Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The 14 Cards of Lockwood. . . . . . . Part 1

Good morning folks. Hope this finds you all very well.

As you may hopefully have seen, I made some samples for Lockers, featuring his wonderful new stamp sets as John was on holiday just prior to his Hochanda shows and I was more than happy to help.

So this is the start of The14 Cards of Lockwood. . . . . . .its a bit like The12 Days of Christmas without any laying geese or ladies dancing.

Now, this one seemed to get a lot of airtime on the shows and it was one of my favourites.

Cream card
Blue card (2 shades) All card is CE Foundation card but I'm not good with the colour names
CE Linen embossing folder
SB Fancy Postage Stamps dies
John Lockwood Nasturtium Everyday Elements stamps (corners and sentiment - sentiment inked without the border round it)
Cosmic Shimmer Frosty Sky PVA Pearls
Memento Dew Drop Paris Dusk ink

I hope that you all enjoyed John's shows. . . . . .wasn't his shirt amazing??? The stamps and products were fantastic to work with and I was flattered that John trusted me again to help.

I will apologise in advance that my blog posts/visits may be a bit sporadic for the forseeable as I have had a bit of a health scare. . . . . short story, ambulanced to hospital Sunday and admitted with a heart problem (Atrial Fibrillation with RVR). I'm home again now with medication but having to go for a heart scan next week.
The whole episode scared me witless and exhausted me so I will visit you and post when I feel up to it, if that's ok.
Most of this post was already prepped to go so I've only had to add a few sentances.

This past 12 months have been my unhealthiest. . . . . . .If I was a horse, I'd be at the glue or Fray Bentos factory lol!!!

Before I go, I just wanted to wish my chum Davey a Happy 70th Birthday for today (he's in Oz but may still be reading his). I will feature his cards at a later date but hopefully he has taken them with him.

So sorry in advance for any down time but very tired at the moment so please bear with me.

Ang x


  1. Awww Ang i am so sorry to hear of your scare , what a crappy year some of us are having so far , just you rest easy .
    Your card is sooo lovely , i love the style color and everything about it .
    Sending you and anyone who wants one Big Gentle Hugs .
    Take care Chuck xxx
    Elaine H X

  2. Oh Ang, I am so sorry to hear that you had this scare. I hope that you feel much better soon. Do try relax, we will always stop by, but if you don't feel up to the blog we will understand. Love the cards you did for John, and this one in particular. Take care now. Bx

  3. Hi Ang
    Goodness! Hope you feel better soon. Just take care of yourself and do what you need to do. The cards on the show the other night were fab, so I'm looking forward to having a closer look. But all in good time. Take it easy. Best wishes, Anne O

  4. Hello, I think this is my first time in commenting on your blog but I read it regularly. Your cards were amazing and it was lovely John gave you credited on the show for making them. I enjoyed watching every show yesterday and was even tempted to buy SB dies and can't wait for them to come. Like you I have had a health scare (a blocked heart valve) recently and it has frightened me especially has I live alone. I am so grateful for my crafting be it cards, patchwork, crochet or knitting. I will visit often and please don't put pressure on yourself to post, take care and relax when you can.
    Tender hugs,
    Hazel c uk

  5. Hi Ang. So sorry to learn of your problem at the weekend - look after yourself and take life easily.
    Your cards for John were wonderful and it was so good to hear the praise he gave you. Loved his shows and all the techniques he demoed. Loads of ideas to try.

  6. Hi Ang oh my goodness what a time you are having at the moment. Do please rest up and do whatever the doctor's say. I saw most of John's shows yesterday and so lots of cards you made were shown and your name mentioned lots! I'll be thinking of you Love from Jackie xx

  7. Dear Ang - please look after yourself. I do hope you feel better soon.
    I am still watching John's shows but have heard you mentioned several times already. Congratulations on some beautiful cards.
    All the best
    Anne (Northampton)

  8. I hope you realise how proud you should be of your "air time" your cards are tremendous
    I' sorry to hear about your health problems You take care and look after yourself Your health is far more important than any card making and blogging xx

  9. Morning Ang,
    Poor you, You are going through it at the moment. My husband has had AF for about seven years now, after many tests etc and getting the medication right he's been fine for years. Take care.
    Love your card, look forward to seeing the rest.

