Sunday, 8 February 2015

All Aboard!...........

Good morning everyone and the best of wishes to all of you.

Thank you so much for your wonderfully supportive comments on my recent posts, well, on all my posts to be honest lol !!! 

A splashing welcome to The Pond to Lena. Thank you for following my crafty ramblings. 

And, excitement. . . . .Jackie D is back! Jackie, we were on the verge of sending out the St Bernard with the brandy. Good luck in your new home and hope your Mum is well.

Well, my sore throat had gone, hurrah !!! to be replaced with a poorly tooth, booooooo !!! So I went from The Bee Gees to Sylvester (or Thylvether at my numbest point) After a filling, I enjoy the challenge of drinking a mug of coffee, whilst trying not to wear it lol !!!
Not sure what finally got rid of the sore throat but I did get some strange looks walking down the street with my neck covered in goose grease and brown paper, chewing glycerine pastilles and with my webbed feet whiffing of Vicks. . . . . . . so thank you for all of your suggestions.
However, after the dentist visit, the throat has started playing up again but think its just down to having my mouth poked and prodded for the best part of an hour. . . . . I can but hope!

Now, today's card is a departure (forgive the pun) from my norm. I made this for a male friend of ours who was going to be on an Alaskan cruise for his birthday. I covertly found out which bit he was cruising and printed off a map of the area to pop on the front, at a jaunty angle.
Do they still shout "Avast behind" on the ships? (probably would if I were on board as I'm sure my behind would be vast after a week of all inclusive buffets)

The background paper and the tags are from the Docrafts All Aboard 12x12 pad and stickers set (a bargain from work).
I had to keep it relatively flat as he was taking the card away with him in his hand luggage to open on his birthday.
I stamped the "Happy Birthday" onto the ticket.

I  took the photographs before I also filled in his particulars on this label, as I didn't think he would appreciate me broadcasting his details to the world. . . . . . . well, the 85 of you that kindly follow me anyway lol !!!

It made a change to do something different from my flowers and frills hee hee !!!

Hope you don't mind me sharing something more simplistic.

I'll be at work this afternoon so please keep everything crossed for me that its a quiet and uneventful shift (I'm sure that they do exist lol !)

Till next time, be good.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    A very different card but a brilliant one for the occasion. The recipient will really appreciate that you have taken his trip into consideration.
    Do you think it is maybe the "tooth" that could be causing the "throat" problem??
    Hope work stays calm but remember folk are always looking for somewhere for their kids "to play" on a Sunday .........!!!! sorry

    Patricia xxx

  2. Good morning Ang. What a fantastic card you have made for your friend, going to the trouble to find which part he will be travelling in and getting all those details just right. What a wonderful surprise he will get when he opens it. I know he will be trilled who couldn't be. Oh Ang that's not good that after suffering from a sore throat for so long you then got toothache, here's hoping that's you on the mend.. Oh enjoy work, Sunday, parents at a loose end what to do with those little ones??? It will be a case of what store do they have the most fun in - not the parents the kids!!! You might be lucky and a lot will go up to Ikea.....".. Hazel x

  3. Morning Ang,

    What a fabulous card, I am sure your friend will love it, so different but very personal.

    Hope you are feeling a lot better, your throat is probably through the dentist, I would gargle with TCP or an antiseptic mouthwash, something to get rid of all the germs they may have infected you with lol! Our dentists don't even wear masks anymore just breathe right in your face Ugh!

    Hope you have a nice pleasant day at work, nothing worse going in when you don't feel well.

    Take care my friend

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Hello Ang, love the card, such a great idea, bet the recipient will love it. I have all sorts of strange images in my head of you being covert, lol, mind you the walking down the road and drinking coffee with a numb mouth made me giggle. Hope the mouth and throat behave. Have a great day. Bx

  5. Morning Ang,
    What a great card, I'm sure your friend will too. A very clever idea. You have a poorly tooth and I have a very poorly G/C, it's about to give up on me not very happy as I have only had 18 months. I have ordered the new Big Shot Plus after much dithering on what to replace it with.
    Hope you have a quite day at work.

  6. It looks fab Ang. Hope you feel better soon, doesn't it all seem to come one after the other, I was like that leading upto Christmas

  7. Super creative card Ang and so personal - you friend is sure to love it.
    Hope the tooth and the sore throat is better now.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Debs xx

  8. Great card for this occasion Ang. Don't hold your breath about a quiet day at work though - I'm not sure they exist, particularly at your workplace! Hope you are soon fighting fit and back to normal - or is that an oxymoron when referring to you? Hugs Christine xx

  9. Ooh I do like this Mrs Duck! Perfect card for your friend, a real momento. Hope your shift is not too hectic! Michelle x

  10. Not sure I would call this card simplistic. It takes a good eye to arrange all these items in a pleasing way. It's a great idea.
    Janice W

  11. Not knowing what kind of store you actually work in but I'm hoping you have a quiet shift It's nice and sunny here so perhaps the parents will take the kids to the park instead (well we can dream can't we) Today's card is brill As you know my "thang" is doing personalised cards - too many bargain bucket card shops near me so I try to be different Your friend will love it My friends enjoy receiving something totally unique to/for them

  12. I think you've done a grand job Mrs D, it's never easy to come up with an idea for the (pesky) men. Have a good day all.
    Lynne x

  13. PS hope throat is behaving itself

  14. I'm sure your friend will love this card, it's great and unique to him.

  15. Good Morning Mrs D
    Today's shard is genius, so much thought has gone into it, the small details like the tickets are what make it extra special.
    You really do make some gorgeous creations!

