Sunday, 12 June 2016

The 14 Cards of Lockwood. . . . . . . .Part 4

Good morning everybody. How yawl doing?

I'm still waiting for my scan but trying to remain upbeat................probably not the best turn of phrase as it was the upping of beats that got me into this predicament but you know what I mean lol! The Achilles is also doing better with the orthotics.
For those who kindly enquired after Mr D, his mouth has all but healed and he thanks you for asking after him. Its just his hearing and eyesight we need to fix but I sadly fear that they are genetic issues allied to the Y chromosome.

I do wonder if the males are identified as "Y "as that's how most of them respond when you ask them to do something........."can you please close the wardrobe door?"......"Why?"  "Can you please put that box in the bin?"........"Why?" catch my drift ladies lol!!! 

Now, after the MAWTT interlude (hope you have all had a peek at the challenge) I'm back to the samples I did for Mr Lockwood and this is number 4. I like trying different things with ribbon as not everyone likes big bows (our Lydia) and I thought this card could do with something less intrusive than a traditional bow.

Bright white card
Wisteria card
CE Swirling Hearts embossing folder
Sue Wilson Ursa Gemini die
SB Fancy Postage Stamps dies
John Lockwood Larkspur Elements stamps 
John Lockwood Nasturtium Everyday Sentiments stamps
Grey Flannel Memento Dewdrop ink
Spun Sugar DI
CS pink mica (sorry, didn't note which one) to colour the flowers on the sentiment
CS Silver PVA pearls
CE silver ribbon
CE jelly tot (my name for them, showing my age lol!!!) dazzler coloured with a pink marker

Only another 10 cards to go folks lol!!!

Well, I shall be having a lie in this morning as I will have been up late watching the Canadian GP Qualifying highlights.

Cara, dont even think about it. I dont think my blood pressure could take seeing Flash trim his hedge, ahem!

Patricia, cant always promise chirpy but certainly cheap cheap! (Showing my age again)

Maria, hope that the leg heals well and its not at an angle awkward for crafting.

Hope you all have a happy Sunday, especially my Highland Chum Kate (Cuilliesocks) as its her 21st birthday today.

Ang x

Ps.......Tina E I don't know if you'll see this but thank you for your comment and you're more than welcome. Some blogs I used to comment on require you to sign up to Google+ to comment, which I wont as I feel Google has too much info on folk as it is. Hope your family can feel peace in time.


  1. Good morning Ang. This is gorgeous - layout, embossing folder, stamps.... Hope you're still taking life at a slower pace.

  2. Good morning Ang a beautiful and elegant card. Do love the nasturtium stamps. Fell asleep watching qualifying last night so will record the race as it is on too late and make sure I don't listen to the news!! Enjoy it. Love from Jackie xx

  3. Hi Ang, lovely card....I always prefer a subtle bow rather than a big blousy one!!! Enjoy the G.P. Janice xx

  4. Morning Ang
    The card is gorgeous the bow is just perfect for this card. Unfortunately no crafting for me at the moment I'm bandaged like a mummy lol.I have to keep the leg elivated and walk for 5 mins every hour. I might do some cross stitch today .
    I hope your scan is soon.
    Take care xx

  5. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card, now this bow I like.
    Enjoy the GP.

  6. Hi Ang
    What a beauty of a card , loving the design and the deep embossing , the bow is just perfect .
    Keep resting chuck .
    Elaine H X

  7. My kinda card, Ang, love it espellially the stamps and postage stamp dies. I'm going to check out that wisteria card, I'm sure I need it.

    I'm off to check on this Google + thingy as I get lots of visitors but hardly ever any comments on my blog even if they are "rubbish"!

  8. Hi Ang, lovely card, looking forward to seeing the rest.
    Hope you are recovering well from your emergency hospital admission

  9. Lovely card Ang I love your layout, the colours and you're right you've used that ribbon to its best I hope you hear about your scan soon All this waiting doesn't help Take care I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your makes

  10. Good to know that you and the Mr. are doing better.
    I guess you know that "why" is a favorite two years old word!!
    Beautifully designed and made card - really stunning!
    sandy xx

  11. Hi Ang, stunning card, lovely colours and the dies and design are gorgeous.
    Poor Hubby, but I know what you mean, but at least he listens enough to ask why, Alistair has become quite deaf these days.
    However, he loves your gorgeous card which has pride of place on the mantelpiece, well would do if we had one, it's on the cd case, Kate x

  12. This is a beautiful delicate card. I hope you are feeling a little better. Cara x

  13. Hi Ang. Beautiful feminine card. Love the embossing. Good to hear your are on the mend. Take care.

  14. Brilliant card, love it all, the embossing and delicate colours make a statement.
    Glad your feeing a it more "chirpy"
    Patricia x

  15. Hi Ang, absolutely gorgeous card don't think I saw this one on any of the shows maybe just forgot it is an age thing. Hope you enjoyed your lie in and glad Mr D is better.
    Nancyd xx

  16. Hi Ang, this card is beautiful, love the way you have done the ribbon. Glad to hear that you and Mr D are both doing better. Bx

  17. Lovely card, saw the shows when they were first shown, and looking forward to seeing the rest is the flat bow done different to a normal bow.

  18. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous card and I like the way you've used the ribbon and bow. Although I do like the blousy ones as well, if they are not too big.
    I was at my daughter's Street Party for HM 90th Birthday Celebrations yesterday and had a fantastic time as there was so much fun watching the games and competitions. It was a real old-fashioned party. Weather was cold, damp and miserable, but hey we are hardy Northerners.
    I hope you get your scan soon, and am glad that Mr D's mouth is fine now. Like the Y chromosome comment - you are right again!!
    Maureen xxx

  19. Never tried this type of bow - it is very effective.
    Great card.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. You made some fab cards for his show Ang and this is another stunner..hope you get your scan soon and glad Mr D's mouth is ok...lots of huggles Sue xx

  21. Hi Ang,

    Anther stunning card from you today, really beautiful. Glad you are on the mend slightly but as for the scan...well it is a waiting game, a ridiculous one for something so important. I hope you hear from them soon my friend.
    Take care

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx