Monday, 20 June 2016

Janet's Envelope. . . . . . . . More Interesting Than it Sounds!

Good morning everyone and thank you for popping by The Pond. There are a couple of bloggy buddies who are under the weather limping physically and emotionally at the moment so I send you happy thoughts and good wishes.

I am still limping a bit as I am only doing my Achilles exercises when I feel up to it as I'm still getting breathless on occasion. At least I have my scan appointment through for mid July and I'm seeing my GP today as the hospital have been in touch with them about my stay.

Well, the mojo didn't exactly reappear but thanks to some of your suggestions, I did solve the problem of what to do about the 18th and 50th birthday card dilemma.
My friend has two gorgeous little dawgies called Sparky and Corky. Now Corky is a little Shitzu, apologies if that's not spelt correctly (Maureen, stop it right now!!!) and I thought that the card I made here would be perfect with a couple of additions. So, added "Happy Birthday" and "50" and she loved it.
Daughter's favourite colour is turquoisey teal so this card here I adapted by removing the special day sentiment and adding "18".
Thank you to those folks who nudged me in the right direction and yes, I forgot to snap the altered cards lol!

Now, today I'm giving you another break from the Cards of Lockwood series lol!
I forgot to show you the envelope/box I made for our friends 70th birthday card that I showed you all here (sorry for all the links but I thought it better than adding all the extra photos)

Cream hammered card (PMD) - all one piece
Pink card (PMD)
SB Labels 20 
Memory Box Typewriter Alphabet dies
Hobbycraft corner punch
Mei Flower pink ribbon

It needed to be more than an envelope to survive the plane ride back to their home in Spain after Janet's party and I thought I'd be different cutting her name as an aperture rather than just sticking the letters on. . . . . . .didn't think that looked too bad.

Hopefully seeing Nesta today for brunch as I'm trying to get things back to normal and spend some time out of the house, other than hospital or doctor appointments.
Hoping to sit in my craft room too at some point as I am determined to make a card. . . . . . . .one has to keep ones hand in (as said the gynecologist to the bishop. . . . . .)

Yes, I did get my burger last week but I could only manage half of it, a bit of salad and about 8 chips! (Mr D ate my onion rings and the rest of the chips as well as his own lunch!!!) I doggy bagged the other half and heated it for my tea lol!!!

Hope this week is kind to you all and especially gentle with those of you who are not 100% at the moment.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang
    A gorgeous box and love the way you have made Janet's name.
    A great way to use cards you have already made but adapt them for what you want.
    I return to work today a bit apprehensive as my leg is still bruised and I have pins and needles (apparently it's part of the recovery) but as you say we need to get back to some sort of normality.
    Have a great time with Nests and do your exercises lol xxxx

  2. Good morning Ang. The envelope would be just right for me too! Sounds as though you need to take it easily and do just your exercises. Worth persevering with those.

  3. Hi Ang
    A lovely box that houses your card beautifully.
    I know Nesta will be looking after you so relax and enjoy ! .
    Take care chuck.
    Elaine H X

  4. Morning Ang,
    A very pretty envelope for that lovely rose card.
    Pleased to hear you are a little better.
    Tale care.

  5. Love the idea of die cutting the name, rather than just adding it as die cuts. Great envelobox Ang. Hope things are brightening up a bit for you! I was thinking of youon Friday when I was at Blenheim Palace. Since i knew it was impossible for you to make it i didn't bother telling you about it. Maybe next year. Take care! Hugs Christine xx

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous Ang. xxxx

  7. Good Morning Ang, pleased to hear you have your appointment at last,albeit a wee while away yet.

    Now your box is so beautiful, and the way you've made the name is fabulous.,lovely design altogether.
    Have a lovely meet up with Nesta and say hello, take care, Kate x 😉

  8. Hi Ang,
    what a very clever idea.
    Love the fab design of this.
    It works perfectly for cards with flowers on or decoupaged bits.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Love the envelope, Ang, and the way you have done the name - very effective.

    Look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  10. Good day Ang though it has been absolutely pouring with rain all morning.....again! Hope you and Nesta have a lovely catch up with our getting drowned. Lovely idea for the envelop ox to keep the card nice. I'll now be a nag and DO YOUR EXERCISES. Nag over. Take care of yourself love from Jackie xx

  11. Definitely need an edit box! The envelop ox should read envelobox!

  12. Wonderful Ang --- who wouldn't love to receive this treasure!!!
    Sandy xx

  13. What a gorgeous way to give a card Ang, the envelope itself is pretty

    June x

  14. What a beautiful card and box Ang:))) hope you enjoyed your time with Nesta lots of huggles Sue xx

  15. I love that you were able to re-purpose cards for your friends. Smart idea! This card and envelope for Janet was gorgeous! Sounds like you are getting a little better - so glad to hear that!
    Take care

  16. Brilliant. Love this card design Ang and colours are just gorgeous.xx{aNNie}

  17. Hi Ang, this card and box is fantastic and the other two cards are beautiful a great idea.
    Nancyd xx

  18. Hi Ang, your box and card for Janet are beautiful, great idea to die cut the name. Take care. Bx

  19. Wow Ang, a homemade envelope, you sure go all out! I'm lucky if I bother to even decorate the inside of a card! lol. Beautiful, and the card is gorgeous too!! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. sending hugs :)

  20. A gorgeous way to "wrap" a gorgeous card So glad you have your appointment for the hospital and that the ankle is improving Hope fully your mojo improves when things become more settled

  21. Hello Ang,
    From one old crock to a youngish old crock - stick in there girl, and do your exercises!!! Because you're worth it lol.
    The box is beautiful, and complements the card perfectly.
    I'm not surprised the 50 and 18 year olds loved their cards, you filled the briefs (steady) perfectly ha ha.
    As for Corky whose breed name I cannot mention - he sounds like a sweetie (not the eating sort!)
    Good news about your scan, it will soon come around and then you will find out what will be done. Chin up girl, it hides the double chins!!!!
    love xxx

  22. Hi Ang,

    WOW! what fabulous cards, have just managed to look through the ones I missed lol! Brilliant creations you have done so well for John. Thank you for your wonderful comments on mine and yes I am sure you could hear me right over where you are when my card showed up on the TV, Sheena has mentioned a few of mine now lol! So glad you are healing all be it slowly.

    Take care my friend

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  23. A fab finishing touch to a stunning card. Cara x

  24. You're so kind to think of others when you aren't feeling tops yourself right now, Ang. I think your envelope is the icing on the cake for that gorgeous 70th birthday card for Janet and makes it an even better keepsake! Hugs, Darnell