Saturday, 28 May 2016

Birthday Roses. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning folks. Hope all is hanging well?

Nothing different to report on the ankle front. Just waiting for my orthotic heel cups as recommended by the podiatrist and I also have some painful exercises to perform so hopefully things will start to improve.

Now, I think I may have mentioned that I had a few 70th birthday cards to make recently (those soldiers were busy when they returned from the war lol!!!),
This is the one I made for our friend Janet. Her and her hubby now live in Spain but they came over to the UK to have a celebration with family and friends.

Cream card
Pink card (the roses are made from 2 slightly different shades)
SB Bitty Blossoms (what else lol?)
Sue Wilson Jacobean Floral embossing folder
CE Stitched Bunting Numbers stamps
Hobbycraft little flourish stamp
CE double sided pink ribbon
Thin white ribbon dyed with Victorian Velvet DI
CE jelly tot bling
Dovecraft teeny bling
And some beautiful diamante cupcake chain purchased from Samuel Taylors stall at the NEC (£1 for 60cm and its gorgeous and I wished I had bought loads more!!!)

I was really pleased with how this turned out. I love doing channel set flowers.

Thank you for your comments on the lilac. We are lucky that ours has 2/3 flushes of flowers during the year.
I'll try and get some more photos taken shortly.
Well, I hope you all have a brilliant weekend. I shall, of course, be watching the GP highlights (sadly not a live race on Channel 4 this week) and today is my birthday.
Not got anything planned due to the incapacity but looking forward to a nice vindaloo with all the trimmings from the very good local takeaway for tea. My pressie from Mr D comes in July when we go to Silverstone.

That's me for now.

Ang x

Ps..........Don't forget Mr Lockwood is back on Hochanda Monday evening and during the day Tuesday with his new stamp sets. He may have some different samples, nudge nudge, wink wink!!! And Happy Birthday to Wendy for yesterday.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ang, it is my birthday today too but I am 71 now so my dad must have been on leave before the end of the war. This card is absolutely gorgeous I really love it must give it a try.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi Ang
    Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day! What a gorgeous card! My favourite bitty blossoms. I will look out for some 'different' cards on Hochanda. Wonder where they came from. Enjoy the GP. Monaco is one of my favourites and the least favourite for others in my household. LOL! Best wishes, Anne O

  3. First of all, love the card Mrs. Duck, and second, Happy Birthday! I'm 70 in two weeks, one of those milestone birthdays. Had to fill in loads of forms, and get Doc to sign and check me, including eye sight, so that I can get a 3 year drivers licence. (may be different in UK, but I live in Ireland now, so have to jump Irish laws and form filling. Wish me luck that I have all the paperwork with me when I get there.

  4. Hi Ang, firstly Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy your day.
    The card is beautiful and I will have to try a Channel set flowers as they look fantastic

  5. A great card Ang. The flowers are great.I hope you had a great birthday.
    Good to hear you and Mr D are on the road to recovery.
    We've just got back from lanzarote so just catching up on all my emails

  6. Happy birthday Ang I hope you and Mr Duck have something nice planned for today apart from the GP highlights. Just love this card so pretty. Love from Jackie xx

  7. Morning Ang,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy your Curry. Beautiful card.

  8. Lovely card Ang. Happy Birthday hope you have a good day.
    I am mobile again now, physio said I could have a short test drive. I just went round our urbanisation, no twinges, so I have done a couple of other short journeys.Yippee!
    Nancy x

  9. Happy Birthday Ang !!!!!
    Enjoy your Vindaloo Chuck.
    A very lovely card )
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  10. The card is gorgeous Ang as per.
    Happy Birthday and enjoy your Vinda.
    We had ribs last night at Mexican for mine Mmmmm. xxxx

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ang, have a wonderful day.
    Love your beautiful card, it's amazing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  12. ♫♬♫ Happy Birthday to You ♬♫♬
    Stunning card Ang, the design is gorgeous and love your flower frame, I'm sure this card will be treasured,have a fantastic day, Kate x πŸ πŸΈπŸ˜‰

  13. ♫♬♫ Happy Birthday to You ♬♫♬
    Stunning card Ang, the design is gorgeous and love your flower frame, I'm sure this card will be treasured,have a fantastic day, Kate x πŸ πŸΈπŸ˜‰

  14. This card will give your friend lots of pleasure, gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday!

    From the tub! Jennie

  15. Happy Birthday Ang I should have remembered I'm going to blame Nanny Brain
    Your channel cards are always gorgeous I love the lay out and colours of this one
    When I get new machine I will have another "play" making roses

  16. I love this design of card. The flowers look gorgeous and of corse the colour is just fabulous. Hugs Mrs A.

  17. Gorgeous card and Happy Birthday Ang sorry I'm late! huggles Sue xxx

  18. Happy Birthday Ang.. hope you had a good birthday and enjoyed your vindaloo.
    Just love the card. I bet your friend was delighted with it.
    Love Val in Spain x

  19. Hello Ang, Happy Birthday for yesterday, but as I missed it you have my blessings to celebrate again today - you can never have too much of a good thing. I hope you were all right with the Vindaloo, rushing with your bad ankle could be dangerous!!!
    My daughter's Father in law cultivated a miniature lilac tree for me (about 2' tall) before he died 13 years ago, and it has flowered for the first time this year!! Soo pretty, and the scent is amazing.
    My Brother in law was 70 this month, exactly 9 months to the day after his father returned from the war. He saw George and his twin while waiting to be deployed to North Africa and only got comp leave because Martha had twins. The boys were nearly 5 when he saw them again, but at least he came home.
    Hope you get massive relief with your ankle soon.
    Oh, by the way, when we were in Monaco (get her!!!), we were driven around part of the GP course (or whatever it's called), not in a racing car I hasten to add, it was in a coach!!!!
    Maureen xxxx

    1. And after all that, I never even said that your card is magnificent. Love the channel set flowers, well I love the whole thing.

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  20. Happy, happy birthday, Ang, and many, many more! With the time change I guess I need to say I hope you HAD a very lovely birthday considering you're invalid right now! You will make up for it in July! Your card, actually ALL the cards which I've just scrolled through since my last visit are absolutely fantastic! I am very sorry you had to do a sympathy card, but it was perfection. And your poopy bird photo and (my also-beloved) lilac photo were such fun!! Continued smooth healing wishes winging through the cyber clouds to you! Hugs, Darnell

  21. Happy Birthday Ang! Hope your day was full of fun! Love the channel set flowers too! Might have to try that for something I am thinking of. I found out why you were getting security warnings on my blog. Somewhere I read that it's just that your browser is in need of updating. Your OK to proceed and view my creations without worrying about any malware stuff! Enjoy your GP highlights and have a great day!

  22. Colours and design on this creation are gorgeous. Love the roses and big hugs for your birthday.xxxx

  23. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Ang. Sorry I missed it.
    Love the card. What a great idea to put the roses in a "channel". I will have to remember that.

    Anne (Northampton)