Tuesday, 16 August 2016

First The Pressie, Now The Card. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning chaps and chapesses. Hope that all is well with you and yours. I have had a couple of decent days where I have felt halfway normal (don't think I would ever hit 100% normal lol!!!). I've decided to do any health updates as a "ps" thingy at the end of my posts so you can skip reading it if need be . . . . . .I say that lightheartedly as it bores me to be experiencing it at times!!!

Welcome to Carol who has kindly pressed "follow". Very kind of you and much appreciated as are all of you that leave such lovely and encouraging comments.

Hazel, thank you for stopping by in your busy fundraising push. Hope the funds are building up. 
Margaret, hope the family health issues improve soon to spare you so much worry.
Maureen, hope you had a good break but not great to have your op postponed.

Glad you all liked the wrapping paper. Its something that I will definitely do again as its a lovely way to personalise a gift quite cheaply. I think someone thought it was tissue paper but it was actually normal blue roll wrapping paper.

Now today, you get to see the card that went with the gift. When the mojo is still sipping mojitos somewhere exotic, I thought "go simple" for a baby card.

Cream and sky blue card
SB Filigree Delight
Memory Box Typewriter Alphabet dies
SB Fancy Tags One Framed (for sentiment)
Tatty Teddy & sentiment stamp from a set I got from The Range bargain bin
Memento Dewdrop ink pads in Grey Flannel and Bahama Blue
Teeny bling
Blue thread

It was the only TT stamp that was suitable in the set but I did wonder about the open arms that's why I decided to do the sentiment like he was holding a banner. . . . . . . . it kinda works, I think lol!!!

Well, hope you're enjoying this fine sliver of weather before the rain kicks in again. Did anyone see this meteor shower thingy? (that's a technical term).
I was tempted to lie on the lawn gazing skyward in the early hours but with not getting much in the way of exercise since April, I've put on a bit of weight and would probably have rocked myself to sleep trying to get back up again!!!

On that note, enjoy your day.

Ang x

Update. . . . . .
My, now retiring in 2 weeks, GPs  advice for accelerating my cardio appointment? . . . . . . . ."phone the consultants secretary and threaten to go to the local newspaper" I nearly had to visit the hospital again for my damaged jaw as it hit the table.
I said that I would prefer that he contacted the consultant through the normal channels as I didn't think his suggestion appropriate but I think he is in "I'm retiring and I don't give a #@$%" mode so I shall try and sort it out myself.
I seemed to be under the wrong impression as I always thought . . . . . . . you're ill, you see a doctor and they try everything to make you well again. . . . . . . . .maybe not!!!
I've found out the email for the consultant so I'm going to email him directly and hope for the best. 
Plan B is to apply to medical school, train to be a doctor and treat myself. . . . . . .it may be quicker!!!


  1. Morning Ang, this card is lovely, the idea of the banner is brilliant. I am astounded by what the GP said to you, how ridiculous, hope you get it sorted. Take care. Bx

  2. I love tatty teddy and the range is a great place to pick up bargains. The banner works really well. You need to find a new GO that will help you xxx

  3. Hi Ang
    Your card goes beautifully with the personalised wrapping , love how you have placed the banner ,( you are full of good ideas but plan B is not one of them lol }
    Take care chuck
    Sending you big hugs and to anyone else who needs one.
    Elaine H X

  4. Gorgeous card Ang, the banner works perfectly in his arms!!!
    Re health, why so flippin slow, kick some butts, xxx

  5. Hi Ang,
    wonderfuuly created card.
    A super design for the pround new parents.
    I think you maybe right about becoming a doctor and treating yourself.
    Years ago they seemed to know a lot more than now or is that they are so very busy thses days that you are just a number not a human being.
    It is funny how if you have the pennies to go private they can see you at the drop of a hat.
    Keep your chin up and I hope you have an appointment soon.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. I'd go for Plan B Ang ... lol! Anyway, good luck. Contacting consultant direct is by far the best way to go because medical secretaries are all very protective of the "great man"! Good old Tatty Ted; you can't go far wrong with him. Super card. Hope Mr Mojo returns from his hols soon and is not too drunk to be set to work! Christine xx

  7. Just love your Tatty Teddy card Ang and the banner looks great in his arms.
    Can't believe how slow the health service is. It really should be " get sick, see a doctor" but sadly not any more. Do hope you get an early appointment soon. Prehaps go and sit in the consultants waiting room and refuse to move until he sees you. Ming you, do take a drink, some sandwiches and maybe a sleeping bag just in case.
    Take care.
    Love Valxxx

  8. Hello Ang,
    Love the card, it's perfect. I think I'll have to rake through the Bargain Bins more!!!!
    Get in touch with his Secretary pronto. If no joy, contact him direct. They are only human, same as you. They are not Gods. Say this to yourself and take no waffle (says she, who rolls over and begs for more when they muck her around!!!) Seriously, they will probably take more notice of you than your GP>
    Maureen xxx

  9. A far from simple looking card. This is very, very classy. Off to see the paper which I think I missed. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. A cracking card for the little chap and I must admit to overlooking Tatty Ted quite a few times. You've done him proud!
    Hope you get to see Mr Cardio soon. You're right, offer to cough up the readies and you're in like a shot. Sad state of affairs.

  11. Your card is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. My dear, I have been praying for you in hopes your health will get better by the day. Please keep trying to get the help you need with your condition. I would even suggest you contacting the head of the hospital and also the head of the department to explain your situation and dire need of medical attention. This long wait for your condition is preposterous. I pray you get help SOON!

  12. Oh Ang you do make me laugh, however, I'm with your GP on this one. Remember the "squeeky wheel" always gets the attention. Nevertheless I hope you managed to get your appointment soon. There is a plan C though, move to Scotland as our NHS isn't as @/*~#ed yet.

    Now to your card, it's gorgeous, I love Tattie Ted, and you've designed your card beautifully,you take care, hugs Kate x

  13. Ooh Ang, you do make me smile and I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour What a sh***y attitude your GP had YES definitely email the consultant but I would also rring his secretary She'll be the one to actually organise appt etc and ensure that he's read your email (I'm saying nothing but I work for NHS....)
    Your card is stunning I must get some alphabet dies especially now that I'm without a laptop at the moment I have the Filigree Delights - what dies did you use to create the frame?

  14. Sweet card and love that image/stamp used. Hope all sorts out health wise soon.....xx {aNNie}

  15. Morning Ang,
    Love your card, clever use of the sentiment.
    Why does it always take so long to see somebody. My hubby has been waiting 3 months for an appointment, gets one and then it's changed twice inside a week. Keep your chin up.

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  17. A very pretty card Ang and I love how you've shown the bear holding the banner

    I'm now retired from the NHS but I'm aware that if you contact the consultant's secretary and tell her/him your situation but also state that you would take a cancellation appointment. I hope this works for you

    June x

  18. Hey Ang, sorry to hear that you're still having so many problems. This has not been your year so far now has it! Beautiful card, I love how you build these windows to display your images or sentiments. It always looks so beautiful on your cards, but I've never had any success with that style. sending healing hugs and hopes you don't have to go back to school! Let's face it...ick! :)

  19. What a delightful card, Ang.

    Do hope you get an appointment soon.

    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. What a lovely baby card - an idea for my grandchild due in November.

  21. Lovely card! Have a great weekend!