Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Card You Don't Like to Send. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Here's hoping this week has started well for you all.

Mr D is chewing well now and has less twinges. I'm about the same but seeing a podiatrist this week to see if some orthotics may help. Can't get this done on the NHS as I'm not classed as high risk (perhaps I should have mentioned my getting intimate with the hedge!!!) so its a private consultation......kerching!
I'm signed off until the middle of June so guessing I'm not very popular at work now but retail is not the best occupation when you have trouble walking lol!!!

Anyhoo, sadly, I had to make one of "those" cards recently. The lady of the couple that the golden wedding cards were for lost her Dad. He was 96, bless him.

Cream card
Navy card
Sue Wilson Ursa Gemini
John Lockwood Flower Frame Elements sentiment
Hougie board for embossing around
Dovecraft blue bling
Paris Dusk Memento Dew Drop ink

As you know, I like to keep these cards simple but I thought I must try something different other than keep using the lily die lol!!!
The navy layer is all one piece. I was very lucky that the die cut portion for the shadow, lined up lol!!!

I don't have access to the variety of wildlife that the lovely Pamellia does but most of you will know about Mr and Mrs B, our resident blackbirds. I have been trying to snap Mr B on one of his cheeky sneaks into the house, when he sits by the fridge (where his grapes are kept) but the camera is never to hand when you need it!
I did get this snap of him sitting on the rail around our decking, after his lunch.......look at the mess on our chair lol!!!

My dwarf lilac is particularly beautiful this year so I've popped on a photo of one of the stems.
The scent from this and the wisteria now in full bloom (you can just see the racemes forming on the above shot) is wonderful and you can even smell them with the upstairs windows open.

Don't you just love Spring?

Until next time, take care and be good!

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, I know the feeling about these cards but unfortunately they are needed from time to time and this is a beautiful one. Great photos too I can't believe all the flowers that are in bloom being away for four weeks really makes it weird you come home and everything is flowering.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi Ang, a very lovely card, and you are so right, none of us like making or sending them. The blackbird is lovely and so is the lilac, I was quite pleased with mine this year, and they do smell lovely. Take care, hope the appointment turns up some results. Bx

  3. Good morning Ang,
    Great card for one of those occasions!!!
    Loving your "nature" pictures, our Blackbirds still visit each morning. It's great to watch thier antics if your not quite ready for them.
    Sorry to hear you are suffering, missed what had happened when we had no internet. Hope it all gets better very soon.
    Patricia x

  4. This is stunning Ang, very CAS and classy, if you know what I mean.
    Lovely pics too, fancy him coming into the kitchen. xxxx

  5. Morning Ang,
    A very elegant card. In our old house we had a blackbird that used to come into the kitchen and eat any food the dogs had left, so cheeky.

  6. Good morning Ang like the way you have "doubled the die cast card which says everything. Do so love your "nature notes". Hope the visit to the specialist brings results for your pennies and you'll soon be running around again love from Jackie xx

    1. Sorry predictive text should say cas card

  7. So pleased Mr D is feeling better Ang.
    Your card is really lovely and classy, i am sure it will bring comfort .
    Great pics , i love the smell of flowers. )
    Take care Chuck
    Elaine H X

  8. Morning Ang, glad to hear that you're both on the road to recovery. I don't make "those cards" as I can't bring myself to make one. Yours is perfect. Janice X http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  9. Sadly, 'those' cards can be difficult but your is perfect. A simple sentiment is all you need for the recipient to know you care.
    Lovely pics of the blackbird and the lilac are fab. I love hearing Mr Blackbird sing his heart out, you know that Spring/Summer is on the way. It blows too much for him here in the winter. He takes his singing inland so that he doesn't have a white knuckle ride whilst throwing out a few chords.
    Blissfully in the tub!
    Jennie x

  10. Hi Ang,
    what a very brilliant card for such a sad occasion.
    Love the fab design, and your lovely Navy and white theme.
    Sadly my Dad passed 3 years ago at the age of 93 so my sympathies go out to her, and her family.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Hi Ang,
    forgot to mention your photos are super.

  12. Good morning Ang --does the Black Bird really come into your house? I really enjoyed all of your pictures!
    I think your sympathy card is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the occasion. Heck, you could use any sentiment on this card and have it be perfect!!
    Sandy xx

  13. I agree with you about keeping sympathy cards simple. This one fits the bill perfectly, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Really good idea for a sympathy card Ang.
    Just love the photos of your garden.
    Love Val in Spainx

  15. Ang, your card is simple and lovely. Your black bird is still coming I can remember you telling us about them a couple of years ago! When I did my achilles tendon years ago I got a heel pad to put in the shoe/boot of my sore leg, I did help, so I hope the podiatrist can help. Hazel X

  16. Such a lovely sympathy card Ang..I tore ligaments in my ankle about a week before we were going to Florida one year and oh my goodness it took almost 8 months to heal and it's still weak sometimes I get the odd 'twinge' hope you get sorted soon lots of huggles Sue xx

  17. Hello Ang, beautiful card and just perfect for a sad occasion. super die and love how it's shadowed.
    Love photo of your friend Mr. B and you blooms are blooming, gorgeous colours, thanks for sharing them.
    Pleased to hear that Mr. D is chewing better, that's taken a while for him. Good you've got your appointment, bad that it's not NHS, but hopefully it will help you. Glad your are still signed off, you need to rest your leg as much as you can. Had a lovely day, long though, let me know when you're around for a chat, Kate x

  18. Hi Ang,

    Gorgeous card, sad occasions but they are needed and you have doen this one beautifully. Love your pics, out Lilac is started to finish now but there is still some of the lovely scent left, shame I have to wait another year before it flowers again lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  19. Lovely serene card for a very sad occasion The photos of your garden are lovely too I have a garden but it doesn't have any flowers at all! The only decoration is a washing line and delapidated shed

  20. Lovely simple card Ang suitable for the occasion.
    Great photos of your garden, would love to see a picture of your garden with all its flowers

  21. Beautiful. Lovely creation and perfect for the loss of a loved one.xxx{aNNie}

  22. A simple effective card Ang. Lovely.
    My wisterias are gorgeous too - loads of them most of which my husband grew from the seeds of the original plant, so they're extra special for me .

  23. Lovely card. I hope your ankle improves don, make sure you rest up and don't worry about work, just enjoy the formula one! Cara x