Monday, 25 April 2016

Babies, Orchids & Men With Shopping Lists! . . . . . . . . .

Good morning guys and gals. Hope this finds you in fine fettle (what is a fettle anyway?)

Thank you so much for your best wishes. The calf pain has eased with resting but sadly the ankle is still not behaving. Hopefully, it will improve this week. Maureen, I really don't see the NHS recommending Flash as a tonic for anyone lol!!!

Well, silly me I gave in to Mr D's insistence that he was more than capable of doing the shopping, if provided with a detailed list.......he has a degree, yada yada!

However, intelligence and common sense do not always walk hand in hand...................

I was kind to him and decided to make full use of stuff that was in the cupboards and things in the frosty depths of the freezers (so frosty and deep, Ranulf Fiennes would have struggled) so the list only actually had 10 items on it.
I put pack sizes, price and even colour of the item on the list.........everything bar a photo!!!
He tootled off, pen in hand so he could tick things off (including me lol!!!) and returned with 2 items that were wrong (misread the list apparently) 4 items that weren't even on the list and 1 item completely missing, even though it had a tick next to it!!!...................................heavens to murgatroyd, what's a girl to do???

Now, back to the card. Following on from my last card, I made this for the same lady to send to the new baby himself, to let him know how precious he was (just thought he could keep it in his baby box when he's older) and she happily agreed.

White card
Blue card, various shades
Forever Friends New Arrival snippets
Presscut squares dies
Docrafts alphabet die
Baby stamps 
Funky Foam (on the letters to give them depth)
White gel pen (faux stitching)

As you can see, it folded flat for posting. I'm sure there is a technical name for this type of card but I liked the thought of the 3D aspect for a baby's nursery.

Just before I go (I can hear the odd snore and yawn lol!!!) I've included a couple of snaps of my beautiful orchids. Several of them are in flower at the moment so they are a pretty sight.

I've had this one about 10 years, fished out of a B&Q bargain bin, half dead for 80p and it flowers faithfully every year (the other buds are now open, so it looks more fab).

This one is another that cost me less than a quid from a bargain bin.

More to follow next time, if that's ok.

Meantime, Hope this new week treats you all kindly.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, sorry to hear the ankle is still playing you up. Hope it gradually gets better. Men and shopping, well the less said the better! Love your baby card, must try work it out and give it a go. I am also a lover of orchids, and have way too many (round about 10), they just keep flowering, although one seems reluctant to open it's buds. Take care. Bx

  2. Morning Ang sorry to hear you haven't fully recovered let's hope resting this week does the trick.
    Sociologists ans men I know what you mean lol!!!
    A fab baby box you are a very clever lady.
    The orchids are stunning I have one but sadly no flowers at the moment but I'm not giving up on it
    Take care xxx

  3. Coooo!! Eeeee!! remember me???
    Oh! Ang! you don't change do you!!
    Sorry to hear your suffering not only with a bad leg but also a bad Hubby ... MEN!!
    Love, love, love, your brilliant card what a great concept.
    Your Orchids are wonderful. I have one I got from Hazel 12 years ago, it still flowers. Have to say it's not quite as good as it used to be but Hey! Ho! it still flowers.
    Have a great day
    Patricia X

  4. Hi Ang.
    Glad to hear you're improving overall, despite setbacks with shopping.
    Love the baby blocks - you have such clever ideas.
    My orchids are flowering well too.

  5. You must have a magic touch re ORchids, ab. fab.
    Wonderful card must have taken ages,. xxxx

  6. Morning Ang,
    Love the card. I only have one orchid which has just finished flowering for the second year, keeping my fingers crossed that it survives again.

  7. Hi Ang
    Beautiful card love the whole idea,
    What a hoot { Re Mr Duck } i could just picture him pen and paper walking around the shop ,then getting just what he wants , } lol .
    Beautiful Orchids you have Ang i just can not keep them i am afraid.
    Just you keep resting that ankle , fingers crossed it gets better soon.
    Take Care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi Ang, a beautiful card, great design. Good that it folds flat too. I know exactly what you mean about husbands shopping !!! Even if I allow my hubby to come with me, I have to keep him on a tight rein otherwise my trolley would be bulging with things he liked !!! Janice X

  9. Great card Ang, and fabulous Orchids Keep resting that leg.

  10. Ang, you have left it to late to train Mr Duck into doing the shopping. I have got mine well trained, he sticks to his list only adding things he knows have been missed off plus if there is a good bargain going. Sorry the leg still isn't right.
    Lucky you with the your orchids I kill them, yours are beautiful. Sorry nearly for got to say I love your card, it will be treasured. X

  11. Hi Ang, what a wonderful card and goes flat too. It will make a treasured keepsake. Your are very creative.
    I'm smiling to myself picturing Mr. D at the shopping, it's the one that's ticked that really amuses me. Alistair isn't really too bad, he usually sticks to the list, only if he can't rind something will he substitute.
    Sorry to hear that the ankle is still not good, just take it easy, Kate x

  12. I just had to smile at your shopping tale - what is it with men eh??
    Clever card and good that it folds flat. Thanks for sharing pictures of the beautiful orchids.

