Thursday, 9 February 2017

Quick and Easy Christmas. . . . . . . .

Good morning guys and gals. Hope you are keeping warm and well in this new cold snap. 

The birds have been regular visitors to the table for munchies and we have been getting through 2 fat balls each week (Maureen . . . . .No!!!).
Myself and Nesta like to put out mealworms but they were getting quite expensive so I found a pet shop on eBay that did 5kg for a bargain price with free delivery, so we decided to order and split them. It seemed like a good idea at the time, not having much idea how much room they would take up. . . . . . .I knew all those empty Roses, Heroes and Celebration tubs I'd kept over the years would eventually have a use lol!!!
I like to make sure that they have a nice little buffet, fat balls, nuts, mealworms, grapes, blueberries and seeds. . . . . . . come to think of it, they're probably better fed than we are lol!!!
The reward has been a beautiful pair of plump Mistle Thrushes joining the regular diners. I'm hoping to get a photo but they always turn up, when my camera is in another room.

Anyhoo, there's me twittering on (sorry, couldn't resist) when I should be saying welcome to Maggie and thank you for following. Also, Karen, on my last post with the poinsettias, I inked through the die with Versamark and brushed with gold mica to get the veins on the bracts.

Now, warning . . . . . . photo heavy Christmas post. I thought that I would show you some of what I affectionately call my "lick and stick" cards that were ultra quick batch makes for less near and dear friends and acquaintances.

I decided to get stuck into the pile of abandoned Hunkydory kits and mixed and matched with other bits and pieces in my stash.

Can't believe how quick these were to make so I shall be using them again later in the year.

Perhaps not as exciting as the whistles and bells of fancy die cuts, but still a useful addition to the Christmas shelf, especially for the likes of me, who is not as disciplined as some of you guys who do Christmas all year round.

Hope you don't mind seeing something simpler than usual. Normal die cut service will resume on the next post lol!!!

Still up and down with me at the moment. Having interrupted sleep is what's wearing me down at the moment as lack of sleep can make the condition worse, yet its the condition that's causing the lack of sleep . . . . . .definition of vicious circle or what lol!!! Maureen, I've been diagnosed but its getting the treatment right that's proving difficult.
Oh well, onwards and upwards (said the gynaecologist to the actress).

Don't forget, you have until Saturday to comment on my 400th post here, to be in the draw for a paddle prize.

Have a great day and be good.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang
    A great selection of cards and you have reminded me of my kanban stash that I must get out and use up.
    We all need those quick but still effective cards xx

  2. LOVE the collection bring them on.xx{aNNie}

  3. Great to see some ideas using stash which I'm sure we've all got loads of!
    Jan Northampton

  4. Lovely array of cards Ang , i have pinned them up on my Pinterest board .
    Hope you get to feeling better soon Chuck.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Morning Ang,
    A great selection, it feels so good when you use up old stash that's been put away and forgotten about.
    Keep your chin up the docs will get your meds right in the end.

  6. I have two A4 Plastic boxes, one has everyday Hunkydory and the other Christmas Hundydory. Their designs rarely change much so though I have had them a few years they certainly don't seem to go out of fashion. At the moment I am in clear out mode and going through a box at a time, (apart from special cards,) so I may end up in a month or two with Hunkydory overload.

  7. My you have been busy on the card front. All great designs. You sound just like The doc and me with the birdies. We must have the plumpest in our area and yes they are better fed than us. The Doc is down the pet shop at least once a week for top ups of bird seed nuts and nuts in their shells for the Jays . I also melt 200g of lard in the oven once it is switched off (I have drawn the line at putting it on specially) and mix a good quantity of porridge oats into it plus any left overs from the cooking trays and that goes out in two lots every morning too. They line up on the fence waiting for it. Would be interested to have the link for the meal worms as £5 a shot at the pet shop is just not on. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. They do look fab Ang. I love your name for them and I feel the same but once I have made them I like them xxx

  9. Hi Ang, I do like getting your posts as they are always so amusing and you show us such beautiful cards as well what more can we ask for.