  16. Wonderful card Ang. Love the little mini passport bit and the map as a background is brilliant! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. hugs :)

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  18. Good afternoon Ang,
    I think this card is brilliant and all the more so the fact that you have made it personal to your friend for his forth crossing, sorry forth coming birthday lucky guy. Sorry that you are still under the weather just when you thought you were safe to go out again. The tooth is probably caused by the moldy, stale bread that they throw into your pond. I just can't understand how they expect your poor beak, teeth and narrow throat to cope with all the hard bits that they wouldn't eat themselves. Try not to go quackers if your are overrun by other peoples ducklings that they allow to paddle where they like, turning up what ever they like just as long as they have peace and quiet paddling time.
    Right the loony is going, hope you are feeling much better soon flower,
    Norah (Glenochil)
    ps sorry had made a few mistooks

  19. Hi Ang,
    What a great card, you've gone to so much trouble to make it really personal, I bet he thinks it's fantastic.
    Sorry to hear that the throat is playing up again, but as Patricia says, could it be the tooth affecting the throat?
    Or has Norah hit the nail on the head with her explanation!!!
    Now I personally think the wearing coffee look is very attractive. In fact it goes wonderfully with fried egg, and syrup that's dribbled off the toast. Try it next time you go out. So many people will stare at you and wonder where you got the outfit from, I know, I've often tried it. lol !!!!
    Maureen xx

  20. Lovely card, so much detail in it for the recipient.


  21. Afternoon Ang, what a fantastic thoughtful card. A brilliant idea to print off the map of where he will be sailing. A keep-sake that will hopefully bring back memories of a brilliant birthday and cruise. Well done you !!!!!
    Janice xxx

  22. Hi Ang, sorry you have been in the wars, perhaps you should have some of the brandy you were going to send out for me - purely for medicinal purposes of course. Let's hope tomorrow sees the start of a grand recovery. Went all the way to the Ipswich retail park for the Range and Dunelm to get some net curtains and a tension rod. Was so busy. Got home and have got the wrong size - well 115 and 150 do look the same on a ruler!! - so I will have to go back again tomorrow. Trouble is it is twice the journey it used to be from my previous home. Anyway gradually settling in. Mum is not too good at the moment, though thank you for asking. I think she got too used to me being there. Whether or not she will come here I don't know as I need to have quite a few alterations done before that can progress so we will have to wait and see. It is quite a culture shock with the noise of the A14 when I go outside but I can't hear it indoors and having cars go by outside which I didn't have before being surrounded by fields but I can now walk to the shops and the bus is only two minutes away so it will be much better. I'm sure your mate will love this card just as much as he will enjoy Alaska. The scenery there is amazing and the people very friendly whichever place you stop. jolly good idea to highlight the trip. Bye for now Jackie xx

  23. Hi Ang hope your day went peaceful enough but I can't imagine it where you work LOL fabulous card and sorry to hear about the tooth I hate the dentist but glad it's sorted and hope your throat is feeling a lot better...lots of huggles Sue xx

  24. Hi Ang
    I love this card! I think it's lovely to gather potential memorabilia and create a card from it. I don't know how, but I missed your last post. What a beautiful card with the cascading flowers. And thank you for permission to use your heart card as inspiration! Hope work went well. Best wishes, Anne O

  25. Hi Ang
    What a brilliant card you really have put some thought into it and I am sure that it will be more than appreciated by your friend for his special day. Very well thought out with all the detail that you have put into it.
    Poor you first the throat, then the tooth, ouch, and now back to the throat, you don't suppose you have duck flu!!!
    Hope you had a peaceful day at work for once.

    Margaret corgi owner

  26. Hi Ang. Your friend is going to be gobsmacked when he opens this card, It is fantastic, and so personal. Sorry to hear that the throat is playing up again, but at least the tooth is improving. Once you are below par all of the bugs around come to visit don't they! By the way, thank you for the comment the other day (I have finally found time to catch up, had a bit of a manic week!) I will let you know when grandson arrives. He is doing fine at the moment, Mum to be is at that "I am going to be pregnant for ever" stage , bless her.
    Anyway, I hope the shop was child free today (what sort of shop is it, if you don't mind me asking?) Keep on drinking lots of hot tea to kill those bugs in your mouth and throat. Take care.

  27. Great card!! Love the paper and details! Hugs!

  28. Your friend is going to love his card! Avast behind? I never heard that before.
    Sandy xx

  29. Hi Ang, this is a great card, how great that you have taken so much time and trouble to find out the cruise itinerary, what a lucky man and will be thrilled with his card. This card brings so many happy memories back from when I surprised my husband with a cruise to Alaska for his 60th birthday. Wonderful ! Now Ang about your throat, I think it's time you took the bull by it's horns and get yourself a real fisher mans friend! lol, it may just do the trick. Hope your feeling better soon, regards, Linda.

  30. Hi Ang. I'm finally back. very appropariate card as i've been on my travels to Egypt and then visited my friend further up north here in Spain for a week. Got back home yesterday and guess what - it's raining. i have a machine full of wet washing which isn't going to get hung out today.
    Sorry you've not been so well. Toothe ache is one of the worse things ever. My mum used to put cloves on our teeth to stop them aching but i can't remember whether it worked or not.
    Take care Ang.
    Love Val x

  31. Hi Ang,
    what a very super male card.
    Love your fab designing, and all the fab tickets on this super creation.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  32. What a clever card today. Really like it.