Monday, 16 February 2015

You've Been Framed. . . . . . . The Sequel

Good morning dear blogging chums. Kind thoughts are sent your way.

Firstly, mega congratulations to Mrs B on the safe arrival of your grandson Christopher James. Here's to joyful times ahead.
Also, Happy belated Birthday Val. Hope you had a boogie (Wendy has been spilling the beans lol!)

A warm welcome to The Pond to Nicie. Thank you for joining our merry band.

Well, there was the throat, the tooth now I've strained the muscle in my right forearm. . . . . . .No, my middle name is not "Lucky" if any of you were wondering lol!!!
I had to move a very heavy mirror after the deer and the antelope had been playing (well, wrecking the joint actually) so dosing up on the painkillers for when I'm at work and trying to rest it when I'm not (typing one handed as we speak).
Hopefully that's the three mishaps and that's the end of it. 

Mr D was genuinely delighted with his Valentine card (here) As it has moved up to the third spot on my "Popular Posts" list I'm guessing folk liked looking at here too.
I have taken a photo of one of the pressies I got him but couldn't upload it. Will try again for the next post as it may give you all a titter.

Now, today's frame is the companion one to the last post and was for Alicia. The two girls are 18 and 14 and really loved something decorative to have in their rooms, especially something so different to what they have in Goa.

White box frame 8x8
White card
Lilac and purple card (PMD)
SB Foliage
SB Jewel Flowers and Flourishes
SB Filigree Delight
X Cut Alphabet Die
Britannia Medium Rose Die (for the fuchsias)
Card-io stamps (mainly Mum's Garden)
Paper twine
Distress inks

This was my favourite of the two as I love lilac and purple and I adore fuchsias. Again, the filigree frame is foam mounted and this time left open to the side so that a photo can be slid in.
(I did include a piece of card with each frame, that had been cut to the size of the photo that would fit)

In answer to the question, yes I did get the box frames from work. There are various sizes but I do like the 8x8.

Well, hope you liked this one. I do like my florals so maybe I should make one for myself. I have another baby one to get done this week for one of the girls at work who has had a little girl (wait til you see the name on that one lol!!!) Should be interesting one handed hahaha!!!

Have a good week my dear chums.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, early again now as it's back to earth with a bang, work, Love the frame so very pretty and feminine. With regard to unusual name, my three granddaughters are called.1, Otis, 2, Élan and 3, Ocean, aged 21, 19 and 17, but all three suit their respective names. Crafty hugs to all, Linda.

  2. Hello Ang, this frame is just as gorgeous as the other one, I like the offset placement of the die cut for the photo. Hope you get time to rest your arm. Take care and have a great day. Bx

  3. Good morning Ang,
    Another stunning creation, how could you not just LOVE this, it's beautiful.
    Your floral embellishments are amazing, always loved your Fushias.
    Oh! My! Word! Ang what are you trying to do to yourself?? Maybe you should just stay in bed this week!!!
    Stay safe this week please

    Patricia xxx

  4. Always a joy splash landing in the duck pond - sorry if I soaked you, my landing was a bit heavy today, cake overload!
    Love both your frames and your gorgeous flowers - these are just so pretty Mrs D, Jx

  5. Another lovely creation Ang but I do wish you would look after yourself. I hope you report your injury to your bosses, you shouldn't be moving stuff around like that. Enjoyed my visit to Thetford yesterday and was very restrained but I did buy another striplet, the floral meadow as this was my favourite of the new ones. Bye for now Jackie xx

  6. Looks gorgeous Ang,
    Thanks for the advert for pins, I wish more people would buy some !!!!!!!

  7. Morning Ang,
    I think this one is my favourite too, such pretty colours. Bet the girls were thrilled to receive them.

