Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sorry I've been AWOL. . . . . . . .

Hello all you lovely folk and a special welcome to Anne and Margaret who have become followers whilst I have had a little unintentional sojourn.

Please accept these virtual flowers and my apologies for being AWOL this past week or so.

Its been a combination of various bits of carp (yes, that is a deliberate misspelling rather than pieces of fish lol!!!).
Here is my sorry tale of woe for the last week or so. . . . . . . . . 

Firstly, my GC went "crunch" so I took it apart, put the loosened bolts back in but couldn't tighten them fully as I hadn't got the right size Allen key. I have therefore had to use it minimally, just doing a couple of birthday cards until I could go buy some Allen keys.

That hasn't been so easy to go shopping for them, as I have had to do extra days at work. My boss forgot to tell me he was covering another shop this past week and expected me to then cover him at a couple of days notice. . . . . . . . .You can imagine that was as popular with me as a guff in a crowded lift!!!

A friend of mine has been needing a bit of emotional support and tlc by phone in the evenings.

Next, the GC went "crunch" and jammed completely. I have managed to get some A keys from B & M but have been at work and won't have time to take the GC apart again until tomorrow.

Then my camera battery won't hold its charge to photograph the couple of cards I did make and the spare battery is kaput so I am awaiting a new one.

Have also got a strain of my left Achilles and a bruised knuckle (no, I haven't hit anyone, though I have been sorely tempted on occasions this week hahaha!!!)

And no, my middle name is not "Lucky" lol!!!

But other than that, its all been fine dandy at The Pond hahahahahahahaha!!!

I didn't like to post anything but a card as I know everyone's time is precious and didn't want you to spend time having to read my random waffle about the carp (still deliberate misspelling lol!!!)
Still, if you've made it to this point without nodding off, many thanks lol!!!

Also, I will be trying to catch up on all your posts tonight and tomorrow but sorry if its only your last one that I manage to comment on rather than all the others I may have missed.

Normal (???) service will resume shortly, although I'm not sure what it will be if the GC has gone to that craft room in the sky (ie BIN!) as I won't replace it until I've had a look at the new Platinum due out in 2 weeks time.

I may have to pole dance or make shadow puppets for your entertainment in the meantime but please bear with me until things get sorted.

Hope this coming week treats you all kindly and be good.

Ang x


  1. Evening Ang, I can understand your frustration when things go wrong they normally come in threes lol !! Have you considered the new tonic machine? All the insides are metal and looks a similar size to the GC. Thanks for the flowers - they look wonderful. Janice xxx

  2. Oh No sounds like a nightmare week, Things can only get better as the song goes. Love Hazelx

  3. Hello a
    Ang, I'd be slapping your boss for one thing, he sounds a nightmare to work for, more power to your elbow for putting up with all that he throws at you.
    You'll soon be up and running again, just don't let yourself get stressed, hugs Kate x

  4. Well Ang, I thought you and Mr D were off somewhere hot on holiday, didn't think twice about you being unable to use your G.C. Yes it looks like time for a new one! Not goo about work, your boss must think you don't have a life outside work. Love the flowers than you. Hazel x

  5. Oh my goodness Ang, that's quite a catalogue of woes! Keep your chin up kiddo! Hugs Christine x

  6. Way too much carp for one week hun. How you don't knuckle your boss is beyond me! One of the reasons I haven't asked for a GC is because I keep hearing that peeps break down or go totally kaput! Hoping to get the Docrafts cutter for Christmas! It takes all depths easily and takes A4. Make sure you rest and let your bruises heal and remind your boss he owes you too Karen xx

  7. Gosh Ang, I thought you were away sunning yourself on some white powdery beach. I even pictured a handsome guy waving a big fan to keep you cool.
    Instead you have been dealing with all that carp!!
    Deep breath, and another, you will get there
    Patricia xxx

  8. Hi Ang,
    How lovely to see you back.
    I don't want to carp on (correct spelling) but your virtual flowers need virtual water!!!
    It took me until your second carp until I realised you meant cr*p - the words "quick" and "Maureen" don't really go together ha ha. But I agree with you, you've had a carp time.
    I complained to Spellbinders about the oil spots which were going on to my plates whilst using it. They asked for photographs, and where and when I'd bought it. Well I just sent photos (I've had it since they first came out, but forgot to tell them that) and my brand new Teal machine arrived about a week ago. First time I've complained about anything and - result - so I was pleased.
    I hope things improve for you, keep paddling and your boss might not catch up with you.
    Sorry this is so long, but I'm making up for lost time, and you are a captive audience!!!!
    Maureen xxx

  9. Hi Ang! I did think you fell off the earth and was getting worried about you! Sounds like not much fun with the GC. That's why I like my Big Shot - It has held together well for many years. Hope things improve and your back to showing us your beautiful cards! Take care!

