Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mum. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning my lovely blogging chums. Hope everyone is well.

I have been on the hunt for a Nutella and peanut butter blondie recipe to match that divine brownie I had at the NEC. Sue J, you a have a real treat on your doorstep there!

I have had a little play with my new goodies from the show. Lesley, sorry to disappoint chuck but the die is not a Striplet, its one of the new SB dies called Interlocking Love. It does more embossing and de-bossing than cutting. 
I think I'm just getting a bit more fussy about what I buy as I think I am already getting to SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy) proportions, hahaha!

Now, I apologise for today's picture heavy post as I wanted to capture all angles lol!!!

I never got to make my darling Mum a Mother's Day card, other than when I was a child, so my close friends have never asked me to make one, as they know it would be difficult (in a sadness way) for me.
However, Janet, one of the ladies I used to volunteer with has been having a particularly bad time recently, with her own health issues and having her parents move into residential care (her Dad has dementia and her Mum, who was her Dad's carer, had a fall and broke her leg)
We have kept in touch and she asked me if I would make her Mum a Mother's Day card.
I hadn't the heart to say no so that was my random act of kindness for that day lol!!!

I asked what card she would like and she said "flowers and blue" a bit odd, blue flowers, but blue is her Mum's favourite colour.

Well, thought I may as well push the boat out and make a matching box too. 

Interestingly, all 4 of the different flower styles are made from the same die set, HC Sunkissed Fleur. How versatile is that!

White card
Blue textured pearl card
HC Sunkissed Fleur (for all of the different shaped flowers)
SB Jewel Flowers and Flourishes (only the flourishes!)
SB Botanical Swirls and Accents (just the foliage)
SB Labels 28
Couture Creations Swiss Dots A4 embossing folder
Papermania "Mum" stamps
CE Dazzler
MeiFlower satin ribbon
Blue curling ribbon
Wendy's Pins
Various blue inks
Bling & pearls
Paper twine (for the flower stamens)

I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out with blue flowers, but I was very pleased with it. It was difficult at times too as I couldn't help wishing I was making one for my own Mum (a few teary moments!!!)

Janet was over the moon and reported that her Mum was thrilled so some good and happiness came from it, which makes me a happy bunny.

Lovely to see you back Norah. You paddle when you can chuck. I'm grateful to everyone who stops by as I know commenting is time consuming.

That's all for me today folks. Have a great day and be good.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . My thoughts are with the families of the lost souls from the German Wings flight. So tragic.


  1. Hello Ang, wow this is beautiful, love the box and the card, and your flowers are just gorgeous. Such a lovely thing to do for Janet, even though it was so hard for you. Huge hugs. Bx

  2. Morning Ang, wow,wow, WOW!!!! What a fantastic card. I love every part of it. It must have been emotional for you but would a kind and thoughtful thing to do for a friend. Janice xxx

  3. So beautiful Ang, love everything about it and the curly ribbon on the box is fab.
    So sad about the German flight, t's on TV now, xxxx

  4. I think Mother's Day really affects all of us who no longer have our mums around - but you lost yours at such an early age so doubly hard!! You did a terrific job though so I'm sure your friend was thrilled. Hugs Christine xx

  5. Morning Ang,
    A beautiful card, any Mum would treasure it. I lost my Mum 3 years ago a month before her 93rd birthday, still miss her like mad. It must have hard for you losing your mum at a young age.
    Another tragic plane crash, hell for the poor families, heart goes out to them.

  6. Hi Ang, beautiful card. No wonder your friends mum loved it.
    It is sad not to have a mum espeecially at certain times like Mothers Day and very sad for you to have lost your mum when you were young.
    Such an awful plane crash, so many people kiilled. Really tragic.
    Take care.
    love valx

  7. Beautiful card and box Ang,loving the flowers well done .
    Elaine H X

  8. Beautiful card Mrs Duck! I know what you mean about not being able to make a card for your Mum, I am and 'orphan' now too. All of a sudden, I became a Matriarch and I wasn't sure I wanted to be one.

    Thanks for the info re. the die, I suppose I got the makers wrong.

