Friday, 27 March 2015

Oldie for Friday. . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope you're all superdoopah!!! Hello to Jane who is a new visitor. Hope you can pop by again.
Another Friday has snuck up on me with another week stolen by the Time Bandit lol!! (I'm sending him back up to you Patricia lol!)
On the upside, I am finally starting my new job on Monday, hurrah! Have to say, I believe MI5 or the SAS are easier to get into hahaha! Keep everything crossed for me folks.

Thank you so much for your kind and heartwarming comments on my "Mum" card. Some of them bought a little tear to my eye. . . . . .you're such lovely gals.

As I came across this card when I found last weeks Easter card lurking in an old folder on my laptop, I thought it would qualify for the Oldie for Friday post.

Although I love the First Edition Neroli pads, I don't think I was overly impressed with this card as I only took one photograph of it hahaha!!!
It was a quicky, as I recall, that had to be handed out that day. Not one of my better cards but trust me, I've done worse lol!!!

It would have been my wonderful Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary today and I would have so enjoyed making them a card had they been here.

Anyhoo, here's wishing you all a super weekend. First live GP of the year, hurrah and from my Motherland (and one of my favourite places in the World) Malaysia, double hurrah!!!!!!

Have a good one.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . Michele, if you do pop by, hope all goes well at the funeral (well, as well as these things can go)


  1. Yeah, I get to be first to comment! Thats what happens when you read blogs at midnight in Colorado. I do like the color combination on this card. I shudder to think of some of my oldie cards. Congratulations on the new job. Have a great day Ang!

  2. Good morning Ang just back from a week at home with mum's birthday then unfortunately her younger brothers funeral. It kept dry and all went off ok and she coped well. Losing both her brothers in the space of 4 months has taken its toll. I have to say your card is very much of the moment with its squares and all the pieces pattern match so you are better than you think! Congratulations on your new job, looking forward to your tales once you get started! love from Jackie xx

  3. P.S. meant to say, enjoy the race!

  4. Hi Ang, lovely bright paper to match the lovely sunny day. Its been raining on and off here for 2 weeks but lloks like its finally over.
    hope the new job goes well on Monday.
    A Golden Wedding Anniversary-wow. I t would have been my 48th anniversary this year,but now I'm showing my age.
    have a good weekend.
    love Val in Spain x

  5. Good morning Ang, is that short for Angela???any way a fresh looking and lovely card today. Wish you good luck in your new job and congratulations. We celebrated our golden wedding this month!! where has the time gone ??Do you all feel it seems to go faster each year???The first quarter of the year is nearly gone by. Keep my fingers crossed for Monday Ang.Take care Jane B.

  6. It's a beautiful "oldie" I bet your mum and dad are having a huge Parti especially if they've met my son he'd make sure they celebrated in style! I still make birthday cards for him, my mum and sister and place them on their graves I hope that doesn't sound weird Good luck with the job on Monday If it was for the NHS you'd probably still be waiting for a start date lol!

  7. PS Enjoy the race How can I forget that when my future son in law is such a huge fan

  8. Hi Ang,
    hope all is going well in the duck pond, as the weather is getting a little warmer.
    Good luck with your new job on Monday.
    Great card,and beautiful colours for your Oldie for Friday, and it's very nice to see you joining us, as you must have some very super older creations to share with us.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Very nice for a "quickie" card Ang. All of my cards should look so good. - Jim

  10. It still looks pretty good Ang, xxx

  11. Loving the design you have created with that pretty paper.
    Ang! Please, Please, send that "time thief" to someone else ..... I really do NOT want him back.
    Good luck with the job. Will be thinking about you come Monday.
    Patricia xxx

  12. Beautiful card Ang, simple but elegant. Good luck on Monday, hope all goes well with the new gig. Have a great weekend, hugs :)

  13. Lovely card-I really like the paper you have used.

    Hope all goes well on Monday.

    This year would also have been my parents golden wedding anniversary.

    The church service at the funeral was lovely, sad but we had a few laughs. It was packed as expected which showed how popular & nice Dave was. Only about half went on to the service at the crem but I'm glad I did-went with two colleagues. Was doing OK until a colleague who trained with Dave went upto the coffin (after the service) and just touched it-well, that was it! I was in floods of tears. Dropped my boss off at hers, stayed for a coffee then off home. Hubby is in charge of tea & he has sensibly put wine in the fridge. Will raise a glass (or 3) to my dear friend Dave and his wife/family.


  14. I love the simplicity of your card and those papers are lovely.

  15. Really love this Ang simple and elegant have a fab weekend huggles Sue xxx

  16. Hi Ang,
    This is an up to date, modern card that quite a few of the younger members of family and friends would love. Thanks for a great idea.
    Maureen xx

  17. Wish my old cards looked like this.
    Guess you will be too busy at the TV to craft this weekend.
    Enjoy the new job, I am sure you will.
    Janice W

  18. Ang, I think it's great to look at cards that were done at the start as it shows how much you have leant along the way, this card is lovely but look at the stunning ones you do now with all the dies etc you have now got? I could image the absolutly stunning card you would have made for their 50 th. Good luck with the new job. And enjoy your G.P. Hazel,x

  19. Hiya Ang, just noticed your post on my blog, great oldies card. Loved your Mothers' day card, I think you have been taking lessons from our John lol! It was stunning and the colour was fantastic, you certainly did your friend proud. I know what it's like, many a times I wish I could make my parents a card, I still feel sad to think of all they have missed but we gotta hang on to the happy memories.
    Have a great weekend

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Morning Mrs D - I think this card is lovely and it reminds me of a pressy xx I'm sure your Mum & Dad will have raised a glass to celebrate their landmark anniversary and hopefully you did too xx enjoy the Grand Prix and hopefully it is has stopped raining now - and good luck in your new job xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  21. Ooh, was so busy paddling that I forgot to say good luck in the new job. Don't forget the CLOCKS GO FORWARD TONIGHT.
    Maureen xx

  22. Hi Ang, a lovely oldie for Friday card, like the paper. Good luck for the new job starting tomorrow. Bx

  23. Awesome Ang, love this paper, gorgeous.xx

  24. Is good pretty paper.