Thursday, 13 August 2015

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree. . . . . On TV

Good morning friends, Romans,bloggers. Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

Today the lovely John Lockwood is on Create and Craft showcasing his gorgeous new stamp sets and his first paper pad all themed around the 12 Days of Christmas (fortunately, he decided to go with the traditional song rather than having 3 French maids, 2 drunken uncles and an oven ready turkey lol!!!)

I was flattered and fortunate to be asked by John to make some samples for him again using 2 of the new sets and the papers and if they pass muster, hopefully they will feature on his shows today at 9am and 2pm.
I loved working with them and was only stopped from making even more by my problems with my Calibur. 

Today's card is the first one I thought of when I saw this stamp set. No sentiment required, its just Partridge, Pear, Tree. . . . . .

Cream card
Vintage gold card
Gold mirror card
Black card
John Lockwood Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp set
Couture Creations Swiss Dots embossing folder (I used the deboss side on display)
Presscut large square dies (like SB Grand Squares but with 24 dies in the set)
Black Archival ink pad
Teeny gold bling.

The apertures are quite deep. I know its a simple looking card but think it doesn't need anything else.

Hope you can all tune in and watch John as he will no doubt have lots of great demos.
I will be showing the samples I made over the next few posts, so dont say you haven't been warned hahaha!!!

Just when I thought it was safe to leave The Pond, I have to tell you, Lucky Ducky was in accident mode again on Tuesday. To be fair, this was not my fault. 
As I walked behind the counter at work to set up the till, I slid across the floor on some greasy patch that was on the laminate floor. After a small pirouette and almost doing the splits (I think Torvill and Dean would have scored me 5.6 lol!!!) I only managed to bruise my hand on the cash box and pulled my ankle slightly.
Have no idea what the stuff on the floor was but I cleaned it up, though the skid marks remain. . . . . . . only on the floor I hasten to add hahaha!!!

Think I'll get me some of that bubble wrap Hazel suggested until my days resemble a Benny Hill sketch less than they do now lol!!!

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, what a gorgeous card, very elegant and you are right, no sentiment needed. Looking forward to seeing all the samples on the show. As the saying goes, you sound like an accident waiting for a place to happen, be careful, and take care of yourself. Bx

  2. Hi Ang,
    Your Card Today Is Just So Stunning And You Must Be So Thrilled That John Asked You To Make Some Samples For His Shows!!! I Really Hope We Get To See Them Close Up, Thank You So Much For Sharing.
    Hugs From Sam xxx

  3. Good morning Ang,
    No bubble wrap, it's a box lined with cotton wool you need......LOL!!! Hard to get around if you stayed in it though.
    Your card is great love, the gentle colours and great design.
    It's a beautiful day here, might even be warm enough for a wee paddle.
    Have good, accident/incident free day.
    Patricia xxx

  4. Hi Ang, lovely card, looking forward to spotting some of your samples on John's shows later. Try to have an accident free day lol, Keep paddling, Linda.

  5. What a gorgeous card, Ang. This is really a style I love.
    Please be careful!

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Oh Ang almost think you should stay behind the front door and not reappear but that probably won't stop your mishaps! Very cleverly thought out card though. Like what you have done here so will be looking out for it on the TV. Love from Jackie xx

  7. At least you contrived to make your skid GRACEFUL Ang, you can take comfort in that, LOL! Love the card, and I'm about to get up so as to watch John!

  8. OMGoodness Ang What are you like ? you are clearly not safe to be out chuck , can you not just stay in and craft ? surly you cant come to any harm doing that ? but then again ,scissors, craft knife no no no i will say no more ,i will just comment about your card
    What a little beauty it is too , i love it so clean and crisp and i love the debossing

    I hope you have a good day and please do be careful.
    Elaine H X

  9. Dead smart card, you're right, no other embellishment needed.

    From the tub!

  10. HI Ang love this card - so simple but so effective. Johns stamps and papers are really lovely.
    Sorry to hear about your accident I am beginning to think that you should carry a health warning! Hope you are ok

  11. Hell's bells Ang, wish I'd read this before I sent the email, telling you to take care!!!

    Been watching John and his demos are fab. Your card is gorgeous, love the style and the gold card you've used, hugs Kate x

  12. Morning Ang,
    A lovely classy card, love it.
    You have been in the wars recently, please take care.

  13. Oh ang you really make me chuckle when I read your blog. A while ago in my craft club I tripped up the step into the room and feel against the desk. I landed on my knees with my arms splayed out across the desk. I felt such a fool, especially when everyone gathered round to make sure I was ok. Onto your cards, you're a lucky lady to be able to play with John's goodies !!!!! Have a great day. Janice xxx

  14. Beautiful card Ang! I love the metallic paper backings, it really adds a refined elegance to the soft ivories. Your little windows are such a fabulous way to showcase the stamps! Gorgeous my friend! hugs :)

  15. Saw your cards on Johns show, ab fab. You should stay at home crafting Ang, getting too dangerous for you to go out and to work !!!!!

  16. Hi Ang, great stamps and you have made a great card. Christine
    PS I'm not saying a word!!!!!

  17. I must never meet Ang, I must never meet Ang, I must n e v e r . . . . .
    This is just to remind myself to keep to my side of the pond in case your "good" luck rubs off on me!!! When you bruised your hand, are you sure it wasn't because your fingers were in the till and your ankle injured in the get-away???
    Now to serious matters, I saw this card this morning, and it's beautiful. I especially like how you've put the images in the correct order and not mixed them up. The background is great too - is it debossed card?
    I'll let you get back to playing Russian Roulette, one of your favourite pastimes, I know!!!
    Maureen xx

  18. So elegant and so beautiful - this could easily be framed and hung on anyone's wall!
    Sandy xx

  19. Hi Ang, unlucky you! However great to see your card on John's show today - it looked really good. I am feeling happy as I have won one. Not to mention I bought Xmas tree etc stamps. My poor pocket.

  20. Just seen your gorgeous card on TV-you must be thrilled & I don't blame you. Please take care or could end up housebound!!


  21. Your card is lovely I'm just catching up on the shows now My my you and your accidents Sometimes it's what hurts more, our pride or our bodies? So glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly You take care missus

  22. A lovely card I will be catching up on John's shows over the weekend so will watch out for your cards. You seem to be very accident prone at the moment just so glad you did not hurt yourself too much , I love your sense of humour as least that keeps you going xxx take care today maybe stay at home lol xxx

  23. Hi Ang,

    Missed the shows yesterday but love Johns samples today and yours as well.

    One of those Michilin Man costumes sounds a good idea whilst youre going tthrough your accident prone period.

    Val x

  24. So pleased to see your samples on John's shows yesterday Ange. I was lucky to see them "in the flesh" earlier and they were all brilliant xx

  25. Super card with nothing lae needed. Hugs Mrs A.

  26. Hi Ang,
    What a beautiful card! I really like the graphics that John has created for the partridge in a pear tree. And I love how you have made it really simple but just taking the three elements in this way. I've recorded John's shows so I must take a look at them this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some more of your cards. Have a good weekend. Best wishes, Anne O

  27. Congrats on your honourable mention on C&C yesterday. I ordered the 12 days of Christmas set! (couldn't resist!)

  28. I love the simplicity of this card! Very elegant! Glad you didn't hurt yourself too much but you do seem to be accident prone lately! Have a safe day!