Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fore !!! . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Phew, what scorchers we have had recently. 

Its been stifling at times at work. We have a fan but all it seems to do is shift the warm air around. Mr D was away for work overnight midweek and so I had the luxury of having our fan at home at full pelt in the bedroom. Even in this weather, he's in jim jams and snuggled under a duvet, not wanting the fan on or a window open!!!

So Tuesday night, there I was, on the bed, flat out with the fan wafting over me warm bits. . . . . . bliss!!!
That is until I had dropped off and it obviously built up a healthy gust which blew over a picture on my chest of drawers. The clatter resulted in my leaving a dent in the ceiling as I jumped with fright. That was that, fan off for the rest of the night.

Now, back to today's card. I've had to do a few guy ones of late and here is. Its a variation of a golfing one I have done before.
I got a few of these Docrafts toppers with sporty themes as I thought they would come in handy.
I tend to use this embossing folder for male cards too.

Cream card
Brown card (Lidl)
Green card (Lidl)
Papermania embossing folder
Docrafts topper
SB Matting Basics A & B
Peanut Butter Memento Dew Drop ink (to highlight the embossing)

Had a wonderful morning at Sue's demo on Thursday. The non crafting Nesta came along as well. I think it was out of curiosity as she has been on the end of "Can't chat, Sue Wilson is on the telly" so many times hahaha! 
The funny thing was, John had put her on the list as Nesta Vipers and Sue asked as she got things underway, who was Nesta Vipers? which left my poor pal, pink faced lol!!!
Still, it was lovely to see Anne, Joy, Pauline and Kathy again.

Learned a couple of new techniques and just enjoyed seeing the good lady do what she does best. Then had another spend in the shop. . . . . . . 3 embossing folders, a stamp (just had to get John's Twas the Night one), a distress ink dropper and a spatula (don't ask!).
Then a spot of lunch on the way home. . . . . . we went retro and had scampi hahaha!!!

It was a nice interlude in a very busy week. Thankfully, I'm off for a couple of days so I can finally chill. Obviously, today's chill will be in front of the British GP (yes, I did mention I wanted that day off at my interview hahaha!!!). Jacquie and Wendy, enjoy!
Kate's lucky son is at Silverstone and didn't take me as a stowaway (or should that be Stowe-away. . . . . . .sorry none GP fans who won't know, or in fact care, what I'm talking about lol!!!)

Good wishes for the week ahead.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . Maureen, if you're reading this, thinking of you chuck.


  1. Good morning Ang, great card for a Golfer. Love all the layers.
    Have a good day today, enjoy your days off.
    Looks like we might get some sunshine today.....that will be a change!!!
    We need the PJs and duvet here, that's for sure.
    Patricia xxx

  2. Haha you do make me laugh Ang, i had visions of you holding onto the fan whizzing round trying to stop it { for some reason lol } .
    Lovely Man card, i so like the background inked it really does make the embossing stand out.
    Have a good rest and stay cool.
    Elaine H X

  3. Hi Ang, great card for the man in your life. Nice to see cards for men.
    Enjoy your day

  4. Morning Ang,
    Great blog, you always give me a chuckle. Another good male card.
    Enjoy the GP.

  5. Good morning. Ang. I love the way you have created the frame with the embossing folder - will have to have a go a this.

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Good morning Ang, lovely card for a man. I have used this topper myself for a keen golfers birthday card. Funny enough, it's time to make his birthday card for this year and I was wondering what to do,as I've done a golfing themed card again this year or something different. I've gone with something different this time. Janice xxx

  7. Fab card Ang, envy you the Sue Wilson day, I do so wish I lived there sometimes but instead I,m sweating my bits off !!!!! Oh well will just have to go for a dip in the pool, xxxx

  8. Morning Ang, A good card for a golfing male, and a layout easily used with any topper, thanks.
    Enjoy your day, I think I heard that Lewis was in poll position today.
    I had to laugh with your fan story. We have to have a fan running, not for us but for the dog. He's a long haired, black, german shepherd, and struggles in this heat. When the fan goes on he lies with his nose almost against the blades and lets the air blow right down him.
    Janice W

