Thursday, 25 May 2017

MAWTT Challenge 46. . . . . . .

Good morning folks. Its me again. . . . . . . . . .just as you thought it was safe to come blogging lol!!!

Thank you for your comments on my tutorial. Glad that you will find it useful.
Thank you also to Myra, Marie and Mrs J for stopping by to comment. We are a friendly bunch, although Maureen can be a bit unruly at times and she and June are both trying to steal my wisterias. Hope you can pop by again soon.

Now, today we have another challenge over at MAWTT and Amy's choice of theme is . . . . . .


That was a bit of a curve ball for me as I don't have anyone I know of an age to be graduating from anywhere so I had no bits to work with and didn't want to buy any either, so this card is the love child of Heath Robinson and Blue Peter lol!!!

I cut out the shape for the top of the mortar board using an SB Diamond die. I then cut out the bottom piece by hand. Hope it looks reasonably like a mortar board shape lol!!! I topped it with a CE dazzler (the Jelly Tot sized one) and some Kumihimo cord that I frayed at the end and bound with some very fine gold thread.

The scroll is just rolled up card bound with some gold and black striped ribbon and some thin shamballa cord.

White and black card
Soft gold card (Limetree)
Memory Box Alphabet dies
That Special Touch Border Mask (used to emboss)
Black and Gold striped ribbon
CE dazzler
Black pearlage

I cut the letters into the card and did a little play on words with the "Congradulations" and popped some black card behind the "Grad" to draw attention to it.

Hopefully, you feel inspired to join in the challenge or at least pop over to MAWTT to have a look at the other DT cards.

Have had a few up and down days but still managing to do a little gardening and popped to our local Ikea yesterday where I managed to get another orchid for the princely sum of 30p. . . . . . . yes, that's right, 30p. It was in their Bargain Corner and is still in flower. I will take a photo for next time.
My birthday is coming up at the weekend. I'm facing it with trepidation as two years ago, I had Chicken Pox and last year the A/Fib started on my birthday too. Not sure what this year will bring. . . . . .Lassa Fever, Beriberi, Dengue, who knows lol!!! I'm hoping things don't come in threes on this occasion and I can just have a quiet and peaceful day with an alcohol free lager or two (it is my birthday lol!!!) that doesn't involve scratching or an ambulance ride lol!!!

But after Monday's sad events, I'll roll with the punches as there are folk a lot worse off than me.

On that note, enjoy your day and see you soon with Luca's clock next time.

Ang x


  1. Perfect Ang, fab design, thank you. xxxxx

  2. Lovely play on words Ang
    Enjoy the alcohol free

  3. What a clever idea Ang. It's having the idea in the first place that makes the difference!! I've just spent an hour out in the front garden thinking to do it before it got too hour later and I'm worn out hot and sticky so it's into the shower next. I wanted to get the lawn cut as I have had the back garden done this week and there is a small patch at the front and both will be turfed tomorrow. Timing is definitely not my forte. Going to need a lot if watering for the next few weeks to stop it shrinking and dying. But at least cutting the rest of the front lawn I won't have to do it again until the new piece is ready to have its first cut. I'm off out later to get a few bedding plants for a bit of colour but I doubt I will get a 30p bargain!!. Anyway enjoy the weekend and stick your feet in a bowl of water and pretend you are in Monaco!! Bye for now love from Jackie xx

  4. Good job on this card. Just goes to show one does not need every die manufactured in the world to make a great card! Wishing you a blessed and uneventful Happy Birthday this weekend. Please only have good thoughts and know EVERYTHING will be okay. God is in control.

  5. Clever play on words Ang. Love the card Zx

  6. Pretty card indeed. Congratulations on a nice design!

    Spell checker keeps putting a t instead of a d in the word.

  7. Hello Ang,
    A very clever card! Not only that it's unique! I like it a lot!
    Thanks for the welcome - and the warning about Maureen! I do know the lady in question! Quite a handful!! We had to move our Wisteria! It was so sad! We waited 8 years for it to flower and then it was gorgeous until it's roots got in the drains!! It's now growing along a high wall but not as nice as growing up the house!
    Love Myra x. Enjoy your Birthday!

