Sunday, 9 April 2017

50 Shades of Grey. . . . . .(Not Maureen's New Hair Colour)

Good morning everyone. Hope the Sun is shining on your bit of the planet. Glorious day here yesterday and another set for today, hurrah!!!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my 4th Birthday post. Please don't forget to leave a comment on it to be in with a chance of winning a Paddle Prize. . . . . . click here if you missed it.

Now, today's card I made as I needed a guy card and also, out of a bit of devilment to enter a challenge. I'm not normally one to enter challenges but I had a bit of a chuckle about this one that I saw mentioned on Wendy and Karen's blogs for Craft Rocket. The theme is Inspired by a Book or Movie and I couldn't resist my cheeky take on it.

White and dark grey card
Spectrum Noir alcohol pens in 50 shades of grey (lol!!!)
CE Falling Snow embossing folder
Grey grosgrain ribbon, stamped with black archival ink
John Lockwood stamp
Black pearls

Well, it was either this or The Karma Sutra but Kate (Cuilliesocks) borrowed my copy a couple of years ago and I haven't had it back (probably explains why she hasn't had much sleep lol!!!)

Its all a bit of fun but I got a usable guy card out of it lol!!!

Chinese GP today (that's Formula One not the nationality of my doctor as someone thought once, hahaha!!!). Its highlights so I've got to stay away from the news or sports programmes until 2.30pm, so washing will be hung out early and a trip to Tesco done quick smart. Also, a trip to the bookies to collect my £40 Grand National winnings ...... Hurrah!

Still, doing ok at typing this and seeming to be in rhythm still. The arrhythmia nurse did get back in touch with me to check how I was and told me the consultant wanted me to come off one of my tablets. Bit scary, as you feel like you're then on the trapeze without part of the safety net but we'll see how it goes. If it causes me any problems, I'll be ripping someone's head off and spitting down their neck lol!!!
Still waiting for my liver and haemoglobin results and having a thyroid blood test tomorrow (ever felt like a second hand pin cushion lol???)

Hope those who got to Ally Pally had/have a great time. I'm keeping everything crossed for September.

Enjoy your Sunday.I'll be back on Wednesday with the start of some samples I made for John's Hochanda shows this week.

Ang x

I'd like to enter this card into the Crafty Rocket Challenge #36 Inspired by a Book or Movie

And Darnells NBUS Challenge #11  Embossing folder is brand new.


  1. Morning, Ang.
    Love the card - very clever and effective. The comment about the Coventry Motor Museum was on Sue's blog yesterday - it caught my eye as my OH has a classic Rover!
    Glad to hear things are going well health wise.

    Anne (Northampton)

  2. Morning Ang,
    Very clever.

  3. Fabulously clever. Loving this creative work. Oh our weather where I am in Newcastle never gets freezing cold. In fact after I posted my winter card this morning the sun came out and the temp rose, even have the fan on this evening...xx ♥[aNNie]

  4. You are so naughty but I like you! Fabulous take. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Hi Ang
    All sounds good to me ,your health, win and the highlights to look forward to later.
    Lovely card Ang i bet it was relaxing to make, love the stamped ribbon .
    When ever shades of gray are mentioned i always see the face of my once so very posh, nose in the air neighbor
    I was taking my washing off the line and she was sitting having afternoon cream cakes and coffee on the patio , she was also reading a book , [so me gobby ] shouted i hope that isn't 50 shades of gray your reading , well her face was priceless, i had to make a quick dash to my own back door as i just could not stop laughing .

    Take care Ang
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang,
    well now we have cards and crafting with the title of that book.
    Not read it myself as I am not an avid reader, and I would rather be crafting.
    Your card is perfect for a man, and the challenges mentioned.
    Great shades of grey also.
    So glad your health is on a level playing field at the mo.
    Just hope all goes well when they take you off your tabs.
    Enjoy your GP this after noon.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  7. Ooh, you saucy creature! Love the card and the ombré effect is fabulous. Great guy card. John is the same when it is rugby league, cricket and GP. He can't listen to the radio or watch TV. I'm not a fan of sport unless it's cycling - Tour de France, Spanish Vuelta etc. Anyway that's it from me. Christine x

  8. Two years and I've not got past page 32!!!!
    Fabulous card Ang, I love the colours and the embossing folder and the strip of ribbon, great design.
    Actually I've never read the book nor seen the film, not my type of book, much prefer who done its, take care, Kate x

  9. Brilliant card Ang. Had. Great day at Ally Pally yesterday. Been out so going to watch John on Rewind. Thanks for sharing the card.

