Sunday, 13 November 2016

Doodling Again . . . . . . . . .

Good morning dear blogging chums. Hope that all is well with you and yours.

For those of you who didn't see the amendment I made to my last post, I'm sad to say, I've got the A/Fib back. Ended up back in hospital on Thursday. Blood tests and high temp have indicated a virus/infection is lurking so it may have been this that has caused the heart to revert. Just awaiting a further cardio appointment to see what happens next. 
Needless to say, it's been very disappointing and upsetting so, a difficult few days.

Now, I missed John's shows on Thursday so I'm not sure which of my samples may have been shown. I'm hoping to try and watch on catch up tomorrow as I haven't had much of a crafty head on. This is one of them. You just knew I had to squeeze Bitty Blossoms in somewhere lol!!!

Ivory and amethyst Foundation card
Sue Wilson Doodle Rose Wreath
SB Bitty Blossoms
John Lockwood Violet Elements sentiment
Memento Dewdrop Grape Jelly ink
Dusty Concord DI
Teeny bling
Hougie for score lines

The roses are actually seated in circular apertures rather than just on top of the card.
This uses the Doodle Rose Wreath in its simplest form but sometimes simple is ok?

Thank you again for your continuing support and kindness. I will try and keep things upbeat in future as I'm sure you don't want to spend your precious time reading doom and gloom.

I'll see if I can get Flash to put on a special performance so at least I have something a bit more entertaining to report lol!!!

Haven't got round to visiting everyone again but hope that you'll understand that my head has been elswhere. I will try and remedy that over the next few days.

Take care all.

Ang x


  1. Lovely card And! Clean and simple is great with me. So sorry you are unwell again. I too have AF and its a real pain! Hope they get yOu sorted out really soon!

    Maggie B xx

  2. Lovely card Ang and lovely colour. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Just need tosort out that infection now!!! TAke care. Christine xx

  3. Love what you've done with this die set. I saw some of John's shows and also of course your samples. I do hope things are settling for you - take care.

  4. What a beautiful card, Ang.
    So sorry to hear you have had problems again. Take care of yourself.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Morning Ang,
    Poor you! what a bummer. Keep your chine up I'm sure you will get sorted, and then will be up and running agian.
    Love your card.

  6. HI An
    Loving your card chuck, so clean, crisp and a real beauty.
    Hope you are feeling better and your appointment comes soon.
    Sending positive vibes.
    Take care chuck.
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang, I love your upbeat look on life and your positivity. .....and of course, your amusing tales of life where you live. All the best. Janice xx

  8. Sweetie, you need a break from all these heart issues and the WAITING. Prayers go with you. Please know those of us who follow you do care for you and your well-being. Please get well soon. Your card today is stunning. I had not warmed up to this Doodle Rose Wreath up until seeing this lovely card you made. Love the simplicity of your design. Generally, I am more of a froufrou designer, but this design inspires me. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  9. So sorry to read you have been on the downslope again, these viruses are nasty little b*****s aren't they. But what a super card you are showing absolute winner. Do take care Ang thinking of you as always love from Jackie xx

  10. Beautifully designed card Ang.
    I sure am sorry that you have been courting a virus. Thank goodness it has all been caught in time. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers sweet lady - take as good of care of yourself as you can. I know your doctors give you good advice. As much as you might hate to hear this - I certainly would stay away from lots of people - If people know how to do anything well - it's share their horrid viruses and bacterial infections. Be a cave person for a while - rest - drink lots of tea and read some really good books!!!!
    Sandy xx

  11. Hello My Dear Lass, gorgeous card, love those little blooms and your card design is so pretty.
    You know Ang, I think Sandy's advice is the best ever, take care of yourself, Kate x

  12. Hi Ang,

    Sorry I have missed quite a few of your posts of late, they are gorgeous, so beautiful.
    I am so, so sorry you have taken a turn for the worse again, these dreaded viruses are not good. Chin up hun and I hope they sort you out soon.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Your card is so sweet, Ang, just like you! I'm so very, very sorry to hear that your heart is being a snot and reverted due to some nasty virus. What a huge disappointment for you! You are back on my prayer list and in my thoughts DOUBLE-TIME!! Know you are surrounded by lots of love and hugs!! Darnell

  14. Hi Ang! I love the beautiful flowers on this card. So beautiful! Prayers and hugs for you!

  15. Sending you well wishes Ang, take care...
    Love this gorgeous card, creativity beyond.xx{aNNie}

  16. Morning Ang

    I too am really sorry to hear you're having problems and hope everything gets back to 'normal' soon for you

    This card is gorgeous and I love the sentiment

    Take care dear lady

    June x

  17. Hi Ang, so sorry that things are not quite going as you wanted, but I am sure your specialist will sort it out for you.
    Your cards are beautiful and I am not surprised that John uses them in his shows.
    Keep smiling Ang, you will get there.

  18. Hi Ang,
    oh I am sorry to hear your health is giving you so much trouble again.
    I do hope it gets sorted out soon.
    It must be very distressing for you, and worrying too.
    Here's hoping all will soon be on the up and up as you have had your fair share now.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours to try and help.
    Your card is wonderful and the colour and design are ace.
    Loving your bity blossom flowers too.
    Thanks for your wonderful comments on my work.
    Lots of crafty love, and hugs. Jenny L.

  19. Beautiful card Ang!! Love the flowers!

  20. Oh Ang you must feel absolutely gutted I do feel for you If you can't have a good old moan on your own blog then when can you
    Your card is gorgeous I love it and thank you for visiting me but we all understand when you can't Looking after yourself is the most important thing Take care xxx