Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Lilac Doodles . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is well, warm and happy.

A sunny and breezy day expected so I shall hopefully have some washing out later. The last of the chillies and tomatoes have been plucked from their plants so I guess its really Autumn now.

Bizarrely, I mentioned our old friend Flash on my last visit. He has been fairly quiet of late, or I have missed any mularky but right on cue, he does something strange.
I think it must be Autumn as he appeared outside on Sunday morning sporting a rather fetching pair of burgundy tartan pyjamas (guessing it was the McFlash clan colours???). He took in a deep draught of the fresh morning air, with hands on hips, went back inside for about 5 seconds and re-emerged with what looked like a fish (mackerel sized) dangling between his finger and thumb which he then deposited in his wheely bin.

It takes allsorts eh?

Now, today I have another card from John's shows last week, using the Doodle Rose Wreath die.

Ivory, black, wisteria and amethyst Foundation card
Sue Wilson Doodle Rose Wreath die
CE Swirling Hearts embossing folder
John Lockwood Fern Frame Elements sentiment
Mei Flower black satin ribbon

I made the pattern shape by cutting a square out of the amethyst card and then cutting each corner of the square with part of the Doodle Rose Wreath. I then backed it with ivory card and cut out the extra ivory bits in the corners with the centre die from the set.
Suzzie, I hadn't got this die on my radar until John gave it to me but it is more versatile than you would first think.

I love a bit of lilac/purple action and I know that there's a few of you ladies do too.

Thank you again for your best wishes. The virus hasn't emerged as anything like a cough or sickness etc, just obviously lurked beneath and did its deed on the heart.
Marion, apparantly is very common and affects folk differently so I hope you don't suffer too much with yours. 
Jacquie, always try and keep my chin up but these days its a choice of which one (chin) lol!!!
Jan from Northampton, congratulations on the arrival of your new Granddaughter. . . . . you'll need those baby sets now lol, but I bet there's some beautiful lace that's been made for an outfit?

Anyhoo, that's me for today. I'm scheduling and my dumplings need attention . . . . . .stew, ladies, stew lol!!!

Ang x


  1. Such a clever use of that die! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive to have a play. Apparently 1 in 10 of us gets AF and in my family two of my four cousins have it, one of whom is having real problems like you. You keep well and enjoy the dumplings! Yum!!

    Maggie B xx

  2. Hi Ang, another really stunning card, love the colours and the way you have used this die, very different ideas. Take care, hope the virus does not take hold. And watch out for Flash. Bx

  3. Oh dumplings, just love them with stew, hope you and Mr.Duck enjoyed your dinner.
    Stunning card Ang, gorgeous colours and design, it's a beautiful die, see quite a few cards made using it, so very versatile.
    Take care of yourself and speak soon, Kate x

  4. What a clever way of using this die, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Hi Ang, beautiful card chuck, love the colour and your design .
    Dumplings Mmmm we had them in a stew on Friday , just lovely.
    Sending positive vibes your way
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  6. Wonderful card Ang, love that embossing folder. Keep Well. xxxx

  7. Good colour choice and shows very well the versatility of Sue's dies. I do so enjoy John's shows

  8. Gorgeous card in a beautiful colour. Hope you're starting to feel better now Ang. Thanks for asking about my hubby (via Wendy). He's doing real good with his pacemaker- pulse in the 60's now instead of the 30's! Take good care of yourself and keep making your gorgeous cards. Gill xx

  9. Oh my gosh, dumplings and stew! Takes me right back to childhood, my Mom made the best darned stew and dumplings. I never really got the hang of either. Beautiful card, love all the purple. Very creative way to use your die, Lovely embossed pattern in the background. hugs :)

  10. Hi Ang and you are sounding very upbeat today so I'm taking that as a positive. Not sure whether it is Flash or the dumplings but it is all good. Love how you have used the die on this card so clever. Love from Jackie xx

  11. Hello Ang,
    Well, I go off the radar for five minutes and you decide to play funny whatsits and all hell breaks loose!!! Your virus obviously infected my laptop (couldn't be the other way around) so that's been away to see a "man who can". The hospital offered me a cancellation so my other cataract has been removed and I'm almost back to normal (well almost normal!!!)
    I'm really sorry that you've had such trials and tribulations but rest assured that your Consultant and staff will take good care of you. Flash has obviously heard about your ticker and decided to help things along - in his own inimitable style.
    Take care, try not to worry and I forgot to say that all the cards you've posted while I've been AWOL are great.
    love Maureen xxx

    1. P.s. I refrained from mentioning your dumplings!!! xx

  12. This die is so more versatile than I could have imagined thanks to all of your designs. Thank you for the personal response. You made me feel so special!

  13. Morning Ang
    I love the wisteria card its a lovely colour and a very effective way of using the die.
    Stew and dumplings one of my favourite meals xx yummy xx

  14. Thanks for your good wishes Ang - been making baby cards galore this week including grandparent cards as more than my granddaughter have popped out! No time for lace at the moment.
    Good to hear you're on the mend and you are able to produce more lovely cards like this one. Love the embossing folder.

  15. Hi Ang lovely as always to here from you and again a beautiful card. I think you are amazing given all you have been through, you still manage to retain your sense of humour, keep it up Ang you will get there

  16. Very classy card and super colours. Been wet and very, very windy here today. Got bowled along whilst out shopping this morning. The trolley took off on it's own too. Hugs Mrs A.

  17. Hi Ang,
    so glad your feeling better.
    Oh my word your neighbour strikes again.
    At least he was decent this time.
    Mind you it all sounds a little fishy. LOL
    Oh excuse the pun.
    Love your wonderful design card.
    The colours are beautiful, and that die used in a slightly different way looks super.
    It reminds me of a cross I have that my Mum gave me.
    Love and bigggst hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Hi Ang

    Love the design of this card and the colour combo

    You sound as if your health has improved a little, I'm pleased to hear

    Finally, your dumplings..... I hope they did turn out just right lol

    June x

  19. Love the gorgeous colours used,The quote is so similar to what dad used to say this is amazing and delightful viewing creation.xx {aNNie}

  20. This is beautiful I had to do a bit of a double take to realise what die you'd used. Very, very clever. Glad to hear that your health is improving. How weird is Flash, strange very strange!

  21. Hi Ang! Love this color combo, your card is gorgeous! Have a great day.