  9. Hi Ang,
    What a beautiful card and box. It really is gorgeous, and there are blue flowers you know, blue bells and forget-me-knots just to name two. I could name more but don't want to turn this into a gardening programme!!! Well I'll just paddle off to get my make-up on to meet sister in law.
    Maureen x

  10. Good morning Ang,
    Love, love, love your beautiful card and box.
    Snap!! don't have a mum or MIL to make cards for now. Plenty happy memories though.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  11. As tough as that was Ang, it was a wonderful RAK. I love all the different flowers you designed using that one die cut, brilliant! I never would have combined blue and flowers but now that I see yours, I'm adding that colour to my list of possibles! I have a hard time branching out with are an inspiration! hugs :)

  12. Such a lovely card!! Great colors and design! Hugs!

  13. Good evening Ang. Your card is stunning and so is your box. I love that flower die I think I will be purchasing it. Is it like the Heart Felt aster one to work with???
    I also like the way you have twisted your ribbon, those colours work so beautifully. Yes I can imagine how your heart felt while making it. Ang the 48 hour rule. Is if your child has been sick, reguardless if it's just car sick, you have to keep them off for 48hours. She for a bug, BUT car sickness!!! Beth had a great day, how many children play on this??? Hazel x

  14. Mrs Duck, words fail me! Absolutely stunning. I had a good giggle at SABLE, thats me too! Michelle x

  15. Hi Ang, don't comment often, but visit whenever there is a post.
    love this card, it is gorgeous.


  16. Gorgeous card & box for it. No-one likes to ask me to make Mothers Day cards as its only 2 years since Mum died (she was 68) but I'm sure I'll get asked one year.


  17. Hello Ang, your card is stunning and I can well understand that the lady was over the moon. Your design and embellishments are gorgeous. Even although it it made you sad, you pulled out all the stops for this mum, proud of you girl. Does'nt matter how long your mum's been gone, there is always a wee tug at the heart strings, hugs Kate x

  18. Stunning card and box and not surprised the recipient was thrilled with it - bitter, sweet I know but at least you have the knowledge that you put a smile on someone's face which is priceless xx love the twisted ribbon on the box lid and the blue flowers are fab (artistic licence) xx GailT xx

  19. You have made a lovely job of this card. There are some lovely blue flowers, delphiniums, cornflowers, forget me nots are a few.
    What a versatile flower die though, they all look so different.
    Janice W

  20. A lovely card and looks perfect in blue. The flowers are very natural . It felt strange not making a card this Yr for my Own Mum. Hugs Mrs A.

  21. Hi Ang! Gorgeous card. I love the blue - it is one of my favorite colors. So glad you made someone else happy with such a beautiful card. I feel that way about Father's day cards as I lost my Dad several years ago. Bless you for being such a sweetheart to this lady! Have a great day and thanks for all the great comments on my blog!

  22. Hi Ang. Your Mum would be very proud of you for being so kind and thoughtful for making this beautiful card for someone who has their own problems. I'm not surprised that Janet's Mum was thrilled with it.
    I love blue flowers of any type and you have made some beauties with this versatile die. Love the box too : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  23. Hi Ang, A lovely card and box, you have obviously put your heart and soul into making and designing it. I am not surprised that your friends mum was delighted with it. Take care everyone. Linda.

  24. Hi Ang
    A beautiful card. I love the flowers - so pretty. I'm sure your friend and her mum were thrilled. Take care, Anne O

  25. Good morning, I am new on your blog and what a great way to start,such a beautiful card today and I love the colour and the wonderful flowers ,glad to hear the recipient loved the card too!it must have made her day.Take care Jane B.

  26. It is gorgeous Ang and I know exactly what you mean re making them My dear old mum passed away 18 months ago and I so so miss her She was my best friend too But even though I have my gorgeous daughter I miss being a mum to my son too I still have MIL and I did shed a few tears making one for her The blue works brilliantly and those dies - they're on my Need List

  27. Such an absolutely stunning card and box Ang! lots of huggles Sue xx

  28. Stunning card and box Ang - beautiful detailing - love those flowers - might need to add them to my wish list :o)
    Debs xx

  29. Ang flower, it is no wonder her mammy was so happy. What a stunningly beautiful card which is really doing it a disservice because it is truly a stunning gift. I know exactly what you mean flower about making the card though as this past numerous years i have made one for my beloved wee mammy so found it so difficult to deal with this year. The joy that your act of kindness must have brought that dear old soul is immeasurable and will keep her ticking over every time she looks at it that someone was so kind to use their talents on her. Please just give a wee think to how your mammy would be feeling at your gift because i know it would have filled her heart with pride that you could overcome such a great hurdle to bring that happiness to someone else. Thank you for showing us it and the beautiful flowers that you made, it's quite hard to realise that they were all made with the one die. Fantastic.
    Hope that the weather is treating you fine down your neck of the woods and in your pond
    sending you love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  30. All I can say Ang is excellent. Beautiful work of art. - Jim