Sunday, 5 March 2017

Thank You Kate. . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all fine and dandy?

I have not been too bad this week. I think losing all that fluid has helped (certainly the breathlessness) and my check at clinic confirmed I'd lost 5kg in the week. 
I've always been relieved that the hospital scales aren't speaking ones or I'm sure they'd say "One at a time please" lol!!!
This time, I wouldn't have minded a "woo hoo!!!"
Blood test showed haemoglobin a bit low so got to have another next week. Been munching on spinach and moving on to Special K and black pudding next (not together, obviously lol!) 
Maureen, I wish I'd had good thighs before this all started, never mind now, although I may get a best in show at an agricultural event lol!!!

I have had my 2nd Cardioversion appointment through so that's being done again in a couple of weeks (Sandy, I'll give a brief description of what it is at the end of this). Fingers crossed it works for longer than 5 days this time.

On Friday, a few of us had lunch at a friends house and it was lovely to be able to be up to socialising again, so a great time was had with Nesta, Davey and a couple of other good friends.

Now, before I return to the Christmas cards, I thought I would show this card that I made for a lovely friend who had knitted and sent me a divine pair of socks last year (Hope you don't mind me showing it Kate lol?).

White, green and dark peach card
First Edition Boho Chic paper
SB Twisted Palm die (cut a few times to use as a frame)
SB Labels 28 and Decorative Labels 28
Inkylicious sentiment
Memento Dew Drop Pistachio ink
Pink ribbon 

Stupidly, I haven't photographed the socks, thinking that Kate had shown them on her blog and I could just pop on a link but can I find them on Kate's blog, no!
If Kate doesn't mind, I'll snap them another time and pop them on the blog.

Well, that's me for now except to say, thank you, as always for your kind words about my cards and about my health.

Here's hoping the coming week is kind to you all.

Ang  x

P.S Sandy, Cardioversion (well, Electrical Cardioversion) is a procedure where I will be sedated, then given an electric shock or shocks with a defibrillator to try and get my heart back into normal sinus rhythm. This is what I had done in November but the normal rhythm only lasted 5 days before reverting back to Atrial Fibrillation. 

Hope I haven't put anyone off their breakfast lol!!!


  1. Pretty card Ang, I do hope you will be out of the 'wars' soon and on the running track.xx[aNNie]

  2. Morning Ang,
    A lovely card, very pretty. Good luck with the next EC.

  3. Another great card, Ang.
    Glad to hear you've had a better week.

    Anne (Northampton)

  4. Hi Ang, a very pretty card, so lovely and feminine. Glad to hear things are going better, hope it continues. Have a great day. Bx

  5. Such a beautiful card Ang and i love the ribbon n bow .
    Things are such a worry for you right now, and hopefully the next EC will be a success .
    Take care .
    Elaine H X

  6. Lovely design here. Glad your week has been better.

  7. Gorgeous card Ang. Hope all goes well for your cardio thingy jig. xxx

  8. Morning Ang, what a lovely card, I bet Kate thought so to. So glad to hear that you have had a better few days and managed to go out for you lunch. Do hope that this continues and you are up dancing on the tables before long.

  9. Lovely card today. Glad you have had some good times and praying for much better days to come.

  10. Hi Ang! Really pretty card. Hope all goes well with your procedure. Hugs

  11. Lovely card Ang Thank goodness the fluid loss is helping and that the next catdioversion works - Ally Pally is coming up...

  12. Jello Ang,
    I was going to type the proper salutation (hello) but in the light of your thigh remarks I thought that this was quite apt ha ha. I'm typing this in the dark as I can't be bothered to get up to switch on the light, lazy - me - never!!!
    Your card is stunning, really. I must have a go at using patterned paper but I always forget. I have boxes of the stuff even though I've given loads away, so that's my mission for this year, use the pretty papers.
    Take care, you will feel better losing the fluid as it will not be pressing on your heart. I only know these things through my father and brother but If you are wondering where all your weight is disappearing to - look no further, the answer is typing this!!!
    Take care, keep on taking the tablets, and we'll hope that the electrowhatsit works this time.
    Maureen xxx

  13. What a gorgeous csrd. I love the ribbon.
    I hope your electro thing goes well glad you feel better after loosing all that fluid.
    Hugs and best wishes

  14. Well of course it's a gorgeous card and even beter in real life. Surely I've blogged the socks?? but I don't mind at all if youpop a poto on, perhaps I didn't take a photo, can't remember.
    Good to hear you and Nesta had a lovely lunch with friends, and that you are feeling a bit better, you take care, Kate x

  15. Hi Ang,
    oh how gorgeous is this card.
    I love the wonderful rose paper used, and the design is awesome and so very pretty.
    Love the grogeous and super colour ribbon used too.
    Oh I do so hope things start to improve soon.
    Not a nice thing you seem to be going through I'm sure.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hi Ang,

    Fabulous card, so glad things are starting to go well finally. Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxxx

  17. Hi Ang

    What a gorgeous card!

    It's good to hear you are socialising again so keep up the good work

    Take care

    June x

  18. Morning Ang, catching up on blogs . Great card. Janice xx