Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The 14 Cards of Lockwood. . . . . . . . .Part 5

Good morning one and all. Hope you're not suffering too much with all of this wet weather. . . . . . Flaming June as they say.

I'm going to be trying to do something in my craft room today. I have 2 cards to make by Friday (an 50th and an 18th for mother and daughter) but my get up and go, got up and went so I need to give myself a shake rather than endure the indignity of.........I can't bear to say it............forgive me for using this sort of language............buying cards from a shop.............arrrgh, wash my mouth out!!!!!!!!

Fortunately, the presents were covered as I made some jewellery a few weeks ago. Eeeeee, the shame if I have to buy the cards!!!!!!!

Now, back to John's samples. This was one of the first that I made as I had something in mind the minute I saw the swirly leafy stamps.

Ivory card
Rich Plum card (both CE foundation card)
John Lockwood Nasturtium Elements stamps (flowers, leaves and swirly bits)
John Lockwood Peony Elements stamp (sentiment)
Cosmic Shimmer Frosted Lemon mica powder
Sweet Plum Memento Dewdrop ink (also used to colour the ribbon)
CE thin white ribbon (coloured as per above)
CE jelly tot dazzler

Apologies for the above photo. There was some water reflecting outside the window and I didn't realise it had added this stripy effect to the photo until I downloaded it from the camera, by which time the samples were in John's hot little hands. At least you can pick up the sheen from the mica.
It was fun trying to get that thin ribbon to behave as I tried to make it look like it was flowing with the swirly bits. Thank heavens for glue guns!!!

On that note, I shall scoot for now. Mr D has the day off today so I shall try and persuade him to take me out for lunch as I'm going a bit stir crazy. As I'm trying to eat a bit healthier, especially as I'm not getting exercise at the minute, I have been indulging in the delights of cauliflower couscous/rice (really nice, even if you don't like cauliflower) but wouldn't mind a juicy burger lol!!!

Have a great day.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, another gorgeous card, love the idea of the swirl and the ribbon. Yep my get up and go has got up and went too. Have a great day and enjoy that burger. Bx

  2. A lovely card Ang the ribbon looks great and the mica is really shining.
    I have never been so in active too although I did have a walk yesterday it was so nice to get out.
    Enjoy your day xx

  3. Your ribbon "flowing with the swirly bits" worked Ang. Clever kid. It all looks really good. Hope you persuaded your "Lord and Master" (tongue very firmly in cheek as I said that!!) to take you out for lunch. Maybe you met Mr Mojo there and could persuade him home with you too? He's a very awkward individual and always disappears just when youn eed him - and yes, he is very definitely male! Take care. Christine xx

  4. Another great card,move the beautiful simplicity.
    Patricia x

  5. That of course should be LOVE not move!!
    Patricia x

  6. Hi Ang
    You gave me a good chuckle again chuck, i do hope you got up and went to your craft room?
    The card is just Beautiful , i love the swirly design and your ribbon is spot on .
    Hope you enjoyed that juicy burger ?
    Take care chuck keep resting .
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang super design on the card. Hope you got your burger and found only your creative juices flowing down your chin!! Love from Jackie xx

  8. Morning Ang,
    Hope you are feeling a tad better. Love your card, not one we like to make.
    Enjoy your lunch if you manage to get out.

  9. If my get up and go disappears I usually repeat a design I have done previously - I refuse to buy cards now!
    This card is gorgeous, Ang.

  10. Morning Ang, for inspiration, look back at your previous'll find something wonderful there. Simple card but very effective. Janice xx

  11. Stunning Ang, lovely colour pallet and lovely swirly ribbon, you really are a super talented lady.
    Our weather is pants, very wet ones too, it's like a morning in November, not June and I've got sole charge of Milo today which amounts to wellies and a rain jackets.
    Enjoy your burger, Kate x

  12. Hi Ang

    Really like this card, great effect placing the ribbon at the bottom on the flourishes too!

    June x

  13. Really nice clean and simple card even with the twirly bits!
    From the tub!

  14. Love your card Ang - especially the bow at the bottom of the design!
    sandy xx

  15. Hi Ang,
    what a brilliant card, and I love all the wonderful stamping.
    The colours are so pretty, and the sheen is fantastic.
    Lovely that you can help with some of John's samples as he must be so busy.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hello Ang you really have made some stunners for Mr L!!! I hope you got taken out for lunch and if I find your mojo I'll send it back home:))) lots of huggles Sue xx

  17. This is pretty It's hard having to do two cards for a mother and daughter together I'm sure you'll think of something One of your samples you made John would be perfect or I've looked (only looked) in card shops to see what's there especially for 18 year olds It's perfect weather for ducks as my dad would say Hope you enjoyed the burger

  18. Hello Ang,
    Love this card and John's swirly stamp. Did you manage to get out for lunch, I hope so. Now then, if your mojo has gone awandering, what hope is there for the rest of us, as someone wiser than me has said above, just copy something that you've done previously. BUY a card, I can't believe you said that ha ha.
    Hope you are feeling much better, and that the old ankle is recuperating nicely.
    Maureen xxx

  19. Pretty card Ang. Loved John's swirl stamps but I'm trying to resist as I've got so much to use. I'm sue you got inspiration from somewhere.

  20. Lovely sample, I like the arty rain shadows! Cara x

  21. Hi Ang, this is a gorgeous card love its simplicity. Hope you got your burger.
    Nancyd xx

  22. Hi Ang. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe a juicy hamburger is what you need to get your mojo back. Take care

  23. You have an amazing talent Ang, this is gorgeous, xxx