Monday, 18 April 2016

Hong Kong & An Egg. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. I bet that title made you look twice lol!!!

As it stands (or not as you will see) I am not at work as I have problems with my right Achilles and calf.
The ankle started playing up a couple of weeks ago and has gradually got worse to a point on Friday, when I could barely put any weight on it and my calf muscle feels like its seized up)
Have been advised to rest it and see my GP (hopefully can get in today). Had hoped resting on my day off on Saturday might ease things but as I struggled to get into the car to go to work yesterday, I was frogmarched back into the house by Mr Duck. 

Will have to see what damage I've done but hopefully nothing serious. Nancy, I hope that your knee is better after your op?

Now, back to nicer things, today, I give you a BOGOF. The first card is one requested by my mate Davey. I had made him the card shown here for his birthday last year so he asked me to make one for another friend of ours for his birthday. This friend was born in the slightly more exotic location of Hong Kong (Coventry does have its moments but exotic it ain't, even with Flash's more Carmen Miranda outfits)

White card
Blue card
Map of Hong Kong
CE Linen embossing folder
Woodware sentiment
CE Black PVA Pearls

And a freebie peek at the Easter card I made for Mr D. Bless him, he knew how stretched my time was so said not to do anything fancy that took ages to make so I did this simple egg shaped representation of his favourite chocolate brand (All three layers were embossed together so that the pattern matches layer to layer)

Thank you all, as always, for your kind and fab comments. I shall keep you updated on the leg. Hopefully it just needs a rest....................I know how it feels lol!!!

Take care all.

Ang x


  1. Ang, two brilliant cards, love the Hong Kong one, great for the traveller. I did think it was for your friend as you usually do the travel theme. As for Mr Duck's card only you could think of doing this! It's fantastic. Sorry to hear about your leg, I think you will be resting for a while. Hazel X

  2. Lovely cards Ang, again very creative and personal. Love that Easter Egg, what a brilliant design, and the map card is excellent too, my Dad loves maps so I may have to speak further on this one! Hope your leg improves, my Dad also had achillies problems and defo rest is best, if you don't rest it won't heel! I mean heal. Feet up Mrs, that's an order!!! Jx

  3. GOOD ON MR DUCK !!!! so pleased he frog marched you back into the house and sat you down, Mr D knows best Ang so do as your told .
    Lovely map card and a beautiful egg card too it looks good enough to eat .
    Just you take care and rest, rest, rest Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi Ang, sorry to hear that you're feeling croak !!! Hope you can rest and maybe do a little more crafting. Love the Easter card that you've done, very clever. Janice xx

  5. Oh dear youare in the wars again!!! Get plenty of rest and do what the doc says. Two great cards. I love the Easter egg card. I have stamped on three layers so they will marry up, but never thought to emboss. That id something i will be trying! Hugs Christine xx

  6. Sorry to hear you are having problems - hope things get back to normal soon. Great map card and that egg looks good enough to eat!

  7. Well done to Mr D as you may have done more damage if you had carried on working on it.
    Great cards and a fab idea with the map. Yummy Easter Egg card too and a good 'un for those who can't have chocolate.
    From the tub

  8. And about time too, thank goodness Mr.D took control and said enough is enough. I hope all your ankle needs is rest and make sure you do just that.

    Your friends card is brilliant, a great design and love how you've made the distance signs.
    Mr. D's card is fabulous, great piece of embossing, you are so creative Ang, love them both, take care and speak soon, Kate x

  9. OK, at first glance, I thought that was an actual chocolate egg...well freaking done!! Love your pieces today Ang. I sure hope you get to feeling better and it turns out to be just a sprain! Thinking of you, hugs :)

  10. Beautiful creations!! I hope you feel better soon! Hugs!

  11. I am so sorry you are having some problems with your right leg. Do let us know what the doctor says.
    Brilliant birthday card for your friend. Quite creative. As for your chocolate egg? I really thought it was a real chocolate egg when I first looked at it. Wonderful shade of brown!!
    Sandy xx

  12. Hi Ang,

    Oh dear poor you, hope you are not in too much pain, rest it well and I hope its nothing serious.

    Loving the cards especially the Easter Egg one, embossing is fabulous, looks so real lol!

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. I hope you managed to get an appt with Dr and that whatever is causing the pain is getting sorted I remember the card (it was one similar to mine) It's a lovely card and so personal for the recipient Wouldn't get a card like that at Moonpig It's reminded me that you are off to Grand Prix later this year then....

  14. PS I like the egg too I thought you'd made it from chocolate!

  15. Oh, Pattypuss! I know you have hurt yourself terribly when, being a duck, you are forced to FROG-march!!! I've only seen that once before in my life in the reverse when my friend's frog had to duck-walk to get into his chair. It was horrific to watch. He ended up needing to take musical relaxers and stay off his leg for three weeks AND he had to make three cards a day! I hope your doctor is of the same mind!

    Now about your art. Please. That egg has completely removed the top of my head. I mean, seriously. Isn't there some magazine you can send that to for publication? Your talent is inCREDible!!

    I had to scroll back up to see the other card. You know if you mention the word chokkie, all else files out of me brain. Well, I meant to say flies out, but I suppose it can file out, too, in an orderly fashion. What? Oh, yes, sorry, puss, your card is dynamite!! I can see why Davey would request another one!! Enjoy your day as best you can! Hugs, Darnell

  16. Two stunning cards, that egg is, well I was going to say unreal, like the kids say, but it is a fake egg so I got confused! Hope you can get your ankle sorted soon.make sure you obey doctor's orders. Cara x

  17. Fabulous cards Ang! love the egg one could just eat it up !!! Sounds like your in pain :(( hope it gets better really soon lots of huggles Sue xx

  18. Mr Duck must have been delighted with his almost edible card so eggs-actly perfect!
    Fab cards. Hope the leg gets better soon.
    Margaret M

  19. Hi Ang, sorry to hear about your leg. Hope it gets better soon. Love both your cards, I think the map one is brilliant and is an idea I may just nab to send a card to friends down under that have just moved home. Take care. Bx

  20. Two great cards, Ang. I too use maps - especially useful for those awkward male cards. The egg looks good enough to eat and I agree with the previous comment about sending it to a magazine.

    I do hope your leg heals soon. Please look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  21. Hi Ang, love your two for the price of one. Two lovely cards. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Ang. Sending healing prayers your w. Love that chocolate Easter egg card. Hope you get well fast.

  23. Mr. D's card doesn't look like it was a quick card, fab design and a great idea.
    The other one looks great too, another fab idea, xxx
    Hope you start to feel OK soon, xxx