Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Luca's Clock. . . . . . . .

Good morning bloggers. Hope you are all well?

Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes. The day passed uneventfully, thankfully but I didn't have a great night following and so very tired typing this. You can't win em all eh?
Had some fab cards and pressies and Lewis Hamilton didn't make the podium so it was a good day.

Now today, we have the clock I made for baby Luca (it doesn't have a line across the top, its the reflection on the glass). Some of you have mentioned looking forward to the clock tutorial but they really were as straightforward as I detailed on Lilia's post here, so I'm not quite sure what other detail I can add. If there is something that isn't clear or that I've missed in the explanation, please let me know so that next time I make one, I can perhaps add more detail or photos to help. However, I have now bought this gadget from The Works for £2 to cut the large circle next time so I don't have to use a pair of compasses and hand cut it. It cuts circles up to 30cm (about 12 inches).

Hope it works.

White,blue, yellow, taupe and grey card
White card sponged with Tumbled Glass D/Ink
Poundworld clock (though Ikea also do one with a clear frame for £1.50)
SW Stitched Animals dies (Loaned from Mr Lockwood, thank you!!!)
X Cut Alphabet die
Number dies were a freebie with a magazine
Funky foam
Blue acrylic paint
Brown and grey ink to ink through the animal dies

This is the clock before I re-attached the frame.
The second hand has also been painted with blue acrylic paint.

Side view. Frame painted with blue acrylic paint (its silver plastic in its original state).

A couple of garden photos to tease June and Maureen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And this is a huddle of baby garden spiders nesting on my washing line. These things are literally each about the size of a pin head and scatter when you touch the web.

Weird little critters.

A final snap, this time of the birthday cake Mr D bought for me. My favourite biscuits are Custard Creams so when he saw this, he thought it would be apt.


Hope you all have a good week.

Ang x


  1. Hello Ang, love Luca's clock, I bet it will be a treasured gift. Sorry to hear you are tired after your birthday, but at least no major incidents. Great Birthday cake, well done Mr D. Love the flower pics, not so sure about the spiders thought. Take care. Bx

  2. Lucky Luca, I am sure he will love his clock. Belated birthday greetings and clever Mr D finding a snazzy cake.
    Absolutely freezing over here today been overcast and showery all day but now it is nearly dusk the sky has cleared and the sun has come out. The temp hasn't reached double figures. My Azalea's are all coming into bloom only 2 months too early and the bulbs are coming up too.
    Margaret M

  3. Wonderful clock, gorgeous pics, not so gorgeous spiders but fascinating. Xx

  4. Wonderful clock, gorgeous pics, not so gorgeous spiders but fascinating. Xx

  5. First of all a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Loved your Congratulations card and I just adore these clocks you are showing.
    A beautiful one for a little boy.f
    Great cake, like it.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  6. Good morning Ang just love the clock ideal for a little one. The flowers are beautiful but you can keep your spiders! ! Congratulations to Mr D. He has certainly earned some brownie points for finding this cake never seen anything like it. Make sure you have a good rest today. Love from Jackie xx

  7. hi Ang
    Loving Luca's clock , i have never seen a huddle spiders like that before ,very interesting. Loving your cake your Mr D is a treasure.
    Take care and rest when you can.
    Elaine H X

  8. I love this and when I think how much I paid fir a clock kit too! I could have made six clocks using your idea!
    I love your cake Well done Mr D
    Great photo of the spiders (which did make me shiver I have a real phobia of spiders)
    Take care xx Ooh and happy belated birthday

  9. Good morning Ang

    I love Luca's clock, the animals and alphabet letters look very cute

    I'm so pleased to hear you had an uneventful but happy birthday, such a shame though about the following night :(

    Now Mrs D.... you are a tease LOL. As soon as I saw the first pretty picture I looked out to our 'garden' and thought it best we move further south as you obviously have more sun than we do and that could just be the trick!

    Love the birthday cake, and would you believe custard creams are Mr F's favourite too!

