Thursday, 6 April 2017

4th Year Blogaversary. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning campers, Hi Di Hi !!!

Happy Blogaversary to me, Happy Blogaversary to me . . . . . . . . Yes, can you believe its 4 years today since my first fledgling post. There were no photos on the first post as I hadn't a clue what I was doing (some would say I still don't lol!!!).
Also, the very first person to leave a comment has never been back since . . . . . . . not sure what that says hahaha!!!
I am giving away a Paddle Prize to mark the auspicious occasion. Please see below.

Now, I thought it appropriate to show a birthday card to mark the occasion (and to give you a break from Christmas)

Cream and dark cream card
First Edition Family Ties papers (from 12x12 pad)
SB Curved Borders 2
SB Fancy Tags 1 (Framed)
SB Classic Ovals
John Lockwood Sentiment
Memento Dew Drop Peanut Brittle ink
Cream satin ribbon

Hopefully you can see the sparkle on this lovely paper.

Its been an eventful 4 years (aint it just!!!) but I have met some wonderful folk along the way. Mr Lockwood was the first person I actually met face to face 4 years ago this Summer. We overdosed on caffeine and chat at the food court in Fosse Park (caffeine, I remember you dear friend. . . . . .)
Then the Scottish Posse, as they used to be known, Kate, Patricia and Hazel along with Christine. Fortunately, Christine and I also get to meet up at the NEC and other local craft shows, health permitting.
There is also Wendywoo (Spanish Crafter), John's friend from Spain on a couple of occasions.
Iv'e also met up with Jan and Anne from Northampton and Joy, Pauline and Annette (John's Breedon ladies) at CE Towers when being John's glamorous assistant (I'm Debbie McGee to his Small Daniels).
I also am not forgetting Ann Oliver and the gruesome Sue-some (Olliesmam and Planet Susie) at the NEC and also, Karenlotty and Sandra at Ally Pally.
And last year, all the way from Livermore in California, the utterly hilarious Darnell, whilst on her UK Tour.
I also chat by email behind the scenes with some of you lovely ladies and hope that one day, we too can meet up . . . . . . Elaine, we'll be good when you decide to rent next door but remember our street's dress code of Lycra and/or pyjamas.

What a wonderful thing this blogging mularky can be eh???

To celebrate these 4 years and as a thank you for putting up with my inane ramblings about life, health and goofy neighbours, I am offering the following Paddle Prize . . . . . . . . 

I thought the die was quite appropriate as I want to say "Thanks for Everything".

To be in with a chance to go in the draw for the above, you need to be a follower and leave a comment on this blog post. I will get Mr D to do his pulling duties (Steady ladies!!!) on 19th April at 7pm so that gives you all 2 weeks to leave a comment.

On that note, I shall let you get on with your day. Once again, thanks for sticking around and for your ever thoughtful and encouraging comments.

Bless ya all !!!

Ang x


  1. Hello Ang, well a huge congratulations on this momentous day. Happy 4th Blogaversary, and may there be many more. Meeting up with other like minded people and forging arty relationships are always happy times. Love the card you have chosen to mark the occasion. Beautiful colours and sparkle. Take care. Bx

  2. Well done Ang on your four years and what lovely cards we've seen in that time. You've given so much inspiration in your designs (especially poinsettias). It's good to meet up with fellow bloggers.
    Let's hope the next blog year will be an improvement health wise.

  3. Ang, what a lovely prize. I love Blogland and, like you have met some lovely people, Sandra, Karen, Jackie Trinder, all introduced themselves at Ally Pally which I will miss this weekend. You and I keep in touch on email and when I,m at Johns we meet occasionally, 4 years flown by. Love this card, so classy and fab design. xxx

  4. Wow Ang, 4 years!! Congratulations. And long may it continue. Lovely card today by the way. X

  5. Morning Ang,
    Congratulations, you know the saying "from little acorns" thats your blog, you always give me a chuckle, I love your ramblings.
    Keep it up Ang.

