Monday, 13 February 2017

Mr D's Christmas Card. . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope the start of a new week sees you and yours well.

Welcome to Helen, who has kindly hit the "Follow" button. Thank you and hope you will visit often.

I have spent the last few days playing referee in the back garden as Misty and Monty (our names for the Mistle Thrushes) have been terrorising the other birds that visit. I knew they could be territorial but they are being a nuisance. Poor Mr and Mrs B, the Robins and Sparrows are having to watch their backs and for breakfast, I have been standing guard whilst they are eating as Misty and Monty won't swoop whilst I'm there.
As its freezing cold and I'm not feeling at my best, I could do without it but I'm not tolerating any feathered thuggish behaviour, especially when there is plenty to go around. The only ones that don't bat an eye are the Goldfinches and the Tits but they tend to feed from the feeders rather than land on the bird table.

Now, back to the card. I realised, as I was in the throws of doing Mr D's Valentine card, I hadn't actually shown you his Christmas card, so here it is for your perusal.

Cream and red card
Gold mirror card
Memory Box Alphabet dies
Sue Wilson 2015 Angel set, stars only
Crafters Companion Christmas Jumper embossing folder
Bebunni Snowflakes embossing folder
Mei Flower gold bling
Dovecrafts teeny red bling

To get the arched shape to the letters, I cut out a circle and placed the letters round it, if that makes sense?
I was another biggy at 10x8 but I liked how it turned out and so did Mr D.

Jenny, I wish I was ahead with this year's Christmas cards but the ones on the last post and the forthcoming ones for the next few posts, were all from Christmas 2016.
Mrs A, hope you saw the link for the mealworms.
Jackie, us ducks get everywhere, lol!!!

I will post the winner of the Paddle Prize for my 400th post later in the week, so watch this space.

Hope this week is kind to you all.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, I can just imagine you standing guard over the bird table! We had 3 Robins on our fence all at the same time, which I found very surprising, as they are territorial too. Love Mr D's Christmas card, fab design. Take care. Bx

  2. Wow what a great card for the mantlepiece a stunner.
    Unfortunately Due to having 4 cats not many birds visit our garden xxx

  3. Gorgeous card Ang, love the 'Ducky'. xxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Love your card. Had to chuckle about the bird watching, it's magpies that are the bullies in our garden.

  5. Hi Ang
    Lovely beautiful card for MrD , love ,love , love it .

    Please wrap up warm when you are standing guard over the bird table { you don't have a rolling pin in your hand by any chance ? } ,,,,,
    Take care chuck.
    Elaine H X

  6. It's refreshing to see a Christmas card so late in the season. I miss Christmas, especially when it's snowing outside for the first time since December! This is beautiful Ang, so elegant and refined! Love the red with metallic accents, striking with the white trim too! Mr D must have just loved it!!

    Now about those bullies! The Grackles here can be a real pain, chasing away all the other birds. Have you tried setting out an extra spot for placing the food? Spread them out a bit more, know what I mean? I have found that works a bit, perhaps enough to get you back inside the warm cozy house. lol. sending hugs :)

  7. Lovely card again Ang. Will be back in the cold UK by the end of the week having had a wonderful time with my son, daughter- in-law and 2 grandchildren. Not to mention the sun. Been doing lots of craft stuff with my grandson.

  8. Great card Ang, love the way you have done the circular letters.
    Keep Well.

  9. Hi Ang

    I think Mr D's card is fab. I love how you created the curve for the letters

    Are you getting paid overtime for the extra on-guard watch? lol

    June x

  10. Love the Christmas card Ang, and hopefully we will see the valentine card tomorrow !! Janice xx

  11. Hi Ang, fabulous card and I love how you've placed the letters, wonderful design in the red and gold, take care, Kate x

  12. Beautiful Ang I love how the lettering looks de bossed onto the card

  13. Hello Ang,
    Simple idea but stunning in real life. Good idea for a birthday card as well.
    Sorry to read that you are still not feeling well, and standing guard in the cold will not be helping. I don't know what's the trouble at the moment in our garden. We normally have loads of birds visiting, and the food and water is out for them but they are staying away. I wonder if it's all the neighbours' cats that's scaring them.
    Take care, stay warm, send Mr D out on guard!!
    love Maureen xx

  14. Wow what a gorgeous Christmas card Ang I bet Mr D loved it!!! Standing around in the cold isn't good for us with ticker problems so don't be doing that without wrapping up young lady:))) lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxx

  15. Beautiful Christmas Card - "Merry Christmas Ducky" made me laugh. So very British!
    I really enjoyed reading about your birds - you are such a good Mama!
    Sandy xx

  16. What a fabulous card, Ang. So stylish.
    Our problem birds are magpies - we counted 9 in a tree the other day!

    Look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  17. Firstly thank you for taking the time to welcome me to your blog. Next I have to say what a stunning card, everything about it shouts class. Although the sentiment is very personal to you, here in Derbyshire I could send that to anyone lol. Duck or ducky is something you hear people called on a regular basis.

  18. Beautiful card Ang! So you are now a bird referee! Stay warm!

  19. What a great card Ang. Fabulous colour and love the curved greeting. Christine x