  10. This is stunning Ang.
    And you take things easy madam. xxxx

  11. OMG! Ang that was some scare that was. Loki after yourself tKe it easy and Craft yourself Silly instead.
    Love your beautiful card.
    I don't normally bother with the craft shows but I do like to watch John.
    Loved his shirt and all his new stamps.
    Have any easy day
    Patricia xxx

  12. Hi Ang, so sorry to hear that you've been through the mill of late. Hope you start feeling better very soon. Love this suitable for any occasion. Take care of yourself. Janice xx

  13. Fabulous card, Mrs and so smart in the navy. That's real nice of Mr L. to give such praise on air for your hard work.
    Take care of yourself and chill.
    From the tub!
    Jennie x

  14. Gosh take care of yourself. Get the ducks to do some work for a change. Your card is lovely. Like the scrolls of flowers in the corners with the addition of the pearls.
    P.s. They don't go to the Frey bentos really do they!! Hugs Mrs A.

  15. Hi Ang,
    Saw this on John's show and loved it then, your cards were amazing.
    Sorry about your scare, hope you get better soon, take care.
    Love Nancy x

  16. Stunning card Ang, beautiful dies and design, I only managed to see one show and didn't see this one,but I love it,you take things easy, Kate x

  17. Hello Ang,
    What a bummer!!! Take it easy, do what they tell you and take the medication. That's my advice, for what it's worth. I know it frightens you when they tell you something like that, but you can't keep a good duck down.
    I admired the way that John's shirt seemed to match the stamps and the colours of a lot of the cards, clever man. I laughed when he called you Mrs Duck!!! does he say that to you, or call you Ang?
    Take care, you will get tired but try not to worry.
    love Maureen xxxx

  18. Hi Ang I saw some of your cards on the show! fabulous work and his shirt of course and I chuckled when he called you Mrs Duck! I shouted to Paul and said that's Ang would we met at the NEC!!! lol I hope your feeling better we now have something in common because I suffer from that as well and take's frightening when it happens isn't it??? so slow down take care and put your feet up...say's me who is never still lol lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Oh I just knew something was wrong after I read the comment you left on my blog!! Oh Ang, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened, you must have been so scared and worried! Please do take lots of time to get better physically and mentally. We will all be here when you get back. Sending lots of healing hugs my friend!!

    So sorry I missed your birthday too, I was on holiday! Big Birthday wishes, as belated as they may be...they are sincere.

  20. Hi There, Fírst time of posting to you, júst wanted to say I think your cards are just beautiful and I am sorry to hear you are not well.Hope you get back to good health soon. Regards Barbara Dxxx

  21. OH ANG! so sorry my friend, I do hope you get sorted soon and try not to worry. You must be worried I know, take things easy and put your health first. Please do let us know how you get on I will be thinking of you.
    Beautiful creation btw! Loved your Birthday roses too, I too have not got round to commenting on ppls posts so apologies.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  22. Lovely card. Oh goodness, how scary for you. I hope the tests so nothing serious and something that can be easily treated. Rest up and take good care of yourself. Cara x

  23. Hi Ang, all your cards on John's shows were fantastic loved them all.
    So sorry to hear about your health scare but think positive take it easy and let Mr Duck look after you I bet it was a shock for him too, but hope everything turns out okay.
    Nancyd xx

  24. Hey Ang -- my gosh that would have scared me to but I most say sweet lady - you are not nearly ready for the glue farm My thoughts and prayers are with you and I always enjoy your posts.
    Sandy xx

  25. Oh - I should have told you that this is one fantastic and beautiful card!!
    sandy xx

  26. Wow! your cards are becoming quite celebrities on their own. Nice of you to help John out! Hope your health improves. I'm sending healing wishes and prayers for you.

  27. Ahh Ang I would have been scared too.
    I wish you a speedy recovery you take things easy..
    A fantastic card and I did see it showed on the shows xx

  28. I'm behind myself, Ang, and have only just read this. I'm terribly sorry to hear that you have had another health issue heaped on your plate, especially one so very scary and serious. I understand if you don't get 'round to my place, but do try to post updates here so those of us that are praying and worrying about you can know how you're doing. Huge hugs! Darnell