Monday, 10 August 2015

Itssssssss Christmassssssss. . . . . . . . . In Slade Stylie

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well in your bit of the World.

You will be relieved to know that I haven't managed to pull, break or sprain anything else since my last post. I was joking about the sling. I think I would be hospitalised if I tried to get my leg that high up. As for a £1 in the swear box, I think I would have emptied my bank account in those 30 seconds 

 I did flash my bruise at Mrs H and John yesterday (lucky it was my shin and not my thigh. . . . . . well, lucky for them lol!!! Had a fab day at the craft show and also bumped into the lovely Anne (from Northampton) and her friend Cynthia.
Didn't buy much at all really but enjoyed having a mooch and catch up with Christine.

Well, after my problems with my GC, I have actually been sent a new one courtesy of Spellbinders. I won't say the process was easy but my new GC arrived 2 days after it was ordered so all in all, ! cannot grumble. 
It was a testing time as it was the one week that I needed the Calibur, as you will see later this week. My, don't we get used to these things. I've had to replace my mobile phone last week too as my old one was doing random things and I didn't wan't one of those random things to be ringing Australia lol!!!
But the few hours I was without whilst the new one charged and the number got transferred, you get twitchy hahaha!!!

Anyhoo, after doing the Christmas decorations with Sue's Christmas tree die, I did actually make a card with it.
As you can hopefully see, I cut it 4 times and carefully cut the "Christmas" and swirly bit off each to make a frame around the sunken centre. The "Joy, Hope and Peace" is raised up on foam pads.

White card
Peacock blue pearl card (Lime Tree)
Sue Wilson Christmas Tree Greetings die
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder 
Cosmic Shimmer Silver PVA pearls 

A simple card but hopefully it looks more involved than it was . These would be fairly easy to batch make.

Congratulations to Jackie D on being pulled by Sue (steady!!!). Lucky girlie!!!
Jennie (Crafty Wife and Red Hat Lady), if your photo was taken in your tub you should enjoy paddling in The Duck Pond lol!!!
Yes Sam, that was my beautiful birthday card from John on his blog last week. . . . .Love it!!!
Patricia, that's you and me both, been far more intimate with my car door than we wanted to be hahaha!!! 
Mrs A and Anne O, hope you have recovered from your bumps and bashes.
Karen, thanks for sending Maria into this mayhem but not sure she'll be thanking you after reading my ramble hahaha!!!
Maureen, I avoid colouring at all costs as this demented Duck would make it look like 2 even more demented duck's had done something unsavoury on it lol!!

That's me off now, so play nicely.

Ang x

Back on Thursday, same Duck Time, same Duck Channel, maybe with something exciting.


  1. Gorgeous card, love the blue and white.
    Hope your leg is getting better. Hugs xxxx

  2. Morning Ang,
    What Can I Say Other Than "WOW" Your Card Today Is Truly Magnificent I Love The Fabulous Colours You've Chosen, What A Tremendous Idea To Cut Out The Word "Christmas" From Your Die And Place It Around Sides You Are A Very Talented Lady, And May I Say You Always Come Up With Very Exciting Cards, Thank You So Very Much For Sharing.
    Love And Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  3. What a great card I love it. I've just joined your blog and love it.
    Have a great day xxx

  4. Good morning Ang,
    Love your card, great colours and fantastic design.
    Glad you getting all sorted out. New GC, new phone ...... what next??
    Hope the leg is not giving you to many problems.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  5. A lovely card ang ,i am going to try the color blue with my Christmas cards today, it will be a change from my usual red and greens.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Good morning Ang, I am glad you haven't been doing more damage to yourself, love what you have done with that Christmas die, it's looks stunning. Oh I know that feeling when your G.C goes to die cutting heaven. But well done you for getting a new one. Hazel,x

  7. Morning Ang, great card and good idea to snip into it to make a frame. Glad to hear that you've had a accident free week!!! Life without a GC doesn't seem possible. Have a good day. Janice xxx

  8. Hi Ang, beautiful card, you are getting great mileage out of this die and each csrd has been a wowser.
    Pleased and no end of envious that you met up and had such a lovely time with Christine, have a fabby day, hugs Kate x

  9. Beautiful dies and such a lovely card. Very pretty Ang, Jx

  10. Morning Ang,
    A great card love the way you have used the die.

  11. Fab card and love the change of Christmas colours.
    Jennie in the tub!

  12. So perfect Ang, gorgeous, xxxx

  13. Morning Mrs. D - love your take on Sue's die!

  14. Hi Ang,

    This is stunning, love the design and I adore that Peacock Blue card wow! What a colour, I shall have to see if I can get some of this.