  10. Interesting card today. Sounds like a busy day and week. Looking forward to seeing the samples for John's shows. Stay strong and know others care.

  11. Oh how I giggled at your title and inspiration! Fab card as always. Hope you managed to enjoy the GP without the outcome being revealed ! Cara x

  12. Hi Ang what a super card you have made, very clever idea. Like you I did not have any news programmes or any other means of having my afternoon spoiled and just got on with washing and housework plus coffee sitting in the sunshine, something I rarely do. Interesting race with some overtaking but I didn't find it that exciting. Sports day today and I shall sit and watch the final round of the golf all evening!! Hope you keep well this week love from Jackie xx

  13. You are so naughty Ang -- I laughed my way through this. Well not about your medicine change but if the drop in medication works - hallelujah!
    Love your card - What did Maureen think!!!!
    Sandy xx

    1. Maureen thinks "how does Ang know my hair colour?" xx

  14. Have you noticed a huge increase in your visitor stats on this post, my saucy friend? You will do, especially from the Russian porn chaps!! Thank you for a fun chuckle and also some brilliant manly card inspiration! Or womanly, for that matter ~ I am quite taken with it! Thank you so much for playing in my NBUS Challenge #11!!

    They do seem to like messing about with your medication. I hope they at least explain why. I don't blame you for being trepiditious about it as it's not gone well when they've mucked about with it in the past. Still, they did supposedly get book-learnin that we did not, so we must trust. If it doesn't work and you need to rip a head off, I'll come over there and hold up a windbreak so your spit hits the mark!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  15. Hi Ang, what a brilliant idea for a guy card, need to give it a go. Your blog post did give me a good giggle this morning. Hope the absence of one of the meds does not cause too much hassle. Take care. Bx

  16. Very different card but like it! Good news to hear you're dropping a tablet but I understand how you feel. Still it sounds as though the medics are keeping an eye on you.
    Look forward to seeing your samples on John's shows.

  17. This is a brilliant card I love it I might hold you to doing a take on the Karma Sutra when you get your copy back The mind boggles as to which position you'd choose

  18. Hi Any. What a great card, and fits the challenge perfectly​. It is great to see cards for our male friends, ski will be pinching your your​ idea.
    Take care and hope that your new tablet regime is working as it should

  19. A great card today and I must admit to a giggle to the title for it.
    I was on the CE stand doing some shopping and I could see Mr L through the curtains doing his program. I was going to poke my head through and give you a heads up but I didn't have any makeup on and it might have frightened the little ones and perhaps some of the old 'uns too! Sound good health wise.

  20. Hello Ang,
    Great idea for a card. I'll split the profits with you since you've decided to take my name in vain!!!
    You'll just have to trust their judgement as regards meds because they are supposed to know what they are doing but I'll help you if you need to do some reconstructive work on the Consultant!
    I thought for a moment that Aussie aNNie was on some particular sort of meds talking about the heat in Newcastle, and then realised that it wasn't Geordie land but in Australia!!!
    Take care, shout if you need a hand.
    Maureen xx

  21. You little minx you, I enjoyed those book believe it or not!!!!!
    Wonderful idea for a card though, perfect for a bloke. xxxx

  22. Morning Ang
    I have this folder but haven't used it yet it looks great. Xxx

  23. Great card for a man.
    Thanks for playing along with our challenge #36 at Craft Rocket and good luck! Hope you will join us next month again.

    *DT* Craft Rocket {#36 – Inspired by a movie / book}
    *DT + Admin* Do-Al(l) Kreatives {#4 – Easter}
    Alex' Kreative Seite

  24. Hi Ang! I'm so behind on reading my blogs! Wow - this is so funny. Love your book theme card! Have a great day!

  25. Beautiful card! Thanks for joining us at Craft Rocket, Claire DT x