.
    Anyway, love today card and the use of the mica.
    Karens card is so pretty. Love black and white and butterflies so it's a hit with me.
    Busy packing as i'm off to Egypt on Wednesday for a bit of winter sun. I will be taking my new Tablet with me so i can keep in touch.
    Bye for now.
    Love Val x

  9. Good morning Ang. I did pop in first thing this morning but, due to the fact that I couldn't stop laughing I decided to wait till I got home before leaving a comment. Does your neighbour not realise that the shock of seeing him could have given you a heart attack. I bet he would have had a red face plus sore bits if he had to explain what had happened. Your card is stunning, and yes Karen you need to get that blog up and running. Hazel xx

  10. Oh, Mrs Duck what a giggle you gave us with your neighbour. I could picture it all! LOL. Love the card, as usual

  11. As the proud owner of the first card, I can attest to it's true beauty! The gorgeous colours and all that shimmer drew many an onlooker during the holidays! Now it has a permanent home on my display shelf! Thanks again Ang, for your thoughtful and kind gift!

    Beautiful card by Karen, she definitely needs to set up a blog so we can all prattle on about her work!

    hugs and smiles :)

  12. Lovely card, the embossed background is really nice.
    Lynne x

  13. Oh Ang, I can just picture it cos it's happened to me a few years ago, but you did make me chuckle.
    Your card is stunning, beautiful dies and your mica work looks brilliant.
    What a gorgeous card your friend made for you, she definately has to get a blog going, have a good week, hugs Kate x

  14. Beautiful card Ang . You know, cards are always more beautiful in person so I can just imagine what it would feel like to hold this beauty in my hot little hands!
    Sandy xx

  15. Ooow!!! ecky thump - explain that away - your bits trapped in the venetians!! oh err missis!!!! xx bet A&E have seen more bizarre happenings!! Anyway back to business - lucky Pamelia to receive your beautiful card and yes Karen Lotty you need to start a blog - if I can anyone can - I'm still winging it now but so glad I perserved xx GailT xx

  16. A really beautiful card from you and as a bonus one from Karen too both are really lovely.
    One thing about visiting you Ang it is never dull to say the very least, thank you for a good giggle!
    Take care in more ways than one
    Margaret corgi owner

  17. Gorgeous card Ang! I especially like all the "lifted" layers on it. Karen I love the positive/negative aspects of your card. Congratulations to both of you for such beautiful cards!
    Have a great day!

  18. Such an elegant card. Love your layout x

    hugs sally x

  19. Do like this Mrs Duck just gorgeous but have no idea what is this mica you are talking about?. What am I missing here?
    Margaret M

  20. Hello Ang, you card is really gorgeous love the layout, with the lifted frames, need to use my mica powders more, thanks for the tip on "lifting" the mica with versamark. Karen's card is also stunning, I love my butterflies and will be trying a version of this card. Two very talented ladies. And thanks for the giggle this morning Ang, I can just imagine your reaction. Take care all. Bx

  21. Great creations Ang, as always, and lovely colour combination used...xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  22. Gorgeous card Ang you do make me chuckle LOL I really didn't want the image of his bits and bobs stuck in his blinds hahahaha I can see the NEC being such fun huggles Sue xxx I've told Paul if he's too ill to go he's going in a home!!! hahahaha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Afternoon Ang, sorry haven't been by for a while - don't know where the time goes some days !!. You did make me laugh with your tale of your neighbours "display". I bet if he knew you had told all of us he would die of embarrassment LOL !!. I have ordered from "everycraftsapound" and can quite easily get a big order from them - which makes the postage more easy to accept. Also if they are at any show I always make a bee-line for them. Great cards over the past few days. Hope the work situation has improved for you. Have a great day. Janice xx

  24. Haaaa oh dear what an eyeful you must have got!! !Made me chuck at the thought of it though!!! Love your cards they are super, Love Hazel xx