Saturday, 20 August 2016

Number 392 From John's May Shows. . . . . . . . .

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Hope this finds all well with you. 

Another splashy welcome to The Pond to June. Thank you so much for joining our merry throng (that's throng Maureen before you get excited lol!!!)

Well, the beautiful warm sunny days we have had disappeared with a vengeance today and its been persisting down. Still, the garden could do with the rain. . . . . . . .Lord, I'm turning into my Mother lol!!!
I braved the elements to put grapes out for Mr and Mrs B as he was chirruping away outside the kitchen window and trying to put on his pitiful dishevelled look for effect.
I managed to pick a tub of blackberries a couple of days ago, surprised that the birds hadn't been having a chomp on them but obviously, they prefer something a bit more exotic.
Some brave insect had chewed its way into one of fat chillies (they are mega hot) on one of my plants. I'm guessing it may have been its last meal or it was now in search of an Imodium plant lol!!!

Anyhoo, today shows yet another of my collection of samples from John's May shows (I told you I had done lots lol!!!). I hope John hasn't lost them in his move as I haven't had them back from him yet.

Cream and lilac card
Presscut Square dies
SB Fancy Postage Stamp die (small one)
CE Jacobean Floral embossing folder (emboss on cream, deboss on the lilac)
John Lockwood Peony Elements stamp
John Lockwood Summers Child stamp (sentiment)
CS mica powders (to colour the peony)
CS Clear embossing powder
CS Graceful Lilac PVA Pearls
CE jelly tot dazzler
Mei Flower thin lilac ribbon 
Dusty Concord DI

There's only a couple more left to show now (was that a sigh of relief I heard lol???)

Here's hoping you all have a fabulous weekend and good weather.
Thank you as always for your visit and your kind comments.

Ang x

Thank you for all your suggestions. I decided to emal the consultant's secretary (couldn't get through on phone) and not had a reply as yet so have also followed it up with a letter). Watch this space. . . . .


  1. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful card.

  2. Beautiful card, Ang. I've never tried the paved pearl technique -I'm not sure if I have the patience for it!

    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  3. Hi Ang
    That poor insect i bet it was squirming and wriggling about on its back for ages until it gave up .
    A beautiful card Ang ,loving the colours ,layers,the emboss and deboss and the lovely stamp .
    I am watching the space , hope you get a reply soon.
    Take care chuck.
    Elaine H X

  4. Morning Ang, we too feed the birds....what a noise they make!! The starlings are always arguing with every bird in sight to get to the feeders....and there are plenty of feeders to go around....if they would only form an orderly queue, then they would all get some LOL !!. Glad to hear you are chasing up the consultants...hopefully it will be good news. Beautiful card for John. Hope his move went ok. Janice x

  5. Good morning Ang, yes I am back - in body if not in mind! Been catching up on your posts and so sorry to read your woes but things seem to be looking a bit brighter. Really pretty card you have shown here particularly the stamped flower, is it on parchment paper? Can't really do anything myself at present as I wouldn't know which box has what in it. I knew before I went away but the old brain is a bit addled!! Have a good weekend, Jackie xx

  6. Another cracking card! Love the colours and bows.
    So you didn't hear a lot of splashing about in your rain butt or pond with your death wish insect then?
    Hope you have good news soon

  7. Hi Ang,

    Stunning card, did not know John was moving but then why should I? lol! Hope it went well. Sorry missed you last card, the baby card but its another stunner. cannot believe your GP, how disgusting, Id go to the papers about him retirement or not lol! Their care should not stop until they actually do retire. So sorry, I hope you get it sorted out hun and do write them a stark letter.

    Sorry about the mishap of posting my post twice ha! ha! did not relise till I read your comment so thank you!
    Take care hun

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. A lovely card Ang I like the embossing and dembossing on the same card ( I may have to steal that one of
    Hope the Secretary replies to you xxx

  9. Hi Ang,
    what a superb designed card, and such a very lovely design.
    The colours are so very wonderful, and I love that fab stamped flower.
    Great pearly dots as well.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Yes you were right I am running out of card. LOL.
    No I thought it was about time I did some other size cards as peeps may be getting fed up with my 8"x8".
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  10. Hi there Ang, stunning card, beautiful colours and design. I love the embossing and the liquid pearls making the frame, gorgeous ribbon and bows.
    Sorry to hear that you haven't had a reply to your email yet, maybe plan C is on the cards yet,Kate x

  11. Hi Ang

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Love the design and the paved pearl technique, a very pretty card

    June x

  12. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous card and colours. Love the techniques used, a sort of mix it up, throw it together and stand back for a lovely affect with the inny and outie embbossing!!!
    What a tease you are, there was I thinking you were into Victoria's Secret underwear ha ha. Personally, I find the term cheese cutter a more apt description of thongs LOL.
    Good luck with the Secretary. Keep ringing, you will catch her eventually and it may be quicker than an email or pigeon post.
    Maureen xxx

  13. Oh Wow!! Such gorgeous texture and the whole card is stunning!!
    sandy xx

  14. Beautiful Ang I haven't done paved pearl in a while so thanks for the reminder
    Now you've emailed and sent a letter I would email them every week until you get a proper response (not a fob off) because I know for a fact that they (should) meet up on a weekly basis to discuss letters/work etc
    Take care x

  15. Hi Ang! Just got back from a vacation to New Hampshire to visit my step-son and his wife. Missed a lot of my blogs so trying to catch up. Love the way you did the ribbon on this on. Very elegant. Have a great day.

  16. Gorgeous card Ang. Love the effect with the liquid pearls and you know I'm a fan of your amazing layered windows!! I'll be keeping an eye for updates, can't believe the issues you've had! What a crock! hugs :)

  17. Hi Ang, a beautiful card, love the colours. Serves that bug right for eating your Chillies, and lucky Mr and Mrs B, take care in this terrible weather. Bx

  18. Lovely card Ang. Godd luck with getting some joy from the consultant.
    Love Val in Spain xx

  19. Lovely card Ang. Getting through to get a GP appointment is my problem!

  20. Gorgeous card! Love all the texture and layers!