  10. hi Ang, must have been a case of great minds etc etc as I did the front doors ones this last Christmas - and I needed quick makes! I think they look great though and at some point I will get some more out along with all the million others I have. I don't have the garden sorted yet but I can sit in my kitchen and watch all the birds in and out of the hedge in the garden across the road, that and listen to the ducks. There are plenty of ducks around here walking around the street and waking folk up. Even more in town wandering around, they are so funny sometimes. anyway must get on love from Jackie xx

  11. I'm so glad you have shown your door cards. Lately I seem to enamored with the wanting to do some "door" cards. Currently I am adding to my die cut sets to make this happen later on in the year.

  12. Hi Ang! Sounds like there are a lot of fat birds over at your place. The burds around my house only get sunflower seeds. They must think I am stingy! Nice to know you also send out flatter cards. These are a nice looking group. Hope you get some well needed rest. Hugs.

  13. Hi there Ang, gorgeous selection of cards, Hunkydory really know how to do these wonderful traditional Christmas kits. And we've all started there.
    How lovely to see Mistle thrushes, lovely birds. You take care, Kate x

  14. Hi Ang

    I do look forward to reading your blog, you certainly know how to make a girl chuckle :)

    What an assortment of cards, you have been a busy lady!

    It's so cold here in the North East of England, snow this morning then whoosh, gone! That's how I like it

    Take care

    June x

  15. Hello Ang,
    Great selection of stuck up cards ha ha. I even sent bought ones this year (first time in 18 years) as I discovered cataracts and card making are not conducive to matching colours or stamping straight!!!
    As for your fat balls - who would ever be so rude as to make personal remarks about your appearance - what about nuts? ha ha.
    I also add the fat off the cooked bacon and sultanas, it sounds disgusting but the birds seem to like it.
    Oh my word, you could wait forever for them to get the correct treatment. Just rest assured that they will try every remedy known to man, even a few which are not quite legit, and then admit defeat (I like to spread a little sunshine where I can!!!) Seriously, I hope they soon sort you out - someone needs too!
    love Maureen xxx

  16. Hi Ang, Love your selection of Christmas cards, I have made a promise to myself that I will start earlier this year. Sounds like your feathered visitors are as well fed as ours, but so worthwhile seeing them, especially when you get less common ones. Take care, hope you feel better. Bx

  17. Hi Ang,
    what brilliant makes and such lovely images.
    I love all the different styles also.
    You can't beat Hunkydory and such like for making up quick and lovely cards.
    So your well on your way to Chritmas ones this year then.
    I can relate to the sleep part as I never sleep well as I suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome, and that is a pig you are so tired, but your legs won't stop jumping to let you sleep.
    I had to retire early from work because I was only getting 2 or 3 hous a night, and have suffered with it for over 20 years now.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Hi Ange what a lot of different cards and everyone gorgeous!!! We have had plenty of birds this year I love to see the bird table empty:)) I went to the doctor's on Tuesday after blood tests and found that I now have diabetes type B :((( so on a total cut down now! I have put so much weight on since I retired and it's not good for my heart and everything else..anyway onwards and upwards LOL lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Hi Ang, a great selection of cards. I seem to have been suffering from a cold since before Christmas. Just seems to go then comes back again with a vengeance. Got cold sores as well at the moment I think I'm run down doesn't help... sometimes you just need to sleep for days to feel better.....but who can do that !! Janice xx

  20. These are lovely luck and stick cards I'm trying to die cut old Christmas cards As I make one card I die cut a few more in the hope that I will get ahead when I actually start making Christmas cards Gone went the New Ayear resolution that Everytime ai made a card I'd make a Christmas card too!
    Thanks for the note re the poinsettia I will give that a go
    Take care x

  21. Super selection here Mrs D. I am in the process of sorting out my craft area becasue John is increasing the number of shelves for me. I haven't a clue where anything is now!!!!!! I have come across a mass of Hunkydory stuff from years ago, still in the packs, unopened. Shame on me! Take care of yourself. Christine xx