  13. Hello Ang,
    That's a brilliant idea for a card, it'll make a lovely keepsake.
    Sorry to read that you are still under the weather, a spot of sunshine abroad is what you need.
    As to the shopping, well what can I say. Mr D and Mr K would make perfect twins, actually they'd make triplets as Mr K already has an identical twin. I also list things, complete with price etc. and he comes back with something completely different, plus half a dozen bars of chocolate and a Madeira cake which only he eats. He's told me to stop putting sugar in his tea cup as he's trying to lose weight!!! (Of course the chocolate and cake have nothing to do with it).
    Keep an eye out for the lesser spotted Flasher!!!
    Maureen xxx

  14. Fabulous keepsake card, love that it folds flat. Men, we shall say no more. Hope you heal quickly. Cara x

  15. Fab card Ang and so sorry to hear your still a 'hop a long' as I'm typing this I can hear Paul in the bedroom saying omg!!! you've got to be joking as a snow flurry is falling by lol lots of huggles Sue xx

  16. Hi Ang,
    what a really fab creation.
    Love the very fab design of this excellent creation.
    Will be treasured that's for sure.
    Now to hubbies doing the shopping.
    My DH has to have a detailed list also.
    The colour the size price, and which isle to find it on and so forth.
    He is the same around the house can't see what he is looking for when it's there before him.
    Must be a Man thing maybe.
    So sorry to hear about your probs with your leg not quite sure what it is as I have been away from my blog for week.
    I do so hope it soon gets better though as you may starve if it's left up your DH to do the shopping for too long. LOL.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Forgot to say your orchids are beautiful.

  18. You certainly know how to look after your orchids. The cupboards are bare here so going to have to the dreaded shopping tomorrow. Hope your leg improves. Hugs Mrs A.

  19. Ang, I must apologise for missing your last post - I have no excuse. Like Mr D my husband does not do shopping - if he does come with me I always end up with more than I went for!
    Love the block card - what a clever idea.

    Please look after yourself, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. So it is true then. Our husbands are one in the same - a man living a double life. I've seen stories of such things on TeeVee, but I never dreamed it would happen to me. You? All those train trips, indeed! He was pulling it off quite nicely, too, until the arrogance of that big degree puffed him up into thinking he could handle the supermarket! What a laff!

    I spose it's rude of me to say this, but I'm okay with sharing if you are. It's quite pleasant having him gone for stretches, do you agree? Well, of course, now that you're laid up, you must have him stay there for loooooonger stretches. Just shoot me an email when he's on his way, will you, dear, so I can (ahem) clean house? What a day this is turning out to be!!

    Oops, almost forgot to tell you that I adore your amazing 3D card that can be folded flat for delivery and then popped onto baby's wall as a work of nursery art! Brilliant!! I can clearly see what my man sees in you!! Good luck with the mending! Hugs, Darnell

  21. Oh, forgot to say thanks for sharing the orchid photos! That's a true talent to grow them, something I've tried many times over the years without success! xxoo

  22. Beautiful Ang, what a great design for a card/box. Fabulous piccies of orchids too, my sister has loads of them, she collects them so everytime I see a new colour I buy it for her lol!

    Keep well, never mind the shopping, Ian would have done the same, that's men for ya, at least he tried lol!

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  23. Oh Ang They are are gorgeous The card and the orchids I thought the card was actual blocks I hadn't realised it would fold flat brilliant! You must have very green fingers to nurture these bargain buckets Funnily enough my OH said today that he's going to hire himself out to people who want their gardens cleared of vegetation because between the pair of us we kill all plants that are within a few feet of us
    Hmmm... shopping what can I say men cannot multi task- look for items, push a trolley at the same time AND tick things off a list It was all too much Bless him

  24. In fine fettle means in good health or spirits comes from the old English fetal meaning belt. I take this to mean if you are having trouble doing your belt up you must be in fine fettle. End of the English lesson.
    Love the card and it was quite a surprise to find it folded flat.
    lovely orchids too I have given all mine away now, the garden is just too much for me. Not that I was ever a gardener unlike my father who as happiest in the garden.
    Margaret M

  25. In fine fettle means in good health or spirits comes from the old English fetal meaning belt. I take this to mean if you are having trouble doing your belt up you must be in fine fettle. End of the English lesson.
    Love the card and it was quite a surprise to find it folded flat.
    lovely orchids too I have given all mine away now, the garden is just too much for me. Not that I was ever a gardener unlike my father who as happiest in the garden.
    Margaret M

  26. Dear Ang. I had to pin your baby block card on Pinterest because it was so clever! So sorry your ankle is still giving you fits! Your orchids are gorgeous - I have one given to me as a gift. I thought I would never get it to bloom again but it likes my east facing window and one ice cube a day for watering so it continues to bloom for me. (it really is a miracle) Thanks for the beautiful photos of your orchids. Take care and get well!

  27. Hi Ang just having a quick catch up and sorry to read you are still in the wars but nearly a week on hope you are a lot better now. Love your building blocks card really unusual and your orchids are spectacular. Have a good weekend love from Jackie xx

  28. Hi Ang. Really lovely card. I bet the lady was delighted with it.
    Sorry your ankles still not so good, more rest needed obviouslt.
    Maybe taking a photo of what yo want would be a great idea in future.
    Just love the orchids Ang. Really beautiful.
    bye for now Val x