Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Easter 2015. . . . . . .Mr Duck!

Good morning Duckadees! Hope everyone is funky fine.

Well, if I have scheduled this correctly, its Monday morning and I'll have sweaty palms and a churning stomach at starting the new job finally.

I'm hoping my palms are the only sweaty bits this morning (steady now!!!) as Mr D has been dreadfully ill for the past few days. He was a bit sniffy and chesty on Wednesday and then worse Thursday. By Friday he looked and felt awful and over the weekend I've been quite concerned. He has been roasting hot one minute then freezing cold the next, physically aching, shivering and shaking, in addition to the sneezing and coughing.

At the time of typing, he has now eaten something and is a bit better. I'm just hoping I haven't woken up with the sniffles and looking like Worzel Gummidge just in time to make a terrific first day impression at work. . . . . . "Good morning Madam. . . . . . Waaaaaahchooooo!!! Please let me wipe that off your glasses" hahaha!!! 

Now, today's card is Mr D's Easter card and its a sad indictment that I know its safe to put this on here, as he doesn't look at my blog lol !!! I know there is a bit of blingery but he did comment recently that the cards I make for him "don't have sparkly stuff on them"
I don't know if he is getting in touch with his feminine side or if he just has bling envy lol !!!

CE Milk card
CE Aqua card
Couture Creations Tied Together embossing folder
SB Labels 20
Hobbycutz laser cut eggs
Wendy's stick pins
CE Dazzler
CE Blue Zircon seam binding
Brown satin ribbon
Blue bling
Hand written sentiment

I have used a fair few Creative Expressions products as I'm entering this into the Creative Expressions Blog Challenge for March (theme is Easter)

Well, that's me done for now as I have to go and re-choose my outfit for the morning (that choice has changed several times lol !!!) and mop Mr D's fevered brow (he is currently wearing pyjamas, a sweatshirt, jogging bottoms, a gilet, his thick fleecy dressing gown and 3 pairs of socks but in half an hour most of it will come off as he gets too hot!!!)

Keep everything crossed for me please folks for a happy job and germ free hopefully lol!

Take care all.

Ang x


  1. Lovely card for your hubby. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you starting your mew job today-good luck.


  2. Good Luck for today Ang, will thinking about you.
    Lee's card is brilliant love the colour combo.
    Hope he is feeling better soon.
    Patricia xxx

  3. Oh good luck for today Ang!! At long last they have got their act together. You will be a brilliant addition to their staff. So sorry Lee is so poorly. Hope he is better soon - if it were a bit nearer Easter his card would have definitely cheered him up. Thinking of you today. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Good luck Ang In a couple of hours time you'll be thinking "why was I so nervous" but I do know that feeling The card is lovely I don't do Easter cards purely because the only two ladies that ever sent them in my circles are sadly no longer here

  5. I have everything crossed for you Ang, and Mr D that he feels so much better when you get home from a good happy days work in your new job. Mr Ds card is lovely im sure the added sparkle will cheer him xxx

  6. Mr D sounds abit like me, sweats then cold but mine is hormone induced. LOL

    Gorgeous card too,
    Good luck for today, xxx

  7. Morning Ang,
    Good luck today, hope the start goes well. Poor Mr Duck, hope he feels better soon, and that you don't catch it.
    Love your card, and good luck with the challenge.

  8. Well I hope your first day went ok? Brilliant card for Mr D, hope he starts to get better, and hasn't passed it on to you. Hazel x

  9. Fabulous card Ang, love the colours and those gorgeous beaded pins! Sure hope you have a wonderful first day at work today!! Best wishes to the Mister, hope he feels better soon. hugs :)

  10. Good morning Ang,
    Well flower i wish you all the best for your new job start today, you will be fine flower but i know just how never wracking it is and especially when they don't know yet that there is a mad side to your personality as well ;)
    Mr Ducks card is lovely and those easter eggs have a lot less calories in them than the chocolate variety which is not to good on ducks digestive systems and now he has his own bling he doesn't need to covert anyone elses now does he?
    I hope that he is more able to go paddling again soon in the duck pond but it was probably him trying to swim the length of it thinking that it was the english channel that did it to him, all that high winds are not good for ducks, they need to seek shelter, not continue to put in those wadding miles for the epic journey and he is just a wee duck so it would be too far for his wee ducks legs and feet. Get well soon Mr duck, i would say a hot whiskey or brandy toady but we don't want a drunken duck as well as everything else on our hands, do we
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Lunatic Asylum, all welcome) x

  11. Hi Ang,lovely card today and I hope you start of your new job well Wish your hubby a fast recovery and don't you come down with it !!that's all you need!!Take care Jane B.

