Thursday, 6 August 2015

Moving Along With The Times. . . . . . . .Snow in Summer

Good morning blogging buddies. Hope you are all well.

A splashy happy welcome to 3 new paddlers who have pressed the "follow" button so hello to Maria, Babs and Redhatlady. Hope that you can visit often and enjoy the show.

Its time for a new challenge for Team A over at MAWTT and our Wendywoo is now at the helm and boss lady so I'm on my best behaviour. This month's challenge is . . . . . . . . . . .Snow in Summer.
I can only hope that we don't see any actual snow in Winter, never mind Summer!!!
Be lovely to see some of you have a dabble in the challenge but please pop and have a look at what my team mates have come up with.

I have a load of Hunkydory packs that I bought before I discovered die cutting and delved into one of them for this snowy decoupage scene. I tried to angle the top photo so you could see the little streaks of glitter that I applied but I'm not sure that I succeeded lol!!!

White card
Navy card
Hunkydory decoupage and matching card
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder
Cosmic Shimmer Silver PVA Pearls 
Quickie glue pen
Iridescent glitter

There are some lovely bits in the Hunkydory sets so I shall be making an effort to include them on my Christmas cards rather than them gather dust for another year. 
I can still tart em up with a bit of embossing or a strategically placed pearl or two lol!!!

Now, I think it was Sam who asked about funky foam, you can get it in craft shops, usually in the kids section. Hobbycraft and The Range definitely sell it and you can usually buy it as individual sheets at about 50p per sheet or I got 50 sheets for a fiver (I hear you groan at the thought of what else I will be foaming with that lot to get rid of hahaha!!!)

Jacquie, apologies, the die on my last card was Sue Wilson's new Christmas Tree Greetings. 

Once again, I have suffered a mishap. I was getting into of the car on Tuesday and whilst my right foot was still on the floor, a gust of wind blew the car door into my leg. 
After 10 seconds of holding my breath with shock and pain I let loose with some language that my Mother would have raised her eyebrows at, so to anyone passing me on the street at that time, I apologise for my Turrettes like tirade.
I now have a bruised and swollen shin. . . . . . . . . and yes, I am thinking of changing my name to Lucky!!!

Ice packs and several painkillers later its still painful. I tried a sling but it made eating my dinner difficult lol!!!

Well, that's the latest instalment of Lucky Duck's Diary. Hopefully, the next one will be incident free.

Don't forget to pop over to MAWTT and say "Hi" to Wendy and the rest of the gals.

Ang x

Ps.....See you Sunday Anne. Will be around the Daisys Jewels Stall about 11am.


  1. Lovely card Ang, I still love decoupage, hope leg nearly OK, xxx

  2. Oh dear Ang, Mr Duck must be seriously considering whether it is safe for you to leave the pond with all your mishaps. Hope your leg won't incapacitate you too much at the weekend. I too have loads of Hunkydory and other Christmas "stuff" hence I am sticking to my guns and not buying anything new this year I like the card you have made and as you say a bit of embossing and bling and they have a whole new lease of life. I received my new parts for my GC from Spellbinders yesterday. Now I know why you spoke of alum keys. I have taken it apart as far as I can - my friend's husband is going to have a lovely afternoon!! Take care love from Jackie xx

  3. Thanks for the welcome (RedHatLady) I was in my tub when that photo was taken. Love todays card and i'm off to check out what decoupage I have loitering in my Christmas box, some of it as old him in the red coat.

  4. Oooooo I say this is rather a spiffy type card. I love the doggy s (think that's what they are) looking expectantly at Mr Snowman. Hope you leg is getting better. I walked into the corner of the dresser the other day and now have a big shiner on my hip. Ouch! Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Christmas in August tends to give me the shivers, but your card is pretty, and I could see the glitter. Sorry about your shin, they are so easily bruised with a whack on them like that. As for putting it in a sling, I'd have thought it would make walking difficult, not eating! LOL. Get well soon.