    Glad you did not try to lift your leg up in a sling you could have pulled something, especially with your leg that high ha! ha!
    Glad you spared John the blushes too!

    Hope all is well for you, I am trying to keep up with everyone lol! Gotta a break for a little while, only a little while though!!!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Hi Ang,
    what a very superb, and stunning card today.
    It's so regal looking with that lovely peacock blue card.
    Superb designing, and wonderful use of a wonderful die.
    So glad you have had no more mishaps, and you have a new GC woo! Hoo!
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hi Ang,

    Is there a website for ordering the card off Lime Tree as I cannot find one lol!?

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Cool, crisp, and beautiful. Just like a cold snowy winter morning!
    Sandy xx

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! This is definitely one of my favs of yours, what a stunning holiday card...LOVE blue, so frosty and fun!! Beautiful die cuts too! Hope all is well on your side of the pond. Life is getting pretty busy here as hubby and I heard last week that we got the townhouse out by the lake. Much to do now with only 8 weeks til moving day!! hugs :)

  19. Hello Ducky,
    I'm pleased to see that you haven't been trying to do yourself in again, and I hope the old leg is colouring nicely, I see shades of yellow, blue and green!!!!
    Now this card looks quite complicated to me. I've going to have to sit right down and - not write myself a letter - but work out exactly how you've made it look so 3 D.
    Maureen xx

  20. Lovely card, Mrs. Duck! The blue is such a beautiful color to offset the white. Am in awe of the creativity you have using dies! Thank you!

  21. Hi Ang sorry I'm rather late, my busy day. Just love what you have created with this die and the royal blue card really makes the card stand out. Glad you had a nice day yesterday and accident free as well. And yes I am a lucky girlie watching out for my present to arrive now. Love from Jackie xx
    PS Re the query on Limetree Crafts from Jacquie I don't think they have a website just go to the shows, probably because it would cost so much to post packs of card

  22. Very clever, Ang! It looks great. Good to see you again yesterday - I did buy from John but have to wait for my birthday to have a play!

    Anne (Northampton)

  23. Very clever use of the die Ang. It looks so different and the colour's are great.

    I think I have been taking lessons from you Mrs D! Earlier today I closed the car door before my foot was fully inside (senior moment!!) and I was wearing open sandals. Now have two very painful bruised toes - little one and the one next to it. Luckily my foot was positioned so that it was jammed higher up where the door is thickly padded! I have no idea how on earth I managed i t- must have been resting on the sill - but I'm limping too now. Definitely not as colourful and swollen as yours! As you said, we had a great time over a very long lunch. Short on the food but extremely long on the chatting!

    Take care! Christine xx

  24. Stunning card! Love what you have done with the tree die, the colour is so striking-fantastic!!!!


  25. Love your card and the way you've used the tree die Lucky you to get a new GC I bet as you've been without one for a week or so that you stroke it every time you walk past it! It is amazing how our crafting evolves and changes and we rely on our die cutting machines
    Glad the leg is improving and that you had a grand day out yeaterday

  26. A winner for me Ang, lovely and so creative by cutting the die cuts, great idea. Stay safe! Linda

  27. Hi Ang! Gorgeous Christmas card. Love how you trimmed that Christmas word off for a very fancy frame! I just got back from a weekend Craft retreat. Had lots of fun and spent lots of money! Have to wait until October before I can show what I got but it will be worth the wait. Have a great day!

  28. Fabulous Christmas card Ang. Stunning colours, really festive. So glad you haven't broken anything since I last visited! Michelle x

  29. Like the card design. Anne told me she had seen you and I gather the show was good. Maybe next year. Been the length of the country as I have had the weekend with my son in Glasgow and I am now with the other in London looking after my granddaughter with chicken pox. Not too spotty though. Home later today.
    Enjoy the new GC.

  30. HI Ang, glad to hear that you are on the mend. Love this card, was not sure about this die but it is growing on me more and more

  31. Nifty idea to cut four and repeat to get the square. Will have my radio tuned for Thursdays transmission! Hugs Mrs A.

  32. Hi again,
    As you can see, catching up on some blogs! This is a lovely idea and what a great way to use the die. I have this die and so I may well try something like this. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes, Anne O