  6. Huge Congratulations Ang ,and certainly a very classy card to celebrate the occasion , love that sparkle and depth .

    Thank you my friend for all the inspiration and many laughs along the way, and for all your good wishes and support for me and mine ,i got your post and will pass it on to Helen and Andrew , you are such a kind and lovely lady ,
    Well Ang let me tell you now , your streets Dress code Lycra / and or PJs,,,,,,,, eeeeks if i wore Lycra riding a bicycle showing off all me wobbly bits or going to the bin in me PJs rubber gloves and not forgetting me barnett in rollers you would send me right back where i came from, no kidding as i would certainly lower the tone, Mmm ?? but then again could do with a house move ,,,,,,,,

    Ang you have met some lovely people and had many laughs along the way through blogland ,i hope your health continues to get better and that we can meet up sometime in the near future , that would be fantastic wouldn't it ?
    Thank you for the chance to win the Paddle Prize
    Good Luck to everyone.
    Take care Chuck
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang, I was in Iceland when I first discovered you being pointed in your direction by Hazel, and have also been lucky to gain and maintain a lovely friend, can hardly believe it's been four years. It's such a pity when followers decide to leave you, I've sadly experienced that too.
    Your card is stunning, beautifully designed and love that colour, looks luxurious.
    Fabulous anniversary give away, very generous of you,Kate x

  8. Congratulations, Ang. I've so enjoyed following your blog and meeting up at shows/workshops. Your cards are great and I might even use today's card as an idea for my Mum's 90th birthday next month. I'm looking forward to the next year when hopefully we will be able to meet up some time.

    All the best

    Anne (Northampton)

  9. Hi Ang. Congratulations on your 4th Blog Anniversary. I have only been following you for a short while and I love your blog the cards are beautiful and your humour just adds so much to your blog. Long may it last. Ang as I was so lucky to win your paddle prize last time i would ask that you do not include me in your draw as much that i would love to win i think it would be unfair to your other blog followed.
    Hope you are still ticking along to the correct rhythm.
    Hugs Wendyx

  10. Hello Ang,
    This is fabulous. I really love everything about it, the composition, colours and dies used.
    I'll have to question Hazel and Patricia when we meet up in 3 weeks to find out what you are really, really like!! It would be great fun to meet up with you, but then again your old heart would probably go haywire as I'm better in small doses, very small doses, especially when wearing Lycra or P.J's!! (not that I possess either!)
    You haven't said how you are keeping, is all well? I am being ladylike and refraining from mentioning Mr D ha ha.
    love Maureen xx

  11. Congratulations! Beautiful card and just right for the occasion. I see Maureen is here or was here. Just missed her . I have met Patricia and Hazel. All three are lovely. Have to miss the retreat again but family must come first. It will be good to see John again on Saturday. Shame Wendy can't come this time to Ally Pally. Really looking forward to Ally Pally. Take care

  12. Congratulations Ang!
    Your card is so beautiful and looks as if it has so much texture - Love it!!
    Sandy x

  13. Hi Ang,
    congrats on your 4th blog aversary, and what a very superb and stunning card to celbrate it.
    The wonderful panels are so very beautiful and sparkly.
    Reminds me of a very posh wall hanging or wall paper you find in a palace.
    The colour is so super also.
    You have met so many wonderful crafting people, and are friends with some very talented people too.
    Blogging is a wonderful way to make friends with a lot of like minded people.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  14. Congratulations on your 4th year Blogaversary. You've gone good girl! I have not been following you all this time. But I am pleased that I found you through John Next Door's mentioning you and seeing some of the sample you have done for John. Today's card is a lovely card with glittery cardstock. And yes, I can see the glitz from your photo. Sorry we have not met in person. We are many miles apart and currently I don't have plans for a UK tour. Maybe one day - there is always hope. It is nice to be one of your blog friends and I count you as one of my special friends. Take care my friend.

  15. Hi there Ang and happy anniversary congratulations. You have kept us all royally entertained through your blog during this time not just with Flash and now Mr Lycra but with blackbirds and folk that you "come across". Thank you for your friendship one day we will meet up I'm sure. May your health continue to improve each month and you'll be flitting around the country. You have made a lovely card for the occasion I do like the panels. Love from Jackie xx

  16. Lovely card Ang I so enjoy visiting your blog Internet and devices permitting You make me smile even in darker times Lobg may you reign Are you going to AP this time around?

