Thursday, 12 February 2015

You've Been Framed. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope this finds everyone ticketyboo. Tooth and throat are ok now . They were unrelated as the filling cracked on the tooth and I was straight to the dentist, whereas the throat problems started nearly a month ago. I'm back at the dentist today but just the hygienist. I may get her to shave a bit off as the new filling is slightly high on the bite.
You made me laugh with some of your suggestions for remedies so thank you for that.

Welcome to another new follower Gail. Thank you for coming for a paddle. Will have to start thinking about another paddle prize if I can hit the dizzy heights of 100 lol !!!

For those of you who don't know and asked, I work on the Arts and Crafts (and Gifts and Gallery too) section of a large store (where the deer and the antelope play if that's a clue lol!). Its not too bad in the week but Sunday can be a nightmare when the ankle biters are on the loose!

Now, today's creation is one of a pair. Nesta (for newbies, she is my bezzie mate known as Nesta Vipers. . . . . she prefers to remain anonymous as she's wanted on Crimewatch lol!) went to Goa before Christmas and whilst she was on her hols she visited some friends and their daughters.
She wanted to take pressies for the girls and asked if I could do some box frames like the one I did for her neice Anya (see here)
This is the one I made for Andrea. I will show the one I made for Alicia next time.

Box frame 8x8
White card
Pink card in different shades (PMD)
SB Bitty Blossoms
SB Jewel Flowers and Flourishes
SB Filigree Delight
X Cut Alphabet die
Card-io stamps
Variety of distress inks

Once again, the Filigree Delight is foam mounted and is open at the top so that a photograph can be slotted inside. The flowers are glittered on the edges (as requested by Nesta). The background is stamped with my Card-io stamps, mainly the Rose Garden set.

Apologies for any reflections in the glass.

The sisters both loved them so jobs a good un.

Hope you can pop by to see Alicia's next time.

Busy day today, work this morning, then dentist, then cemetery sadly (would've been my late neice's birthday today).

Hope you all have a good day.

See you soon, same duck time, same duck channel !!!

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . . Anyone going to the NEC next month ? (Apart from Christine and the 2 Sue's)


  1. Morning Ang,

    Beautiful box card, so love the background, are those stamps or is it a paper?

    Unlikely I will be going to NEC, would love to but doubt if hubby would take me, will have to check the dates, I only noticed last night there is a craft fair in Colchester, not far from me starting today till Sat and Tattered Lace will be there so might drag hubby to that one this weekend lol!

    Hope work is ok for you today and you get on alright at Dentist, hope they have been warned that a Ducks bite can hurt lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Love the card, I am flying over from Spain to go to the NEC in march, you are a fellow friend of John Lockwood he lived near me when he was here. can you send me your email I have a few questions I would like to ask you about one of your previous cards and not sure how to do the techniques. thanks.

  3. Love it Ang, gorgeous gift. xxxx

  4. Good morning Ang,
    Love, love, love your beautiful Frame Card. What a super idea to let them put the photograph in. That way as they grow up they can change the picture along the way. Everything is just beautiful.
    Hope all goes well at the Dentist. A wee hug (((hug))) for the other occasion ...... not work but if you need them for there I have some to spare!!?
    It's a beautiful day here, I might even be brave enough to have a paddle in the pond. Hope you have the same weather down your way.

    Patricia xxx

  5. Stunning box frame Ang, gorgeous girly colours, love the flowers.
    Good luck at the dentist.
    Lynne x

  6. Lovely Ang. Solike the way you've put her name on the card.
    Love Val x

  7. Good morning Ang though its a bit dull and grey here today. I feel for you, the dentist always fills us with dread doesn't it! I hope you get sorted today though without the need for any more visits. Just love what you have done with the box frame, really makes a lovely present. Unlikely I'll get to the NEC next month, it is Tiptree starting today which must be the one Jacquie mentioned but I'm giving that a miss this time and going to Thetford on Sunday. They don't usually coincide and they are both good shows and anyway I am telling myself it is just to look. Moving home really does focus the mind that I do not need to buy anything else for the next twenty years or so!!!!
    Bye for now Jackie xx

  8. Good morning Ang this is delightful I love how you have coloured your flowers and arranged them.
    As it is rather cold today I will pass on having a paddle and just stand and watch if you don't mind. So pleased you are all better now and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, best of luck at the dentist.
    Margaret corgi owner

  9. Morning Ang, love these frames, i've mader a few of these over the past years and they are always well received. Glad to know where you work. Must be nice seeing all the arts and crafts stuff, although can be quite tempting at times to buy things....but do you get "staff discount"?. My son works in retails too and always says that the job is great apart from dealing with the customers !!. Hope the dentist visit goes ok. I went on Monday to the hygienist - i sometimes think that is worse than having anything else done, as they always make my gums bleed and are really heavy handed - although i know it's a good thing to have done regularly. Have a good day. Janice x

