Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mappy Birthday. . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope you are well and to those who've not had the best of weeks so far, as Yaz said, "the only way is up" (or was that my gynecologist?)
Nice to see Val back. Hope you're better chuck.

Anyhoo, I'm a very excited girlie. Next year, I will not be sat watching the British F1 GP from my living room, I shall be screaming like a banshee at Silverstone hurrah and double hurrah. . . . . . .and what the heck, thrice hurrah!
I was poised at 10am Monday morning on the Silverstone website waiting for next years early bird tickets to go on sale. It took about 40 minutes in queues but tickets purchased by Mr D for my birthday next year.
He had got his mate to make secret enquiries about packages to Barcelona or Belgium to see the GPs there but I said it had to be Silverstone.
I apologise, in advance for the times during the next 12 months where I bore the pants off you by whooping about it lol!

Now, back to Earth Ang and the card. I made this for my dear friend David, the one who travels around a bit. . . . . .well, a lot actually. He is currently somewhere in South America on his trip round Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
This was for his birthday in June and I got the idea, I believe, from an anniversary card that Karenlotty made (a thousand apologies if I've had a memory lapse on that one and said the wrong person)

Cream card
Black card (Lidl)
Brown card (Lidl)
Old map printed from tinterweb
Swiss Dots embossing folder
Cosmic Shimmer Black PVA Pearls
Stampin Up sentiment
Black Archival ink

He was chuffed with it (but probably won't be chuffed that I've told the world how old he is hahaha!) I've now been asked to do another for where the person was born abroad so getting hold of a map to print off for that will be interesting lol!

Wendy hope your bits have stopped sweating and that Janice's doggy isn't suffering to much Thankfully, I haven't needed that bloomin fan since. 
Pamellia, I'm surprised that the bits of broken lamp haven't made their way onto a card lol!
Christine, please tell me you are a real person whose had a bat up her nightie lol!
Gail, if there was Prosecco in the offing, the St Bernard wouldn't have made it out of The Pond lol!
Jan, I got my sporty toppers from The Range at £1 per set and I think I'm doing my hostess with the mostest again on 30th July.
Jacquie, no such luck with Mr D nodding off downstairs. He's always first in bed and emitting a low rumble (that's snoring rather than anything else lol!!!)
Karenlotty, me write a book? Heavens to murgatroyd! It would be discounted in The Works within a week and book folded into the Eiffel Tower by someone within a month hahaha!!!

For those of you who don't know, lovely Maureen lost her brother last Saturday so sending sincere condolences to you and your family Maureen.

Ang x


  1. I am sure your friend was delighted with this card. Thanks for your reply.
    Have a good day.

  2. Good morning Ang,
    Great card, love how you managed to get the "date of birth" on it.
    A fantastic idea that I might just use in the future. Would be a good card for some of those men "O" birthdays rather that then just the number. I am sure David will be over the moon with it.
    Now please don't be wishing away the year ahead. Life is too short to do that. Look forward by all means, that's a brilliant gift. Will give me time to look for a good set of ear plugs!!!!
    Have a great day
    Patricia xxx

  3. A great card, Ang. I have an old map book in my stash and pick an appropriate location for tbe person I am making a card for.

    Anne (Northampton)

  4. Hi Ang, love this card, what a super idea, may just use it for Hubz' birthday which is coming up soon. Great news about the GP tickets. Condolences to Maureen and her family. Bx

  5. What a great card Ang. Sundays was one of the only GP I have sat and watched all the way through and I did enjoy it, I usually get bored!!!!!! I used to watch motorbikes years ago, Mallory park !!!!

  6. Hi Ang
    A lovely card Ang and a great idea ,as Patricia has said "a good theme for the Men in our lives " Men are so difficult to make a card for i find.
    Heyyy you have such a good Mr D to be taking you to Silverstone next year how thoughtful of him .

    Thank you for my winners Parcel Ang you are very generous ,i have 3 Birthdays and 1 Anniversary card to do this weekend ,so will be using my beautiful goodies.

    Maureen i am thinking of you and your family ,God Bless .