  17. Many congratulations on your anniversary, wish I had found your blog 4 years ago, today's card is superb. Here's to the next 4 years.

  18. Congratulations on your blogaversary! Good to hear that you are keeping well too, fingers crossed that it stays that way for you. Cara x

  19. Totally forgot to say that I love your card, it reminds me of fabric, stunning x

  20. Hi Ang, Long time no hear I know but I do log on to you when you post and am always over-awed by your card and your blog. I giggle to myself at a lot of your comments. Congratulation on your anniversary, a glorious card as always, like many of your other followers I have not followed you that long and I also heard about you through John. Good luck for the future and keep up the good work!!
    Love Nancy in Spain. originally from Leicester. xx

  21. That card is gorgeous Ang it reminds me of really old wallpaper from another era! just like us LOL..yep I can remember us all meeting up at the NEC it was a great day! you take care my friend and lots of huggles Sue xxx

  22. Happy Blogaversary Ang! Your blog is always a bright spot in my blog feed! I hope to get back to the UK someday and get a chance to visit you! Have a great day!

  23. Happy Bloggie Day and a great one too. I love your posts and love this card today. I never thought about using those SB curved borders like that.
    From the tub! Jennie

  24. Well Done and Congratulations! I came across your site via Mr L'wood. He has mentioned your name (as I've said previously) and I wondered who this person was and what they were up to. Your comments make both me and my hubby lol and cheer us up.. keep up the good work both on the card front and your comments on the daily life in the street etc.

  25. Congratulations and well done, it's lovely to hear your comments and see your lovely cards. Hope you stay well take care xx

  26. What a beautiful card!! Love it! Have a great weekend!

  27. Hi Ang, congratulations on 4years a bloggin!! Your posts are always amusing to read, with lovely creations too!! Well done. Janice xx

  28. Congratulations on your 4th blogoversary. I have been away for a month but though I couldn't post replies I have still enjoyed reading your blog. I expecially liked your "into the woods card" and your very posh socks.

  29. Big congrats Ang, you are never a pain but experiencing pain is not good. Thanks for the chance to win and hope Mr does his pulling correctly... :)

  30. WAs wondering how I missed this post but then remembered it was a hospital day.
    Well Mrs Duck - you have been paddling for four years eh? Those poor little webbed feet must be aching by now. This is a lovely card and that backing paper is fabulous! Hopefully it won't be too long now before we can get together again. Just keep your ticker in tune or we'll never make it!!! Take care in the sun. Christine xx

  31. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary Mrs. Duck! An accomplishment indeed! I happened on your blog by accidents and a happy accident it has been. I look forward to your cards (so beautiful and very different from the ones I usually see from posts in Canada and US) and your commentary - you have a terrific sense of humour and make the people in your stories come to life through your words. Your positivity in light of health adversity is truly welcoming and reminds me to remain in that positive space as well! Thanks so much for the brightness you bright in each post Ang!
    This card is so sunny and warm that it can't help but to brighten the recipient's day significantly! Lovely work as always!

  32. Congratulations on blogging for 4 years. I'm a relatively new follower and must say your cards are amazing. Wishing you lots more years crafting and blogging. Thanks for the inspiration

    Donna Golby

  33. I've only just seen this card Ang so a belated 'Happy 4th Blog Anniversary'

    I'm now demented with the lack of broadband and unfulfilled promises of a 'dongle' by Vodafone! Seemingly tomorrow is NOW the due day grrrrr

    I love this beautiful card Ang, it is stunning :) and thank you for the detailed 'how to'

    June x

  34. Congratulations on putting up with us lot for 4 yrs. Couldn't find a paddle but hope an oar will do instead. Those darn ducks nicked it in protest about the new water flume going up in the duck pond. I told em they could all have free rides as well!
    Hugs Mrs A. .