Thursday, 10 November 2016

I'm Back . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. I'm back. Did you miss me lol?

Hope you're all ok? I'm not doing too badly. I was terrified on Friday but Mr D and the Cardiology team were lovely and managed to calm me a little. Two shocks later, heart was back in normal rhythm but I have slight burns on my chest and back (they itched like crazy for a couple of days) and I felt like I've been kicked in the chest but each day it gets better.
Just got to hope that the heart stays in normal rhythm and doesn't decide it preferred the chaotic one lol!!! The longer it can stay in normal rhythm, the more chance it has of staying that way so the next few weeks are a big test.***** see below.
Thank you for your good wishes and thoughts. They have been very much appreciated.

Now, before I got chance to show you all the samples from John's last shows, he's back on TV again with some more samples I made so I thought I'd better show one of these latest ones (Hopefully you may see them on Hochanda). Mine all feature Sue Wilson's Doodle Rose Wreath die set with the dies used in different ways on some of them. The set was a pressie from John to keep my mind on crafty things rather than anything else.

Cream and rich plum Foundation card
Sue Wilson Doodle Rose Wreath dies
John Lockwood sentiment
Sweet Plum Memento Dewdrop ink
Plum ribbon
Scored with a Hougie

Just simple layers using the rose die to create a border. Hopefully, something a little different to give another look for the die.

Met up with John yesterday for a late lunch on his way to the studio. It was nice to have a normal conversation and a laugh without health issues taking over.

Anyhoo, I'm still working my way round to everyone's blogs so I will be visiting soon, promise.

Off to schedule this now so I can watch Corrie then John.

Thanks again for bearing with me. Hopefully things will continue to improve and get back to normal eventually. 

Ang x

***** Update ........ sadly, as this post was already scheduled, I went back into A/Fib yesterday (Thursday) and spent all day back at the hospital. Another trace of virus showing on blood tests so that may have triggered it. Finally escaped at 9.45pm as I didn't want to stay in. So back to square one but consultants secretary was on the phone to me at 8.30am this morning (Friday) to sort out more appointments.
Feel so upset as I had hoped things were on the up but there we go. 
Thank you for the positive comments already made.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang and hope it's a good one. I'm up at the crack before dawn as Milk Tray Man is off to the mountains.
    Your card is stunning, these are wonderful dies and such a beautiful design, love the addition of the scoring, really effective, all round gorgeousness. Pleased to hear you met up with John, do you the world of good. Take care, Kate x 🤗

  2. Hi Ang, glad to hear the treatment worked, I am sure it is a big step to full recovery. Love your card. Take care. Bx

  3. What a lovely card and how I love the doodle wreath. Just beautiful! Glad your treatment has worked so far, fingers crossed for you!

    Maggie B xx

  4. Morning Ang
    So glad to hear your treatment worked, fingers crossed you will get back to normal very soon.
    I must say this is a stunning card. I love the way you hsve created the border a fantastic idea your mojo is definitely back xxxx

  5. Super card Mrs D. So pleased things(for "things" read "heart") are behaving themselves and let's hope it continues. Fingers crossed. Look after yourself. Christine xx

  6. Hi Ang,
    glad to hear your feeling a little better now.
    My you poor thing you have been through the mill.
    Love your wonderful card, and it's such a very super deaign too.
    Wonderful use of those dies.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Hi Ang
    Beautiful card as ever ,love the colour and design.
    So pleased you enjoyed your outing with John ,onwards and upwards now chuck .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  8. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card. Lets hope you are on the up now.

  9. Do hope that the treatment you have had proves to be a great success Ang Just take thing easy for a while and make more lovely cards like this one.
    Life here remains one day at a time. Could write a book now on aged care facilities and this one is world class or so I am led to believe!
    Margaret M

  10. Good morning Ang, John mentioned last night he had given you this die set and you had prepared samples for him. Like what you have done here, the border is an interesting idea. Take care now love from Jackie xx

  11. Hi Ang, glad to hear you are on the mend (hopefully!!) fingers crossed for you that your heart behaves itself and doesn't flutter too much (you must stop looking at hunky men !!!). Great cards that you have done for John....must try and watch his show !! Janice xx

  12. Oh, yes, I have missed you and your beautiful cards. So glad you are back and that your heart procedure was successful. Prayers do work. Saw some of your cards on John's shows on Hochanda. They all are lovely cards.

  13. Great card, Ang. Good to hear you sounding more like your old self.
    Best wishes


  14. The card is beautiful (and the die I nearly bought it but decided not to - I think I have changed my mind) So pleased to hear things are improving for you and hope they continue to do so

  15. Hi Ang, hope this treatment works for you and you get back to normal soon.
    Love the simplicity of this card it is beautiful.
    Nancyd xx

  16. Been thinking of you, so happy to hear that you are feeling a lot better, your cards as always are lovely and glad you have been able to have a catch up with John. Take things slow.

  17. So pleased to hear you are feeling more like yourself - did email John to ask after you.
    Love the card - such clean lines.
    Haven't caught John's shows - had to leave home in a hurry on Tuesday with no time to set recorder, as my new little granddaughter was on the way and I was asked to look after my other little darling - she's 4. All well now and 2 gorgeous little ones to enjoy. Alexandra and Eleanor.
    Keep looking after yourself.

  18. Hi Ang

    I'm so sorry to hear you've been poorly and had a set back! I really do hope you will be feeling 100% better before too long!

    On a lighter note, I love everything about this card!

    Take great care Ang

    June x

  19. Hi Ang
    I love this cream and purple combo and that rose die is gorgeous. Love how you used it for the edging. Sending healing prayers your way.

  20. Sheer delight, love this gorgeous card.xx {aNNie}

  21. Another beautiful creation! Love the layers! Have a great week!