  12. Poor Mr. D, it sounds very like real flu to me (not man flu) I hope he gets better soon. By now, you will have nearly finished your first day at work, so I hope it all went well, and you will be pleased to go back in the morning!

  13. Hi Ang, hope you are sitting with your feet up having enjoyed your first day in your new job. What a super card for Mr Duck, especially the bling!! Do hope he Is feeling a lot better. Well, yesterday's race was a turn up for the books wasn't it? Who would have thought Ferrari would produce the car needed to oust the competition. Take care, Jackie xx

  14. Oh Ang you do make me laugh! Sorry Mr D is not too good, sounds like a bad case of the Flu to me, not bird flu I hope???Sorry!
    Hope your new job went ok I am sure once you show them your magnetic personality and humour you will be a winner my friend.

    Have a lovely evening

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Ha! Ha! Silly me I never commented on your gorgeous car lol! Its fabulous darling, love this colour, as I told John earlier lol! I shall have to invest in some of it but then I wont want to use it lol!
    Love the eggs, good luck with the challenge.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Love those Easter Eggs. Gorgeous card Mrs Duck. Hope your first day at work went well and that you are going to go back tomorrow!!! Also hope that Mr Duck is feeling better. Michelle x

  17. Hi Ang,
    hope your day went well at the new grind stone.
    Super card, and wonderful creation.
    Love that fab shaped die.
    I do hope Mr D is getting better now.
    Biggest get well wishes, and tell him to keep away from the pond for awhile, as his feathers need to be kept dry, and warm.
    Lots of hot milk, and brandy me thinks.
    Good luck in the challenge, I had forgotten that.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Hi Ang. I do hope that your first day in the new job went well, and that you haven't picked up Mr Duck's nasty bug. Hoping he is on the mend too, of course. Take care

  19. Hi Ang,
    Mr D's card is just ducky (sorry, couldn't resist). I think you've used just the right amount of bling to satisfy him lol.
    I hope all went well today at your new job. I've had the devil walking as I crossed my legs this morning for you and keep falling over!!!
    Maureen xx

  20. P.s. I hope what he's got isn't catching, and that he recovers soon.
    Maureen xx

  21. Well Mrs D your first day will be over by the time you read this and hopefully it went well and you have kept germ free and not had to use a micro fibre cloth on anyone's glasses!! Your card is fab and so unusual - luv it and rhe Aqua and brown look fab together and nothing wrong with a bit of bling for a fella xx GailT xx

  22. Love the card and your post for today. Fingers crossed that Mr D is feeling a little better and that you had a quacking time on your first day. Take care, Linda.

  23. Hello Ang, hope your first day went swimmingly, and hope Mr D feels a load better. Love this card, great layout, and colour combo, I am sure Mr D is going to appreciate it, especially as it has bling on. Have a fab 2nd day. Bx

  24. Hi Ang. Hope your first day of woirk went well. you're probably wondering why you were so nervous now.
    Do hope Mr D feels better soon and he hasn't passed the dreaded lurgy on to you.
    Love the Easter card and the bling.

    Enjoy your second day.
    Love val in Spain x

  25. Hi Ang, I have been away so just catching up with my blogs, it's a lovely card, and I think he would prefer real chocolate eggs than card eggs, and as he's been so poorly ( sounds like flu to me). I hope your first day went down well. X Ros

  26. Lovely card Ang. I hope your first day in your new job went well and Mr D is on the mend. x

  27. Since I am late reading this, I hope things are better at your house! So sorry for both of you ( I know sick husbands are very needy!) Lovely card for Mr. D!

  28. What a pretty card! Love the Easter eggs!! Hugs!

  29. Woohoo, your the winner Ang at CE, a nice surprise for you, xxxxxxxxx

  30. Hi Ang

    Congratulations being the 1st winner on Creative Expressions Easter blog challenge. Beautiful card & I'm sure Mr D will love the bling, and I hope he feels better soon and that you don't go down with it.

    Happy Easter

    Tina XX

  31. Hello and hello,

    Congrats on your win! Beautiful design.

    Happy thoughts,