Monday, 2 May 2016

Blue, Hedges and Orchids. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning folks and happy bank holiday!

I am still incapacitated as the ankle is no better and upon returning to my GP was referred straight to the hospital for x-rays. Hopefully, will get the results this week but still at home in the meantime.
I have ditched one of the crutches as I'm convinced I would have done myself another injury if I kept using two. All I need now is an eye patch and a parrot!!!

When I was seeing Nesta off (in the nicest possible way) the other day, I put one crutch down but missed the paving and the end lurched into the flowerbed below, causing me to loose my balance and pitch me into the hedge!!! 
As I did, I raised my arm in the air so Nesta just thought I was waving, waved back and drove off!!!
I ended up looking like Veronica Crabtree from South Park.

Now, you can see I've been playing with blue and white again but this time for a boy who has reached 87. Les is one of our good friends who still plays golf and is fitter than me (even without my current impediment) and his birthday was just over a week ago. I thought I'd do another 3D card and even though it was hand delivered, it does fold flat.

White hammered card (PMD)
Shades of blue card
Sue Wilson Bevelled Glass Striplet
SB Fancy Tags 3
Presscut Rectangle dies
John Lockwood Cherry Blossom Elements sentiment

Quite a small list of ingredients and a simple card but still effective, I hope. Les was quite taken with the 3D aspect, bless him.
I didn't want the sentiment recessed too far, which is why I made the middle layer rather than sticking it to the back piece.

Thank you all for your continued kind comments and best wishes. I have managed to get some crafting done which is just as well as I had/have golden wedding, silver wedding, 1st anniversary, 3 70th birthdays, 50th birthday, 18th birthday and 2 normal birthdays all in the space of a month!!!

Now to finish, a couple of gratuitous orchid snaps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Don't forget, John Lockwood is back on Hochanda tonight and tomorrow.

Ang x


  1. Another masterpiece Ang. I love it. Colours are great this would be good in pinks and purples too! Loveing your orchid photos as well. Sorry you are still on the crutches, what are you like? You haven't had it good lately! Do be careful, and I hope you find out what's going on! Hazel X

  2. Looks gorgeous Ang. Good luck with Xray results and hope it gets sorted soon, xxx

  3. Beautiful card again Ang , but heck " what you like chuck " you are a danger to yourself at times .
    On a serious note i do hope you get sorted soon .
    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  4. Oh Ang, it could only happen to you!!! Lol. I wished I lived nearer to you because, I think you'd have me laughing every day!! Love the card. Haven't done these type of cards for a long while, but seeing yours, makes me want to do one. Have a good bank holiday Janice xx

  5. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful orchids and a lovely card. Sorry to hear you are still hobbling around, hope you get it sorted soon.

  6. Love the card and stunning orchids. You rest up and try not to do yourself another injury on that crutch! Sending healing vibes. Cara x

  7. A beautiful, masculine 3D card Ang, you did well with this one, looks amazing.

    Sorry i had to laugh when I read the bit about you waving to Nesta for help and she thought you was waving goodbye. Oh dear, I am sure she was sorry but also found it funny once you told her. I do hope you have it sorted out soon, they should go back to the old ways when you went to hospital for an x-reay you waited to see the doctor and got the results same day and whatever treatment was needed instead of now we have to wait 2 weeks for the results which is ridiculous seeing as they are there. Anyhow I hope you are not in too much pain and remember to leave those bushes alone, they have not done you any harm lol!!!

    Take care my friend

    Love & hUgs

    jacquie J xxx

  8. Shouldn't be allowed out on your own really, should you??
    Smiling all over again.
    Your card is stunning Ang, the shades of blue with white are gorgeous, wonderful 3D design too,
    Take care of yourself, Kate x

  9. Hi Ang, What a lovely card - and thank you so much for the side view photo - really helpful to see how it's constructed. I don't really think to do recessed cards, but they look really effective. Hope you start to get on the mend soon. Best wishes, Anne O

  10. Hello Ang,
    I can see that I'm going to have to take you in hand. Do not throw yourself around unless there is a tall, dark, handsome YOUNG man there to help you. I find that it always seems to make the pain that little bit less! Seriously, I hope you get sorted out soon and they find out exactly what is going on. In the meantime, take care.
    Your card today is lovely and has given me the idea for a very difficult card that I have to make for a friends husband who's had some bad news. I'll not use Happy Birthday but some other greeting, so thank you for the idea.
    Your orchid photographs are lovely, but the orchids are not as nice as mine ha ha.
    Maureen xxxx

  11. What a great card, Ang. Sorry to hear that things have not improved - please be careful.
    All the best

    Anne (Northampton)

  12. Hi Ang, sorry, but I had to laugh, I can just imagine you in the hedge. Love your card, the dimension is awesome. Your orchids are stunning. Hope the xrays show what is wrong with your ankle. Take care. Bx

  13. Hi Ang. What a bind, but I suppose the silver lining is having crafting time. I need a male card - this has given me an idea. Thank you.

  14. A lovely card Ang I really hope you get yourself sorted soon I don't think my side's can talk much more laughter. Take care and enjoy your crafting and orchids xx

  15. growing in the hedge Ang, sorry had to have a chuckle...your card is a work of art and the orchids are stunning...hugs.xx

  16. Beautiful card Ang!! Seems like you've been having a rough time lately, I hate to hear that. I do hope you get to feeling better soon so you can concentrate on better those awesome flowers...LOVE!!! hugs :)

  17. Hi Ang,
    what a wonderfully designed card.
    No wonder the recipient loved it.
    Very clever constructing of that one.
    oooooooooooooo! what are you like you seem accident prone lately you poor thing.
    Right my magic wand is coming out of moth balls to try and help. LOL.
    Super photos of your Orchids.
    Yes I have been watching John today, and I thought he looked thinner, and then he said he was on a diet.
    Such a very talented man and crafts person.
    I have been trying to get hold of a stamping mat to no avail.
    So I use Sue Wilson's method of the GC embossing mat when I stamp.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Sorry to hear your ankle is all bummed up but your sure are funny about it. Could it be time for a rest and a good book?
    Pretty card - the design reminds me of an old heating grate in antique flooring.
    Sandy xx

  19. Love the card I'd love to see a tutorial of how you made it... Sorry to hear the ankle is no better Let's hope the x-rays show what the problem is and it can be treated Love the card and colours

  20. Sorry but I'm still chuckling Ang it reminded me of Mrs Bucket when she fell into the hedge everytime she visited her sister lmaooooooooo but seriously I hope things improve soon and what a fab card! lots of huggles and take care Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Hi Ang, so sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with your ankle but hopefully the x-ray will show what the trouble is and then hopefully the Doctors will be able to fix it .
    Lovely card today, and would also like a tutorial on its construction.

  22. How did I miss this beauty? Sorry about that because it really is gorgeous. A pity about Saturday - it would have been interesting accompanying Long John Silver!! But seriously I have experience of crutches when I fractured my tibia. Not a barrel of laughs I can tell you. Ah well, we'll have to see what July brings now. Take care. Hugs Christine xx