Monday, 5 December 2016

When is a Doodle not a Doodle?. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you well.

I apologise in advance that this is a little photo heavy as I thought I'd show you how I used one of the Doodle Rose Wreath dies to make the above card and also, I made it to a local craft show so there's a snap of the goodies. Its also a bit waffle heavy, so you may want to fix a coffee first lol!!!

Now, you'll be relieved to know that this is the last of the Doodle Rose Wreath cards that I made for John's shows.
I wanted to do something completely different with the dies and I think this achieved that.

Bright white, sky blue and cobalt Foundations card
Doodle Rose Wreath - shaped centre die only
John Lockwood sentiment
Mei Flower navy ribbon

This is the die that I used from the set and how I got the cut outs for either side.

The pieces should just come apart but would just need a little snip otherwise. Then cut the flat edges to the width you want and turn them around and put them together as per above.

For the white layer, I just used the same die, matching the pattern to nip out pieces to continue the pattern (hope that makes sense).

And, you end up with a card that, I think, could be used for a male.

I woke up feeling well on Saturday so decided to go to the papercraft show at the Motorcycle Museum near Solihull. Sadly, Christine couldn't make it but Mr D came with me. I thought he would park himself in the coffee shop with his newspaper but he decided he wanted to go into the show (that's another £4 I could've spent on goodies lol!!!).

Here are my purchases . . . . .

Not excessive as its a small show, but some things were on my list so I'm glad I went.
Yes, I know there is yet another First Edition pad there but can anyone really have enough lol??? And yes, that is a CC A4 embossing folder for £3 and stamps for £2.50. . . . . Bargain!!!

As I was thinking of calling it a day, having done about an hour and a half, the fire alarm sounded and we all had to evacuate the building. As we stood outside, Mr D says "I knew there was a way I could get you out of that building" laughing. 
As I looked at him suspiciously, he profusely denied having anything to do with the fire alarm and said he was only joking.
I did then hear it had been set off in another part of the building. . . . .phew!!!
As punishment for the bad joke, I went back in for another 15 minutes lol!!!

I'm continuing with my mission to get the Christmas cards done. I've even bought a daylight bulb for the craft room so that I can work in there longer on dull days and evenings (Its at the front of the house, which is North facing . . . . . the price to pay for a South facing rear (not to mention my South heading rear lol!!!)

Glad to hear the leg is better Nancy and fingers crossed for the cataract. Maureen, I would have been mortified. I know Nesta and Davey keep their cards but I don't dare ask anyone else lol!

That's it for now folks (don't cheer quite so loudly eh lol!!!)
Hope that this week is kind to you all.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, love this card, great for a male. Pleased to hear you had a lovely day out. Take care. Bx

  2. Lovely card Ang. Glad you felt well enough to go to the craft show. Onwards and upwards!! X

  3. Hi there Ang, beautifully designed card, can't work out how you see these designs, just amazing. Lovely colours too.
    Pleased to hear you are feeling a little better and got to the craft show. I'm recovering from my trip away, it always knackers me, speak soon, Kate x

  4. Clever and ingenious idea with that die. Pleased you enjoyed the show and managed to gather a few goodies.

  5. Morning Ang,
    A very clever use of a die.


  6. Very clever duckie you are Ang.xxc

  7. A perfect card for a guy, Ang and it'll look just as good in other colourways.
    Wow! How impressive is that actually getting Mr D. inside a craft fair. I stand in awe!!!

  8. Hi Ang
    Wow! , loving your card Ang a great idea and lovely colour used.
    Fantastic bargains you got ,just what the doctor ordered eh ?
    Hope you continue to feel well .
    Take care chuck
    Elaine H X

  9. A very striking card Ang. Love the work you did with that die, you wouldn't even recognize the shape without your process pics!! Glad to see you got a day out and had a breather from the stress and pain you've had lately. Looks like you got yourself some lovely goodies.

    Thank you so much for the friendly and ever so sweet e-push. I am thinking of taking a trip out to The Shire today, so wish me luck that I get further than the edge of the woods. sending hugs :)

  10. A doodle is not a doodle when no other doodle will do! Love the design of your card!
    Sandy xx

  11. Hi Ang,
    what a brilliant card and such a very natty design.
    You are very clever at these.
    Love the wonderful colour choices too.
    So glad you were able to go to the craft sale.
    I would have taken ages in there not another 5 mins. lol.
    My DH put some LED bulbs in my ceiling flourecent tubes and they give off perfect bright light for crafting I also have a daylight bulb in my craft lamp and an ottlight for photographing.
    So I am so glad you can craft at all times like myself.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. South facing rear!! (LOL) Great masculine card. Looks like a nice haul from the craft show. I craft in the basement of our home so I have to have good lighting (2 Ott lights) or I would go more blind than I already am! Have a great day.

  13. Hello Ang,
    Glad you've been able to get out and spend some money!!! Well I have to say that this Doodle is a Doddle ha ha. Brilliant idea and one for the boring males - oops, not that your card is boring!!! (Hole - digging deeper - come to mind). South facing eh, mine's East so I don't know what that says about me!!!
    I hope the upturn in health continues, keep taking the tablets.
    love Maureen xx

  14. Hi Ang

    Great 'doodle' design, excellent card for the male species

    Your new stash looks very interesting :) looking forward to seeing the cards :)

    Take care

    June x

  15. Ingenious card Ang. John gave me your message on Saturday at Colemans - thank you. As always, his demos were brilliant and lovely to see his cards.
    Glad to hear your were able to get to a show!

  16. How clever, Ang. A great card.
    My craft room faces north so I know what you mean about the light - a daylight lamp is essential.

    All the best

    Anne (Northampton)

  17. A very clever card Ang You'd never guess without the explanation Love your little haul of goodies Now setting off the fire alarm would be something my husband would have definitely done (if he was clever enough!)

  18. Busy as ever Ang and oh so creative! Lovely work as always. thanks for popping by my blog, lovely of you to visit as I'm hopeless at comments just now! Jx