  9. Good morning Ang, well what a change a few hours make, didn't know what to do with myself yesterday morning and today it is pouring with rain. Supposed to stop mid morning but we will see, the garden needs it. Not planning anything as there is a special event this afternoon, just hope Jenson can enjoy himself. Anyway to business , male cards, always a problem but you have certainly cracked it with this card. Now we want to see what you make with your new goodies. Have a good day, love from Jackie

  10. Smashing card Ang, love the embossing folder.
    Enjoy your afternoon and may the best man win.
    Lynne x

  11. Brilliant card Ang, and the sporting image can be changed to suit? Enjoy your GP. Hazel,x

  12. Great card for a man, and the embossing folder is a goog go to for male cards as well, enjoy your chill, Linda.

  13. Great guy card Ang. They are so hard to make for aren't they?

    I'm imagining the scene - or I will when I stop laughing! We have the window wide open - but with a net screen I devised so that there are no more unwelcome visits from bats!!! You certainly didn't want to be here when a bat got in through the bedroom window!!!! One day I will tell all. Hugs Christine x

  14. Fab male card Mrs D xx now if you had sent the St Bernard with some Prosecco that definitely would not have returned -lol xx Brandy naaww!! don't like the stuff but thanks for thinking of me and the possibility that I may need rescuing!!! Enjoy your time off and the GP xx GailT xx

  15. Great card-would be perfect for hubby who is playing yet another golf match right now!

    Love the tales of the "fan" & your poor friend Nesta...,!


  16. Beautiful card missus! Love the embossing folder - it looks great on here with the golfing topper. As for the fan - tmi methinks!!! Thought about you the other day when I was using the Pedi thingy - total bliss and now as smooth as a baby's bum! The tale about Nesta Vipers had me chuckling as soon as I saw it.

    Hugs to you missus love Sue Pxxx

    1. Forgot to say - the maestro is enjoying the Motor GP as well .... never mind!!!!! ROFLMAO

  17. Hi Ang! This is such a fabulous card for a sports guy, great image I love that embossing folder!! You had me in stitches today with your story. Funny thing, the other day I was trying to enjoy a little down time and we had a lovely rain storm going on so I opened all the windows for a nice cross breeze. Unfortunately that lovely cross breeze blew the curtains up which hit a lamp on the side stand and it landed with a smash. So much for my nice breeze. Windows closed, down time over! Stupid mother nature! haha! have a great day. hugs :)

  18. hi Ang, fabulous male card, I love that EF, just perfect, I think I have one very similar.
    Your fan story is very funny, but I hope it wan't a valuable picture it blew off.
    Couldn't see Damian in the crowd, but had no text as yet so they must be relaxing about leaving the pets, my phone never stopped yesterday wanting to know if they were OK, anyway good result for the for LH, hugs Kate x

  19. Hi Ang! You make wonderful CAS masculine cards. Lucky you being off work for the GP! Looking forward to seeing more of your purchases you've made!Have a great day.

  20. Thanks for your welcome yesterday,Ang. Really disappointed not to be able to see Sue's creations but I heard all about it from Anne yesterday when we had our day making lace. Hope to see you again soon at CE Towers.
    Love your cards!

  21. PS this card will be a great idea for my younger son who is a very keen golfer. Will look for the Docrafts topper when out and about.
    Jan (again)

  22. Ha Ha, I think I would have put a dent in the ceiling being woken up like that lol! It is nice to get the bed to one self as I frequently do cause hubby always falls asleep on the settee of a night so now I leave him there lol! Some nights I get the whole night others a few hours!!!
    Fabulous card Ang, love the detail. Glad you had an enjoyable day at Sue's demos, looking forward to seeing some makes from your goodies lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  23. Hi Ang,
    great card for the male peeps in our lives.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. It's a lovely card I love that EF! Glad you had a great day watching Sue - you lucky duck! Perhaps one day I'll get to CE. Your story re the fan did make me laugh. You have such a great way of describing things - you should write a book. Reminded me of the time when I tried to dismantle one to clean the blades and didn't replace the cover properly Switched fan on and after a couple of secs the cover spun across the room Frisbee stylee! Fortunately it didn't do any damage

  25. A truly fabulous card for a man. So clean and fresh looking. Michelle x

  26. Hi Ang, a great card for a man, hope you enjoyed the GP. Bx

  27. Another great card for a guy!! Have a great Sunday!!