Saturday, 27 August 2016

60th Birthday. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. What a lovely couple of days sunshine we have had so I hope you have managed to enjoy it where you are.
I've had a mixed week this week but have learned to take the rough with the smooth.

Great TV week with John on Hochanda and the return of Bake Off. Even Mr D has become a GBBO fan as usually my baking hat appears and he gets to chomp on a few cakes. Not sure he'll have as many this year but I'll try my best.

Now, today's card I made for my older brother in law last month. Another no frills fella card under my belt lol!!!

White card
Blue card (various shades)
SB Fancy Postage Stamp dies
Memory Box Alphabet dies
That Special Touch Celtic border mask (for the embossed strip across the middle)
John Lockwood Monday's Child stamp 
Memento Dewdrop Danube Blue ink 

Simple and straightforward but brother in law is not an OTT kinda guy. Also, I kept it relatively flat as it was being posted.

Sooo excited that the F1 is back after the Summer break. . . . . as is Jackie D, so welcome back. A live GP from Belgium tomorrow and qualifying today so guess what I'll be doing lol? (and probably Jackie D and Wendy).
I think Mojo may be returning from its Summer break too. Had a postcard saying it had been a lazy so and so and had decided to come home after a couple of months of drunken debauchery so hopefully it makes a swift return to my craft room lol!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you, as always for your visits and kind comments.

Ang x

Well, it seems that a bit of persistence has paid off. Got a call at 8.30am Wednesday from the Cardio consultant's secretary, explaining she had received my email and my "just in case" snail mail letter. She had spoken to the consultant who had asked her to put me in one of his hot spot clinics so I'm seeing him next week. . . . . .  .hallelujah!!!
Such a relief as this week I've had a couple of bad nights, with next to no sleep, which don't make for a great following day either.
Some positive news for a change though so thank you for encouraging my belligerence lol!!!


  1. A great man's card Ang. I do need inspiration for male cards, so thank you.
    Guess where my daughter and partner are this weekend, the Belgium grand prix .. jealous or what .. it's his 30th birthday today so it his present. Their flight was at 6. 30
    So pleased you are seeing the Dr next week. I'm off to work now take care xxxx

  2. This is great! Love the simplicity and good to see a card for posting.
    Pleased things are a bit better for you. John's new stamps are lovely, so hope we shall see some of your ideas with them as your mojo is back from holiday. Just ordered some stamps, so hope my mojo returns too! Not had much time to craft recently.

  3. Great card Ang and love the lettering.
    So glad you're seeing the doc next week.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  4. Great card, Ang. It takes patience to cut and stick all those letters!
    All the best for next week.

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Morning Ang,
    Great man card. Pleased to hear you are going to be seen soon, lets hope he can sort you out (in the nicest possible way).
    Enjoy the G/P

  6. Lovely Man Card Ang love the tiers and blues .
    Great news at last Ang lets hope he sorts you out quickly, nothing worse than having bad nights .
    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  7. The card is a wonderful design Ang, perfect for'man'.
    Good news on the Doc front, fingers crossed for you, xxx

  8. Hi Ang, a fabulous mans card, love the sixty running across it. Good luck with the consultant, hope it all gets sorted. Bx

  9. Hi Ang, fabulous male card, gorgeous colours and design.
    We're just off to Corgaff for the Lonnach Gathering, staying with friends, pipe band and games sort of thing,and hoping to see Peter.
    You have a lovely weekend, just take things easy, Kate x

  10. Hi Ang

    This card certainly fits the bill for a man and is very effective

    I'm so pleased you're now on a 'hot spot clinic' too

    Enjoy the F1

    June x

  11. Fab card, hope the appointment goes well. Cara x

  12. Hello Ang,
    Fab no frills, straight to the point Man card. One which I shall "borrow"!!!
    Great that you are being seen to this week, but you didn't say which day so that I can send positive vibes. It's not before time, they've dillied and dallied enough. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you and wait for your next update.
    Maureen xxx

  13. Hi Ang! You are getting great at these masculine cards! Must "steal" a few of the ideas from you! Saw you got to meet Darnell - I'll bet that was a fun day! Take care and have a great day!

  14. Good morning Ang what a great card I'll join the queue of those who will "borrow" this one!! So pleased to hear some progress is being made with the doctor, lets hope for a positive outcome to your consultation. Watched qualifying last night - interesting - what will Max do today. Take care, love from Jackie xx

  15. You do such amazing masculine cards. Love the streamline look of this one, crisp and handsome! Glad you got that cardio business all sorted out, silly thing to have to stress over. Sending hugs from my spot in the woods. Just waiting for the squirrels to wake up for breakfast (although the mosquitoes have just eaten theirs darn-it-all!!!)

  16. Happy Birthday - wonderful idea and well made!
    sandy xx

  17. Great news on the appointment front Will he have access to all your A&E notes - I hope so
    A lovely card and perfect for the milestone birthday I have my eye on thes alphabet dies Not having a laptop to craft on just lately has made me realise that I depend on it too much!

  18. Hi Ang,
    what a brilliant card, and such a super design also.
    That is quite original the sixty six in in letter form across the card, and a fab idea.
    He is just one year younger than me.
    So glad to hear your news about your appointment.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. Hi Ang,
    silly me my eyes saw what they wanted to see and not sixty.
    That makes him 7 years younger than me. LOL.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Great male card Ang. Well congratulations on your persistence! It paid off. Now all you need is some good news about diagnosis and treatment. Christine xx
    (Have just had a week up north with Jeanie and had some great laughs!!!)

  21. Great news that your being seen next week. Hope all goes well. This is a fab design for a male card. I so struggle with ideas for them. I have several cards to make pronto and my mojo is defo not in the country let alone the building. Perhaps I will get Norm to help. On second thoughts thats not such a good idea. Hugs Mrs A.

  22. Just seen your comment on my blog " Go get 'em girlfriend"

  23. Great news about your cardio appointment. Hope all goes well for you. Thank you for your visit to my blog. It is ages since I visited it myself, hence my very late reply. We did have a good time with Darnell that day, once we found you all. We had duff information from the station staff which did mean we were rather late. Better late than never. xxx Maggie