    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Ang, a great man's card. I agree you should write a book, as you've such a good way with words. Glad to say that it's a lot cooler now and my dog Rolo is happier to go talkies at his normal time - loves a routine !!!! Janice xxx

  8. Well done on securing the tickets, I can tell you're excited at the prospect of going to Silverstone, we'll just a tad! Love your personalised birthday card, not surprised you've been asked to make another, Jx

  9. Hi Ang, good to be back. Still a bit difficult to type as I'm looking through a snow storm all the time and the snow is black.
    love the card and a great year to be born!!!
    Great about Silverstone too.
    love Val in Spain x

  10. WOWSER! I am really flattered Yes I did an anniversary card for my OH of an old map pointing to the venue with the date etc Itis an easy way of celebrating special moments eg place time etc
    I love your version I've just discovered a "shape" in Serif of a clock and you can change the hour and minutes to suit Did a happy dance because of all the possibilities!

  11. Good morning Ang congratulations on getting your ticket for next year - just don't forget where you put them on the meantime!!! Love what you have done with this card such a super idea I've put it in the memory bank I. e. my little book as the memory is not as good as it used to be love from Jackie xx

  12. Morning Ang, great idea for a card for the men in our lives, Thank-you for sharing and for Karenlotty for the original idea

  13. What a great card Ang. This is so special and very clever! Michelle x

  14. Ang, another fab card for David, you always come up with a totally different idea each year. Oh I could feel,your excitement up here. Hazel x

  15. Fabulous card Ang, and what great news about Silverstone, I would have gone for Barcelona and grabbed a holiday too lol! Hope all okay with you I am busy, busy here so not had time to blog!!!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Great ideas for guy cards last couple of days. Super birthday present too!

  17. Super duper male card Ang. He must have loved it! Oh the bat in the bedroom!!!!! Still makes me cringe just thinking about it. I'll send you an email telling the details - far too involved for this comment. Unless I see you at Stoneleigh? Hugs Christine xx

  18. Ahh this is great what a super card, Love it. Brill going to Silverstone too, My friend went a few years back and loved it, Hazelxx

  19. Brilliant card for a male friend, may borrow this idea for hubbys anniversary or birthday card,

    Well done on getting tickets to Silverstone-my hubby will be very jealous.


  20. Morning Ang,
    A great bloke card, especially for one that does travel a lot. Well done on getting your tickets.

  21. Hi Ang,
    another super male creation.
    Great idea of the map I remember doing a map card for mu son and actually got the map of where his house is.
    So great minds, and all that jazz. lol.
    Now take it steady girl we don't want you hurting your self with the excitement. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  22. Hello Ang, fab card, love your theme and I'm please Dave loved it, like what's not to love.
    Wonderful you've got tickets for the GP for next year, but don't get burnt as Damian did, but they enjoyed the race, hugs Kate x

  23. Mrs D this is a fab card and yes I think you are right it was Karen who created a card with the map with latitude and longitude xx I made a very simple one with a map for a friend who moved home and I managed to get the village she was moving too and put one of these 'globules' over it so it highlighted it!!! she was well chuffed with it (think I have shown it on my blog) but then again maybe not xx
    Sorry to hear what is going on in Blogland and didn't realise that you had, had problems too a few years ago!! Some really sad t....s out there (I will let you decide what that spells!! toads-maybe or maybe not lol xx well chuffed for you that you have your GP tickets - lucky lady and thoughtful hubby too xx enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care xx GailT xx

  24. Hello Ang,
    Thank you so much for your condolences. I haven't been in to see you, and I may be missing a bit next week, but I shall soon be paddling merrily away again. This will be a useful card to keep in mind for "difficult" men. (Aren't they all?)
    Maureen xxx

  25. HAHAHA!! I just knew you would be able to make me smile Ang! I only wish I had kept those lamp pieces! Love your card today, your friend must have been just pleased as punch over the wonderful map front. Hope all is well in your neck of the pond, sorry I haven't been around much, I feel neck deep in it recently. sending big hugs :

  26. What a great card! I'm sure your friend loved it!! Hugs!

  27. Ang, join us for the Bugaboo week if you have time, it's a super challenge and they are so generous with prizes, I'm getting all my buddies into this, so please, join the party???

  28. Sorry I missed this post somehow Ang! Love the map paper you used! Nice masculine card! Hope things get better for you!