Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Golden Doodles . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. How's it going with you? 

I hope that Nancy's and Elaine's legs are better and also that Maureen has recovered fully from the cataract op. And Marion, my goodness you have your hands full.

Up and down with me at still but marginally more ups. Even ventured to Tesco for a bit of shopping yesterday by myself (thank goodness for Scan and Shop) and hopefully meeting John for breakfast this morning.

Its frightening to think we're nearly in December. Where has this year gone? Mind you, its felt like a long one at times.
I've been on a mission with getting Christmas cards done and during the last 4 days, I've made about 24. Before you gasp in amazement (I thing I heard some of you gasp already) most of them are using the Hunkydory sets I bought 4 years ago as I was determined I was going to use the bloomin things. I bought 2 big sets so I think I'll be using them for some years to come lol!!!
I have some birthday cards I need to get done too so good job I have a craft head on at the minute.

Now, this another card from John's previous shows with the Doodle Rose Wreath. I love black and gold together, especially the vintage gold.

Black card
Vintage gold card
Sue Wilson Doodle Rose Wreath dies
John Lockwood sentiment stamp
Black satin ribbon
CE black crystal sparkler
Black pearlage
Score lines using a Hougie

The middle die cut with the sentiment on is smaller than the black layer underneath as I nipped a bit extra off each side by popping it back through the GC with the die again but further in.

I shall be catching up with blog visits again in the next couple of days. Got behind again as our tablet decided to play up so we got a new one at the weekend in the Black Friday event. Saved £60 so happy days.

Thank you again for your visits and lovely comments. Its been smashing to see some new names saying "hello" too. 

Until next time, be good.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, love your card, the gold and black is stunning. Mmmm Christmas cards, there are days I wish I did not have to work for a living, then perhaps my Christmas cards would be finished and sent early and not the last minute. Hey ho, have a great day, enjoy the new tablet. Bx

  2. Black and gold looks so elegant a lovely card I like the centre section.
    Enjoy your tablet and your breakfast with John xxx

  3. Glad things are a bit better for y ou. I too have had to get on with Christmas so have got 20 cards prepared to make. Love this card today. I've got the die but I don't think it will see the light of day before Christmas. Keep on getting better!

    Marion xx

  4. So gorgeous Ang. Glad you are having more 'up' times. Say 'Hi' to John, I will txt him later to remind him about something, enjoy your brekky, xxxx

  5. Beautiful card, Ang. I am feeling very smug at the moment as I think I have made enough Christmas cards! I have never finished so early.

    Look after yourself, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

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  7. Morning Ang,
    Pleased to hear that you are a tad better, I hope the ups continue.
    Gorgeous card I too love gold and black togther, so classy.

  8. Hi ang
    Lovely card chuck, loving the bow and bling.
    I have managed to make 50 Christmas cards ,now have to do the specials.
    Keep on the up Ang .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  9. Another great card with these dies - I see John has been on with even more temptation this week!!

  10. Golden doodles, my heck, duckie, this looks like a sold gold bar of bunion! Hmm, no that can't be right. Ah, here it comes then, bullion! I've found that the aging/forgetting words process is less frustrating if you just go with it, teach yourself to attain a sort of out-of-body (as well as out-of-brain, you see) stance so that you can look on yourself from a distance and watch the brain cells frantically opening and shutting all the file drawers (there are scads of them, you know) trying desperately to find the right word. The key is to settle in and be patient, otherwise they work themselves into quite a tizzy and then you've got cells getting arms and legs caught into slamming file drawers and it's quite a total cluster.

    I'm sorry who was I talking to? Oh, yes, I see it's you, Ang! Hello! I do love your card. Did I say that already? And I'm delighted to hear that you are having more peaks than valleys AND you found your crafty head, to boot! Amen, sister!! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Gorgeous card, love the gold and black together and the lovely bling on the ribbon.
    I wish I could get into the crafting mode I have so much to do but just cant seem to get going !
    Hugs, Kaz

  12. Hi Ang
    Lovely card glad to hear you are feeling better these days.
    My leg is feeling 100% now, still not doing the can can yet though, just waiting to hear about my second cataract removal. Hope it won't be long!
    Love Nancy x

  13. Hi Ang! I love this black and gold color combo. Very elegant! I too am in the throes of making Christmas cards. I cheated with a couple of kits myself. Only so many hours in the day. Have a great day!

  14. Very elegant Ang - glad to know you are doing well.
    I admit - you heard me gasp when you said how many cards you made. No matter what, that's still a lot of cards!
    Sandy xx

  15. Good Morning Ang from sunny Livingston ha ha, stunning card, so very elegant and luxurious made in the gold, beautifully designed. You're getting great use of that die, have a good day, Kate x

  16. Beautiful card Ang! Love the fancy design and intricate die cuts you used, how lovely. Wonderful colours, so very elegant. I'm with you, where the heck did the year go. It was a tough one this year, especially the last few months. Looking forward to ringing in a new one in an attempt to start clean. lol Because that's all it takes, right? note the sarcasm. Anyway, sorry I've been so scarce, it has been a bit challenging lately, but I'll try to catch up with all your wonderful posts. Hope you are well, sending hugs :)

  17. Hi Ang,
    what very wonderful and luxurious design.
    Love the wonderful gold and black design.
    Such a very snazzy way to use those fab dies.
    So glad you are feeling a bit better.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Hello Ang,
    Well I'm going back to get my eyes redone as I see a blue and cream card. It's a very nice card but not black and gold!!! Have you had your eyes checked ha ha.
    Glad you are feeling more up than down, those little blue pills are wonderful!!!!
    Take it easy, don't worry about the C cards, I may even (shh while I whisper this), send some bought ones for the first time in 17 years. Special people will still get made ones, but the rabble will have to do with what they get. They don't appreciate the time and effort anyway!! I once (only once) did a Pergamano white work sailing galleon with loads of cut work, for my brother in law. Next time he saw me he asked what sort of stamp I'd used as it was quite nice!!!! I asked where it was and I'd explain, "Oh we put it in the bin with the rest", it took me nearly a week of evenings to do it -NEVER AGAIN!!!!
    Take care, keep your pecker up!
    Maureen xxx

  19. Another gorgeous card made with that die. You've certainly changed my mind about this set!
    Glad to hear you're having more "ups" than "downs" and hope you continue to getting back to your old self (god help us! but wouldn't want it any other way!)
    Take care

  20. Hi Ang, busy time for all of us....not enough hours in a day to do all the crafting that I want to do LOL !!. Lovely cards - I agree black and gold very stylish. Janice xx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  21. Beautiful creation!! Very elegant!

  22. Great creation in beautiful colours. Doodle rose die looks so effective. Glad you're feeling a bit better and hope you enjoyed breakfast with John.
    Still a few Christmas cards to do.

  23. Hi Ang, another beautiful card. I am thinking I should add this die to my wish list.
    Hope your good days are getting more and more frequent.

  24. Hi Ang

    This is a gorgeous card. I love to use the vintage gold card stock and teamed with black is a winner for me

    Good to hear you've been out and about

    June x

  25. Hi Ang

    It is good to hear you're having more ups than downs. Hope that continues for you

    I love using the vintage gold card stock with black, it looks so gorgeous

    June x