Thursday, 9 March 2017

Its Christmas Again . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope the Sun is shining on you all.

Hopefully, I've got a line of washing bobbing about . . . . . it's the simple pleasures in life eh?

Now, talking of simple, it doesn't get any more simple than this card, especially for batch making.
It started when I cut the Holly Flourish out for this card here and then I thought, "what would happen if I cut them end to end to use up that scrap of vintage gold card?"

Cream card
Vintage gold and gold mirror card
Cheery Lynn Holly Flourish die
Dovecrafts sentiment
Scoring on my Hougie

The vintage gold layer is stuck directly to the gold mirror card and then this was foam padded to the card, making it another postage friendly card.

 I must report a funny sighting this week courtesy of The Flash household. This time, it was Mrs Flash who caught my attention.
I had popped out to my car about 10 in the morning to get something out of the boot, bumped into another neighbour and started to chat. 
About 30 seconds later, Mrs Flash drove past, parked outside their house and then got out of the car carrying a shopping bag and went into her house.
Nothing unusual in that I hear you cry, except . . . . . . . . . she was only wearing her pyjamas!!! Not only that, but she is a little on the large side with an ample chest and was not wearing a bra.
Well, as my dear late Dad would say, it was like watching 2 puppies fight under a blanket.

I can honestly say, I don't ever recall a shopping emergency that would necessitate me to leave my house in my pyjamas, let alone unsupported.
There again, another neighbour took her kids to school last week wearing a tiger print onesie, with the hood up, which had pointed ears.
Perhaps I just live in an odd neighbourhood??? (Still want to move next door Elaine? Lol!!!)

Before I pootle off, her is a snap of the socks Kate knitted and sent to me. Aren't they fabulous?
They are so toastie warm and I've had to repair the heel on one of them as I wore them so much in the Winter. Thanks again Kate.

That's me for today. Have had a good few days, even getting out for a meal on Monday with some friends over from Spain and trying not to worry about next Friday. Blood test today so hopefully the black pudding has done its thing.

Take care all.

Ang x


  1. Great card Ang and Christmas will be here again before we know it. Our weather is cooling down and mmmmmm I need some warm socks like those, they look so warm.xx ♥[aNNie]

  2. Morning Ang
    Nice to hear you are felling better.
    What a great card and I love the scoring you have done it is as effective xx

  3. Lovely card and so simple - that's what I like - simple me! You sound very perky Ang. Have a lovely day and don't worry about Friday. We'll al be thinking of you!
    Marion xx

  4. This card really appeals to me Ang i think the scoring gives it class, i have got it pinned on the board ready to copy when the mood takes me .
    Ang we have loads of women out in their jamas in the mornings , doing the School run, supermarket ,Petrol it has been going on for months around where i live , i know that Tesco have now put up a notice "strictly no night attire while shopping in this store "
    Yes i still want to live next door Ang ,i could look after you while you are giving me many a good laugh.
    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  5. You paint such a vivid picture of your neighbours antics, Ang!
    This card is so effective. I have just used the mirri/vintage gold combination for favour boxes.

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Good Morning to you Ang, what a wonderful card, love the simplicity of it, but still looking stylish and elegant.
    You'll be needing another pair soon, Kate x

  7. Super card Ang - simple but very stylish. Love the socks.

  8. Morning Ang,
    You always seem to give me a chuckle and today was no exception, love the tale of Mrs Flash. Gorgeous socks.
    Love your card too.

  9. Morning Ang, great card. Love the socks (wonder if Kate is taking orders) Glad you have has some good days. Enjoy your lunch.

  10. Hello Ang,
    What a lovely delicate card, no not you - the one in the picture!!!
    Glad you enjoyed your lunch with friends, will you please pass on my address to Culliesocks as my little tooties would enjoy wearing socks like that, I take a size 2 1/2 or 3 if she asks!!! Now I hasten to say that they are the only small things about me ha ha.
    Mrs Flash, what can I say? Well I can't really as this is an open forum but read my mind!!!
    My eyes are already crossed for good results for next Friday, I just hope they'll go back to normal!
    Maureen xxx

  11. Hi Ang yes my washing has been blowing about on the line in the sunshine and all dry and put away. Lovely feeling when you can do that. Love the simplicity of your card if I may say that. Now I hadn't realised until now that there was a Mrs Flash and no, I wouldn't be wandering around outside in my nightie I must say but each to their own!! Perhaps if she had lovely docks like yours you wouldn't have thought there was anything odd. Kate you have done a brilliant job by the way. Anyway best finish. I had to go for an NHS health check and am now on a 2 day blood pressure check which rather curtails getting on with anything in particular as you have to stop every hour or so to take it. Hope the blood test went ok love from Jackie xx

  12. Sorry that should say socks not docks!!! Your feet are not that big!!

  13. Super card and super socks Ang. Gosh, I'm missing out on life living in such an isolated place! Although I think maybe I could do without he Flash family antics ... lol! Christine xxx

  14. Love the card Ang CAS cards are my favourite style great socks too Well done to Kate I have never attempted knitting socks
    Family Flash do make me smile I would never do that BUT OH has driven me to the shops whilst in his pj's - with a coat on and stayed put in the car whilst I zoomed around the shop!

  15. Great what a fab card, a nice easy one for Christmas. Love your Stories about Flash and Co.

  16. Hi Ang! Your neighbor would fit right in with the "Walmart" crowd here. Not an unusual site but not something I enjoy looking at! Love this card - great idea doing the holly long and skinny. Have a great day.

  17. Now lets just cut to the chaste. Was she wearing her slippers or her shoes or heaven forbid nothing on her tootsies or were you too mesmerized by the puppy dogs! Lol. And I thought I had problems with my neighbours!!. Great card and very elegant looking. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Hi Ang, I love that your still doing Christmas and a really easy one today, I live just outside Glasgow and the PJ thing has been happening for ages here they take the kids to school in them and walk about the street it is disgusting, it was on one of the social media things the other day t,hat they are going to. Charge them in one of the towns here as so many neighbours are complaining, there is no shame to some people.

  19. Hi Ang

    'Merry Christmas' to you too lol. I love this card! The design is so elegant and, as you say, ideal for batch making.

    Mrs Flash sounds as if she could join the 'would you really' people shopping in Walmart. When you have a few minutes to spare and need a chuckle or even a gasp, google Walmart shoppers and take a look

    Love the socks, a good match for the colour of my hair at the moment!

    Take care and I truly hope all goes well next week for you

    June x

  20. Hi Ang, gosh your neighbours are a strange bred lol !! I would never go out in my pj's, let alone un-supported....can't think of anything worse. Love the Christmas card. Very elegant. Janice xx

  21. Great cozy socks from Kate! And your neighbors certainly do keep you entertained and distracted!! I would certainly look like I had puppies in my shirt if I went without a bra - basset hounds, no less!! Your golden Christmas card is beautiful, Ang! I love the bling along the score sediment line!! You know I'll be thinking of you next Friday, praying and hoping that it is a success!! Love and hugs, Darnell