  10. Hello Ang, I was wondering where you had gone. Wow, you have had a week of nightmares, hope the aches and pains soon go away, and that everything else including the GC get sorted. Didn't know you could take it apart - need to look at my old one possibly, which is stashed under my desk and is currently a foot rest. Take care. Looking forward to catch up with your gorgeous cards. Bx

  11. Hi Ang
    I am so pleased you are still paddling the pond i was wondering what had happened to you, sorry about your aches ,work and GC { things come in 3s} so things can now only get better fingers crossed .
    Beautiful flowers Thank You .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X
    PS. Forgot to say .....i had a good chuckle reading Bridget's post
    A FOOT REST ! the GC does have lots of uses ...

  12. Hi Ang,
    ooooooooooooo! I am so sorry to hear about your probs.
    My when things go wrong on the pond they sure do.
    So sorry to hear your GC has died on you, but I do hope this new one is going to be what you want.
    When my GC broke down a few years ago I felt like my right arm had been cut off.LOL.
    Love and big hugs to help from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Hi Ang,
    forgot to say thank you so much for the virtual flowers.

  14. Sounds like a nightmare Ang, but glad you are (almost)ok.
    love Val a

  15. I had to buy a new GC recently as mine also went cruuuuncccch and clllluuuunnnnk. The red one is now at the tip!

  16. Morning Ang,
    Sounds like you have been have fun and games, (not in a good way). Hope it all gets back to normal soon.
    My G/C did the same, hubby mended it , but I now have a Big Shot Plus., very pleased with it.

  17. I have had three GC's in two and a half years ,there is not too much lasting in them ,love the size of the cutting plates .when [as I don't think it is a case of if] this one goes [the blue one ] I won't be replacing it with another they are too tempermental or else Spellbinders will have to really make them stronger ,Laura O

  18. A week you will want to forget quickly! Let's hope this one is a lot better.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. You have been missed Ang, Love my Cut 'n' Boss. xxxx

  20. What a carpy week! My GC is a bit tempermental so I invested in the new ToDo - the foiling is stunning. Sanity only maintained through crafting so I hope you get sorted soon!!!!

  21. Be Well.

    Wishing I had your address to mail you one of my new 'Get Well' Pop-Up cards.

    Reading your posts is very enjoyable and I look forward to each one.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy thoughts,
    New York

  22. If it's a cog that broke, I emailed GC, and they got a company in the UK to send me a replacement (for pink machine) I replaced it, and all is well. No wonder they brought out the turquoise one with metal cogs.

  23. Hi Ang, Sorry about all your problems, but sure your keeping smiling:) all will be sorted once you get your GC up and running again, don't forget the song, Allways look on the bright side of life, lol. Hugs, Linda. P S the flowers are gorgeous.

  24. Oh Mrs Duck you do make me laugh! Going through all that carp and still full of humour. Hope everything gets better soon. Michelle x

  25. Beautiful lillies Mrs D xx we have some a little darker in colour growing in the garden and they look lush xx sorry to hear your tales of woe - don't you think life it like that 'everything goes wrong all at once' hopefully you can fix your GC and you won't need the platinum!!! will have to investigate that one xx take care and hopefully things will I,prove soon xx GailT xx

  26. Hi Ang
    So pleased to see you back! I had a problem with my GC and Spellbinders sent me some spare parts and my husband fixed it. I think I use my GC on every card I make, so I would be absolutely stumped without it. Whatever did I do before I had it! I hope that your carp time will soon be completely passed. Best wishes, Anne O

  27. Hi Ang!!! Oh I have had a right chuckle LOL but not nice to go through all that carp I had to get a new GC after Paul had to fix it time and time again! hope the new one is a whole better machine..please take care lots of huggles Sue xx

  28. Seems we are in similar boats my friend. Just posted an image on Facebook last week of my broken GC, with a 'riddle-me-this' question in a very sarcastic tone to the company! haha! I have an allen key set, but that would help me since the bloomin handle snapped right the heck off!! WHATTT! Anywho, hope your ankle feels better and your boss pulls up his socks! hugs :)

  29. Oh no-what a bad time you've been having. Hope things are starting to improve for you & we see some of your lovely cards on your blog before too long.


  30. Oh Ang poor you You are forgiven There's no need to say sorry we all know what it's like I was so p****d at my work place the other day I had to go for a walk around the block to calm down and that is so not me I can usually take it all on the chin Ho hum! I hope things get back to normal soon I'm worried about your poorly GC too Not seen the Platinum properly yet...

  31. We are so alike, Ang! I say carp all the time, too! I'm so sorry you have been wading through veritable piles of carp right now and I hope you get sorted out soon. In the meantime, we've all been there/done that and understand, so no need to apologize (altho, again, I do the same thing!) and no need to worry about me. I'll still be here! Thank you for the lovely flowers, though!! I'll be back on Saturday night for the pole dance when I assume drinkie-poos will be half-off until sixes! Hugs, Darnell