Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tuesday's Child. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are well and been enjoying some glorious weather. It's been beautiful here for the past few days.

Well, the latest news is, the doctor thinks I've damaged my Achilles Tendon and has ordered me to rest it for 2 weeks. The pain had spread into my calf as I was compensating for the ankle so it wasn't good.

I can't take anti-inflammatories due to other medication I have to take so it's rest and heat for 2 weeks. Felt a bit mortified as I've never had a sick note (well, fit note as they are now) before but Mr D has got tough & said I'm to do as I am told for a change (don't they get brave when they can move quicker!!!)
The doctor also seemed to suggest that rest may not resolve the issue and I may need an injection but that's not compatible with my tablets either so he may need to re-jig those!!!

I get pain whether I move it or keep still so we'll just have to see how it goes. I guess I'm as popular as a bacon sandwich at a vegetarian picnic with work at the moment but it was probably carrying on for the past couple of weeks when it was a mere niggle that got worse, that's made it how it is now.

Now, on to happier things..........a card. I was asked to make this for a lady I know as her sister had a long awaited baby. He arrived a few weeks early in February but is now home and doing well.

White card
Blue card (different shades)
Tatty Teddy decoupage
Crafts Too Baby embossing folder
CE Linen embossing folder
John Lockwood Monday's Child stamps
SB Labels 4
Sissix Heart die
Hobbycraft corner punch
Hobbycraft baby stamps
Teal Zeal and Bahama Blue Memento Dewdrop inks

I don't normally fuss to much with the insides (through laziness, so apologies Jenny L, the queen of inards lol!!!) but I wanted to feature John's poem stamp too as it's such a lovely set so the above is the inside of the card.

Tatty was originally carrying a pink balloon so I snipped it off and replaced it with the blue heart one instead.

The card had to be relatively flat as it was being posted. I also made the lady a card to send to her nephew to say how precious he is so I shall show that next time.

Thank you for you for your kind wishes and comments. Rest is not really in my nature so its going to be difficult. Watching Mr D hang out the washing Tuesday made me cringe but I had to bite my lip and sit still lol!!! He has mentioned giving him a list and he will do the shopping but I fear that could be a step too far..................It's taken me about 5 years to get over the last time I let him go solo with a shopping list..............perhaps a Tesco on line order instead lol!!!

Think its supposed to get a bit nippy at the end of the week so hope you keep warm and well.
Hoping for a visit from Nesta today to cheer me up and for a bit of company (Mr D had a couple of days off to look after me but now back at work)

You all take care and be good.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, love your baby card. I think Mr D was right in saying you must listen and rest your leg. Hope it starts easing up. Take care of yourself. Bx

  2. Morning Ang
    Sorry to hear about your ankle I hope it heals with the rest. Loving the tatty teddy card, I'm like you don't really do the inside of the card except stamping a sentiment unless it's a special occasion, but you have done a fantastic job xx
    Take care xxx

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  4. Lovely card Ang.
    Sorry to hear about your leg but you must do what you're told. Think I shall be told the same thing when I see the Doctor next week. I've not done mine any favours this week being with all my grandchildren at Center Parcs! But it's such fun.

  5. Me again so sorry I wasn't thinking straight clicked in the wrong place. Sorry to hear about the leg and you do as you are told and rest up. None of us like taking it easy and I can identify with the hanging out of the washing.
    Loved the card and teddy with his balloon.
    We have had some of the wet stuff today but don't think it is going to continue alas. My Azalea's are looking very bedraggled at the moment so will not get much of a show in the spring unless we get more rain and soon.
    Margaret m

  6. Now you must do as you are told, take advantage of it. So long as he leaves all your cradt stuff with you when he goes to work!!!
    Cute card too, xxxx

  7. Awwww Chuck , now i REALLY wish i lived next door so i could look after you ,nothing worse than being in a lot of pain hope your Doc can get you sorted with the meds , in the meantime listen to MR D , yes and do as you are told .
    Beautiful card love the sentiment , so pleased the little man is home and doing well.
    Just you take care chuck, rest ,rest, rest

    Elaine H X

  8. Poor you! I was going to say you are a walking disaster! Not quite appropriate in the circumstances, but you know what I mean. Hope the rest helps. A lovely card for a nw arrival. I'm another one who only makes a fuss on the iside for special cards. TAke care and look after yourself. Big hugs Christine xx

  9. What a lovely baby card. Sorry to hear your problems are still with you - make sure you rest and let 'Mr' do the work, take care.