  8. Your card is quite good and very creative!
    The third time is the charm they say - so happy up coming birthday and this time you will be all well!!!!!!
    Sandy xx

  9. Lovely card I love the play on words Fingers crossed for a safe and happy birthday xx

  10. Hi Ang

    Break a match and then that's the third thing gone kaput...I hope!

    I love your play on words, for this card and in life generally! Also love the marvellous mortar board and scroll

    I do hope you have a great birthday and everything goes according to plan

    Take care.... and look after my wisteria!

    June x

  11. Who's a clever girl Than ?, loving your card i think you deserve a diploma for your skills.
    Hope you have a Birthday full of Happy Health and many more to come .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  12. Fabulous card Ang. You did a great job with the cap and scroll. Well done madame.

  13. Fab card Ang, it's a brilliant design, love the little cap, great job done. All will be well for this birthday I'm sure, take care, Kate x

  14. Hi Ang, lovely collection of cards and a super clock. I don't think it looks naff !! Sorry to hear of your loss, it's never a good time to go. All the best Janice x

  15. For being thrown a curve ball, Ang, you sure hit a home run with this marvelous gradulation creation! It is iconic!! I can't join in with my niece's card cuz it was one I have already blogged, but I'm keeping your design for future reference!! Sorry to hear you are still riding the heart roller coaster, but it sounds like you are better than you were a while back and that's a good thing! I'm praying with you that this birthday is, well, boring compared to the last two, right?! You could do with a little boring, thank you very much! Have a quiet and contented birthday celebration! We're all so glad you are still here to celebrate!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  16. Hello Ang, what a brilliant Graduation card, love the play on the word, and I think the cap is perfect. Well done you. I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday weekend, enjoy everything you do. Take care. Bx

  17. What a fabulous card, Ang. I love the play on words.

    Anne (Northampton)

  18. Fabulous card, love how you emphasised the grad part. Hope you're not melting in the heat. Cara x

  19. Hello Ang,
    Well you are the answer to a Maiden's prayer. I have to do a Graduation card for my Great Nephew and had no idea where to start, until da da durhnn ha ha. I shan't do an exact copy, just a nearly exact copy!!!
    I certainly hope you are not visited by plague or famine during your birthday but you are temping fate by welcoming Myra, you know me, I wouldn't say boo to a goose! Talking about a goose, how's Flash ha ha. Have a wonderful time on your birthday and drink as much non alcoholic as you want!
    Hope things keep ticking over.
    love Maureen xxx

  20. Hi Ang,
    you are never defeated by curved balls as you are such a great crafty person you can almost pick any design out of your head.
    This is materpiece of design and so brilliant.
    I love every single bit of it.
    Your idea of the word is an excellent idea, and makes this so perfect.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for your Birthday and hope you have a wonderful day with no more health probs to marr it.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  21. Hi Ang, Firstly hope you have a fantastic birthday - you really deserve it, and I hope that this birthday is the start of your complete recovery.
    Your card if fabulous you really do have a great imagination and never disappoint in your cards. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial on the clock.
    Take care Ang.

  22. How clever of you to know that I have to make three red cards in the next two weeks, two for clever grandchildren and one for a close friend. You have certainly given me an idea to start with and the incentive to get going.

    Keep well And and happy birthday!

    Marion xx

    Hope you have a wonderful and event free birthday and that the sun shine for you - in more ways than one!

    Marion x

  23. Great card Ang! and Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu xxxxxx and fingers crossed it will just be alcohol free and no funny business! Exactly a week to meeting up with Soupie!!! can't wait ..but can Doncaster???? lots of huggles and keep safe Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Hi Ang
    What a great card. Hope your birthday passed uneventfully except for your being spoilt of course!

  25. Hope nothing nasty happened on your birthday other than being 1 yr older. Just had mine a few days before yours so know how it feels!! Great card btw. Hugs Mrs A. P.s. I see there is a Mrs J. Out there now. I know Mrs B.

  26. Hi Ang!! I am totally impressed with how you came up with a graduation card from total scratch! Love how you made the cap and scroll. I am wishing you a healthy and happy birthday! Take care and have a great day!