  8. Hi Ang,

    This is gorgeous, they would be lovely hung up in their rooms, so pretty.
    Hope you are not in too much pain, you have been through the wars of late lol! Let Mr D do all the work today lol!!! If he's anything like mine nothing will get done!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  9. Equally as gorgeous as the first frame Ang.
    Lynne x

  10. Hello Ang, sorry to hear your shoulder is painful, just have to rest it as much as you can.
    Another beauty, I love the card-io stamps and the pretty colours. Must have a go at making one of these, I love them, take care now, hugs Kate x

  11. Good grief Ang, I hope you are right and your three things are over. Beautiful frame, I sure do love your fuchsias! Busy day today, just wanted to pop in and say howdy. big hugs :)

  12. Ang, the next time you get something break a match straight away!!! It will maybe save you suffering three times. Love this frame as much as the other, different yet as gorgeous and each have there own design. Now I can't wait to see the name on your next one? The mind is thinking as you do hear some weird ones. Rest my friend, and no heavy lifting, health and safety remember??? Hazel xx

  13. Afternoon Ang, beautiful box frame. I too love fuschias. I have made these frames and i get them from IKEA only £3.50 each in black or white. It makes a really good gift. What with you and Spanish Crafter having accidents it seems that we are in for a spell of bad luck. Hope it wasnt on Friday 13th LOL !! Take care of yourself. Janice x

  14. Hi Ang,
    Why didn't you break a match after the 2nd mishap. We always do that in our house (one of my mother's superstitions). Rest up, let Mr D do everything for you and don't lift a finger (that'll be the day)!
    This is lovely,and thanks to the thumbs up from Janice as to where to get the frames.
    Maureen xx

  15. Absolutely beautiful, and your flowers are stunning something for each of them to treasure Ang, now is that your real name or is it really Calamity Jane, I wonder! Please do take things easy and have a little rest.
    Gentle hugs

    Margaret corgi owner

  16. Hi Ang what a beautiful card I love the image and the colours and the design are wonderful. xx

    Hugs Debs xx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  17. This is absolutely fabulous dahling! My fave colours too so it's a winner straight away! You just take care of yourself Madam!! I'm a firm believer in teh rule of three so you'll be okay now - fingers crossed ... lol! Hugs Christine x

  18. Another fab creation - like them both but like you say the fuscias are gorgeous xx I have bought a few of the box frames from your place of work and they are very good - can't believe how unlucky you are at the mo - you will have to ask for light duties at work until you are fully recovered xx take care and wrap yourself in some bubble wrap to be on the safe side!!!! xx GalT xx

  19. Hi Ang
    Beautiful creation, I love the design and your flowers are beautiful. I love the garden stamp.

  20. HI ang. thank you for the birthday wishes. Think my dancing days are nearly over as my joints won't take it any more.
    Love Alicias card. It's such a pretty name. My lovely friend in the Uk is Felicia but she's Lis to everone.
    AS you say these things are supposed to come in threes so hope this is the last health problem you'll have.
    Love Val x

  21. Hi Ang. Sorry to hear that you are in the wars again, hopefully that is the 3 things now! Thank you for your kind words on Christophers birth, he is a little cutie : )
    Another beautiful frame, your stamping really is fantastic. Good luck with trying to rest your arm! Get Mr D to pamper you when you are at home and take it carefully at work. Take care.

  22. Very pretty design Mrs Duck! So if you got the frames from work, next question is do they take orders online, and then post?

  23. Just catching up after being shot down with that chest infection! fabulous things you have been making..soon be March!!! huggles Sue xx

  24. Oh Mrs Duck, you really have been in the wars! Hope your arm is not too sore. Well that is three things as you say, things can only get better. Love this creation, those stamped flowers look gorgeous as do the others. Looking forward to seeing the unusual name in the next one! Michelle x

  25. These are such a lovely idea To personalise them too No wonder the girls love them I really must get my brain into gear and send you a photo of what I make! Adding a frame for the recipient to add/change their photo is such a brilliant idea I may have to pinch it and add to my offerings! Hope arm is on the mend and that the deers and antelopes play nicely

  26. Hi Ang! I love the flowers on this frame. Those fuchias are gorgeous. Hope you heal up soon.

  27. Just as pretty as the first. Wht lucky girls they are. Hugs Mrs A.
    P.s. hope your on the mend soon.