  10. A smashing card for a little new to the world, love the layered look.

    Do as Mr. D and the doc says and rest it, as Del Boy says, "You know it makes sense!"

  11. Morning Ang,
    A very pretty card, love the E/F.
    You poor thing, just let My D do everything. Since retiring my hubby is a changed man does nearly everything now, but like you he's not good at putting the washing out but I suffer that.

  12. Hi Ang. The baby card is adorable. Two weeks of resting sounds hard but it hopefully will help the healing. Hope your work is a little more understanding about your injury.

  13. Hello Ang, gorgeous card, I love Tatty Ted, super design too.
    Just you make sure you rest that leg, well rest both of them, you deserve a rest, take care, Kate x

  14. Hi Ang, so sorry to hear about your ailments.... Maybe a good rest is what you need...I know it's difficult because you don't want to let your work colleagues down, but sometimes you have to put yourself first for once. Cute card for the new arrival. Take care. Janice xx

  15. Lovely card, fab interior too. Sorry to hear that your ankle is still bad, don't feel guilty about being off work, get your foot comfy and craft on! One of my colleagues damaged her Achilles' tendon stepping off a kerb in the work car park. She was in a "beckham boot" for 12 weeks, so please rest. Sending you lots of healing vibes, Cara x

  16. Beautiful choice of colours on this gorgeous card, lovely in all ways.xx


  17. What a sweet card Ang!! I love your little layered teddy bear, great focal point!! Sorry to hear you're stuck on the couch, time to catch up on some tele!! Don't tell anyone, but I've been watching some 'Pretty Little Liars' this week as I've been stuck on the couch since Monday!! Guilty pleasure, oh yeah!

  18. That is such happy news for the new parents and your card will be treasured by them! It is perfect inside and out!

    Now about your tender AT, Mrs. D, that is very, very serious. I'm terribly sorry. You MUST stay off it and be good! I've know a few people who have ended up having surgery and you want to talk about long recovery? It makes two weeks look like a walk in the park! Oh, bad analogy. I mean it makes two weeks look like a cake walk. No, that's not good either. Geez, are all easy things analogized by walking? Well, you know what I mean. BE GOOD!!! (I laughed out loud about sending the Lead Duck to the store. The Mister does do the shopping here, but in the early days, oh, my whiskered sister, the crap that man brought home! Okay, well, I hope I made you smile. Take a pill for the pain if you need it - the body can't heal when it's in pain!! Big hugs, Dr. Darnell

  19. Hi Ang,
    The baby card is adorable. The verse is slightly changed but it's lovely.
    Well, I leave you alone for five minutes and this is the result!! You must rest up, and do what Dr Darnell says or you could make things a lot worse, so think of the laundry and shopping!! My beloved had to do everything - and I mean everything - when I broke both arms and a finger. That was nearly four years ago, and I'm still recovering from the shock of the hanging out, ironing and a few other things.
    Take good care of yourself, and shop online. Give flash a ring and he may call and visit you, now there's a pleasant way to spend some time ha ha.
    love Maureen xxx G.W.S.

  20. Hello again Ang,
    I've just been on to Hazel's blog to do a catch up and caught your comment (well you will fling things about!) and I just wondered if you noticed that I have a halo above my head. The policeman (don't ask) who took the photo certainly recognised that I was an angel ha ha.
    Maureen xxx

  21. It's a gorgeous card and will certainly be treasured I love that embossing folder (well I love it all) YOU MUST DO AS YOU'RE TOLD You've said you may have made it worse by soldiering on when it was a niggle Hard I know but Dr Darnell is right if it leads to surgery you'll be "out of action" for a lot longer than 2 weeks

  22. Adorable card! I hope you are feeling much better. Have a great weekend!

  23. Hi Ang, I know I've already commented on this blog, but would just like to add a big thanks for all the comments on my blog....i know you have to do them in batches when time allows. In answer to your question about doing craft shows. As far as i know i don't need public liability insurance as i understand it's normally if you are selling something that can be eaten or drunk. Also i'm doing some of the shows in schools which are covered by their public liability.....but i may be wrong. To be honest i haven't looked into it and as yet no-one has asked for it when i completed the booking form. Hope that helps you. Janice x

  24. Hi Ang, so sorry to hear about your leg, but you must do what you are told and rest it or you may do even more damage to it.
    The card is lovely Ang and I am sure will be well received.

  25. Poor you Ang. You must do what the doc says and rest otherwise it will take longer to heal. OMG I sound like my mum!!! Do hope it starts to ease soon.
    what a lovely baby card and Johns' poem is ideal and finishes it off nicely.
    Take care.
    Love Val x