    Take care

    June x

  10. Fab clock! Fab flowers, cute spidys! Fab cake!
    Today is Fabday as I can't remember what day of the week it is.

  11. Hello Ang,
    The clock is lovely! I love the colours you have used and a great use for the little animals!
    Great photos - never seen these spiders before - to my knowledge! They'd probably die of cold up here!
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    Love Myra x

  12. Hi Ang, so glad that you had a good birthday, but sorry to hear that you suffered a bit during the night. Your cake was beautiful and well done to Mr. D. for finding it. I hope it tasted as good as it looked.
    The clock you made for Luca is fabulous and I am sure it will become a family treasure.
    Your garden looks amazing and I think that both you and Mr. D. must have very green fingers. Thank you for sharing your photos.
    Not keen on spiders but amazing photo of them.
    Take care Ang and have a good week.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday Ang. Been away and didn't have internet. Love the clock. Just need to go to Poundland now. Lovely idea. Take care

  14. Forgot to say lovely cake - custard creams my favourite too and lovely flowers.

  15. Hello Ang,
    Lucky Luca and Lilia to be given clocks like these. I'm waiting to be taken to the expensive shop so I can make a start!
    Thought you were a lovely lady until I saw the teasing photos of the wisteria, have you ever gone off people very quickly ha ha.
    Don't like the spider picture and I'm pleased to say that I've never seen anything like it before.
    However ..... I love custard creams. Is there any of your cake left?
    Sorry you weren't too grand but at least no major incidents on your birthday, and as you say LH wasn't on the podium, that's a present in itself.
    love Maureen xxx

  16. Oh a girl after my own heart Ang! I love custard creams too..and go Mr D for that cake. The clock is gorgeous I love it..fascinating pic of the spiders never seen anything like that before..they don't bother me so I love that too!!! Stunning wisteria and sorry you weren't too well after your birthday take care lots of huggles Sue xx

  17. Hi Ang, Luca's clock is a stunner, I absolutely love how you create these.
    Beautiful garden blooms and amazing photo of those baby spiders, Alistair would freak out at them.
    I love your cake, love custard creams myself.
    Sorry to hear that you were a bit poorly and tired after your celebrations, just take it easy and be in touch soon, hugs Kate x

  18. I bet Luca loved his clock. Glad you were able to enjoy your birthday, your cake made me smile! Take care x

  19. Hi Ang,
    another great and beautifully designed clock.
    It's so wonderful and I bet the little man loved it.
    Glad your Birthday went well and you didn't have any health probs.
    Snap custard creams are my fave biscuit.
    So that cake looks extremely yummy!
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  20. What a fabulous gift for Luca - I can see a lot of people copying this idea, Ang.
    That cake is brilliant and I love your garden photos. I've never seen anything like the baby spiders before.

    Anne (Northampton)

  21. HI Ang Loving the clocks Looking to do 2 for my Goddaughters twin girls. Went this morning and bought 4 just in case I mess them up! Hope you are well Take care

  22. A great clock.
    My white wisteria looks just as good as yours - masses of rascimes this year. The mauve ones have been a picture too. My Dave's pride and joy, so very special to me now.

  23. Another sensational clock, Ang! I'm telling you, we'll be seeing these in stores soon as someone steals this idea from you! Your photos are brilliant, especially the creepy, but mesmerizing, photo of the wee spiders!! So glad to hear your birthday was uneventful!! Take a teasy now! Hugs, Darnell

  24. The clock is great. The pics of the flowers are
    The cake is fantastic I've never seen one like that before, I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday take of your self
    Hugs Maria xx

  25. Hi Ang,

    Fabulous clock hun, so sorry I missed your birthday so very belated birthday wishes, I hope you had a fabulous day. As you know I have been rather busy so have not blogged for a very long time but all my blogger friends are always in my thoughts and I hope this finds you well my friend. Take care
    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxxx

  26. Did I miss wishing you a Happy Birthday -- my mind is not what it used to be!!!!!
    The clock is adorable and a real treasure.
    Your cake looks absolutely delicious!!!! Wish we had that kind of bakery around here!!
    Sandy xx

  27. I have not been so good just lately and blog following fell off a bit, so sorry for the delay but though I hate custard creams I love your cake (they were my mums favourite biscuits and she would have loved this cake too.)