  10. Hmmm, did I miss something? Didn't know you had a broken tooth, glad it's fixed up now. So sorry to hear about your niece, sad face. Your frame is very lovely, beautiful colours and stunning flowers! Sure hope you get to feeling better soon! big hugs from way across the water :)

  11. Hello Ang,
    Well I've sat and sang the song over and over and couldn't work out where you work. How stupid am I, there's a huge one just opened about 6 months ago fairly near to us!! I mean, it's the 5th word of the song, and I kept going over and over it without thinking!!!
    I love this, it's so pretty and the flowers are gorgeous, and as the girls get older they'll be able to change the photo inside the frame. Did you get the frame from your shop, as it's perfect for a project I have in mind. If you didn't, could you point me in the right direction please?
    I'm with Janice, I think the hygienist is worse (at times) than the dentist. I have toothache for days after seeing her.
    Well, I'm off to heat up some stew for lunch (hubby made it yesterday, will let him have the first bowl, and if he doesn't keel over, I'll have some lol). Sorry I haven't got time for a paddle, anyway the North Sea is a bit chilly at this time of year, well any time of the year really.
    Maureen xxx

  12. Fab frame and a gift that will never date - what a lovely idea xx glad the throat and the tooth have now settled down - not good being under the weather - two Gails how will you cope!! lol xx GailT xx

  13. Hi Ang,
    oh this is so pretty, and those flowers are fab.
    Love the fab design on this beautiful creation.
    So glad your throat is much better.
    No need to go gargling in the pond anymore. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. How could I not lilke this card in a frame. It's pink! I loves pink. Hope your visit to the dentist went ok.
    Erm praps it was the gargling in the pond wot started you of in the first place! Hugs Mrs A.

  15. p.s. Are you on Freeview!!!!!!!!

  16. Love this framed picture. Did you make the flowers too? Visit to the dentist not my favorite thing to do. Hope all the tooth troubles are over and the throat returned to normal.
    Margaret M

  17. Hi Ang! Sorry to hear about your tooth.I really like this box frame idea. So pretty! Don't work too hard and have a great day.

  18. Hello Ang, this is such a pretty frame, love the stamped flowers as a border, I am sure both girls did love them, who wouldn't? Looking forward to seeing the other one. Glad the throat and tooth are better, and sorry to hear about your niece, hope it goes as well as it can for a sad event. Take care. Bx

  19. Morning Ang,
    I'll pass on the paddle it's far too cold. Love your frame it's gorgeous. The card-io stamps are so pretty. Great idea for the photo as well.

  20. What a lovely idea, I bat the girls loved them. Arrived back home this morning from our stay in Fl, just got to get back into the weather:( but have missed my craft room so much. regards, Linda

  21. I can see why Asta wanted you to make these sweet personalized gifts for the girls, Ang! It's pure fabulousness! So by my count we've got Asta, Ang, Anya, Andrea, And Alycia. If I change my name to Arnell, do I get one, too?

    Hope you have seen the end of toof and troat trubbles for time and all infernity!! Happy Valentine's Day! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  22. What a fabulous idea I must have missed Anya's first showing! I would like to "pinch" the idea for future projects I have in mind I'm a lover of Serif and for my daughter to give as a Christening present I did a piece of "art" that was words that described the baby eg "cheeky monkey" "happy" "love" and birth details, christening details etc in both English and French - dad is French I can now do others and include the Filigree Delights for a photo I'll try and send a photo coz I was so pleased with result Looks like I need in invest in some alphabet dies coz that is very effective Glad tooth and throat now Ok I'm at hygienist on Tues! Sorry to hear about niece it's even more devastating when it's a young person Got to make a million scones tomorrow morning for ma-in-law's 90th birthday tea party! Would have preferred to make Thank Crunch it's Friday but daren't risk the oldies choking on the peanuts! They're a great bunch though Have a great week end

  23. This is just beautiful! Love the flowers! Have a great weekend! Hugs!!

  24. Hi Ang. What a beautiful gift, I'm not surprised they loved them. Your stamping is gorgeous and I love the fact that the picture can be changed easily.
    Glad to hear that the throat and tooth are better now, it gets you down when things drag on doesn't it?
    Thank you for letting us know where you work. Maureen's comment did make me giggle, you wonder how you didn't get it straight away once you have worked it out, don't you : ) Home on the RANGE was one of the first tunes I learnt to play on the piano, many years ago.
    I won't be going to the NEC, it is just too crowded for me, I went to the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show at Ally Pally for the first time last year and loved it, lots of sellers that I am interested in, much more room to move around, loads of tables and chairs and best of all lovely Sue Wilson demos there, it is fantastic : ) Have a good day. Take care.