  6. Afternoon Ang, you are so unlucky in some things (accidents) and lucky in other ways (living near to John next door LOL !!). Hope the bruising doesn't hurt too much and that you have put a £1 or two in the swear box LOL !!. Great card wouldn't surprise me if we did have snow now. Janice xx

  7. Hi Ang ,lovely card , yes i can see the glitter.
    you just go steady me duck ,we want you back on the pond,swimming around with no injury's .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi Ang,
    I'm So Very Sorry To Hear About Your Accident It Must Have Been Extremely Painful, I Love Your "Beautiful Card" You Are Sharing With Us, I'm A Stamper Normally But Hunky Dory Have Got A Beautiful Festive Pad Called
    "Twas The Night Before Christmas" I Love What They Created With It.
    Thank You So Very Much Re: The Information About "The Funky Foam" I Shall Have To Pay The Range A Visit, Thank You So Very Much For Sharing.
    Am I Correct In Saying John Is Showing "A Beautiful Birthday Card" To Yourself
    If So Happy Belated Birthday.
    Take Great Care
    From Sam xxx

  9. Oh! My! Word! Ang, what are you playing at?? Sincerely hope you don't have a "self distruct" button .... I would be putting your hands in slings in case you pressed it by mistake!!! Glad you were not holding the car door open for me trying to get out .........!!! ......!!! you would be blaming me then!!!
    Your card is brilliant, love the image and your design.
    We have some sun this afternoon but snow could be on the cards soon you just never know up this neck of the woods.
    Look after yourself
    Patricia xxx

  10. Oh boy! I despair of you Ang! You are not safe to be let out!! Anyway, this is a lovely Christmas card. Take care. Hugs Christine xx

  11. Ang, you will be getting wrapped in bubble wrap before you go any where, love your card with that great design. Hazel xxx

  12. Hi Ang
    Oh no! Poor you! I tripped over a week ago and have hurt my wrist. I was originally told I had a fracture but it turns out I don't thankfully. I've got a splint but goodness, don't you just discover all the things you can't do even when you're slightly incapacitated! Lovely card by the way. I LOVE making cards in August - I start to feel excited about it! Be lucky! Best wishes, Anne O

  13. Hi Ang,
    you poor thing you do seem to be having your fare share of accidents.
    Just make sure you don't break a mirror or walk under a ladder otherwise it may get worse.
    Try some of the Scottish Gold Liquid as this may help with the pain.
    Wonderful card, and I do love that snowman image.
    Great design as always.
    May just have a go at this as I have a Christmas card with iced snow on it waiting to be posted.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. I think I have some Lucky White Heather somewhere Ang, will I send some down!!!
    Oh it's just not fair, poor you, well I hope the pain eases soon.
    I love your card, and I can see the glittery bits. you can't beat Hunkydory for Christmas images.
    You take care, hugs Kate x

  15. Lovely Christmas card-really like the image . I hope you soon recover from your accident.


  16. Hello Ang, boy oh boy you sure are in the wars, hope it feels better soon. Love this card, such a great image, and looks good with the glitter. Take care. Bx

  17. Morning Ang,
    Oh dear you seem to be having a few problems of late, you must take more care of yourself.
    Love your card.

  18. Hi Ang,

    Sorry late looking in on peoples posts lol! Gorgeous card, love the image, fancy keeping it locked away for so long lol! Great embellishments too.

    I am a bit confussed! Why would you wear a sling if you hurt your leg my dear? Mind you I am asking YOU lol!!! I am sure there is a logical reason lol! Besides that I am sorry to hear of your misfortune, you do seem to be getting battered and bruised a lot lately, take care my friend.

    Take care

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  19. Lovely card Ang I'm glad Maria has visited you I suggested she pop along for a paddle when we met up for coffee
    Whadder you like! Only you could describe your accidents and make me smile! But I do hope that you're on the mend Great excuse to put your feet up and craft though lol!
    Love the card I've been looking at some HD decoupage packs for my MIL to "play" with

  20. Gorgeous Ang!! That image is wonderful and I love how you popped up some of the bits. The metallic accents are so festive, love it!! Quick visit hun, sorry. hugs :)

  21. I still enjoy doing decoupage, Ang. It looks great.
    Please be careful between now and Sunday!


  22. Quacking card Ang, a lovely Christmas decoupage, Jx

  23. Hi, hope your leg is getting better, love this card your decoupage is stunning. take care, Gail xx

  24. Hi Ang,
    I see you've been paddling in the wrong pond and got your leg slapped for your trouble. I don't for one minute believe that the car door caught it - that's just your story!!! I hope it's soon in full working order.
    I can never make kits or decoupage look as good as you. That's why I prefer to stamp and colour. Your's looks perfect, mine looks like a demented duck has waddled all over it!!
    Maureen xx

  25. Gorgeous card Ang. I am a huge fan of decoupage so love to see what other people do. I know dies are the "thing" now and I do use them a lot, but I still love my decoupage. Michelle x