Saturday, 17 June 2017

Floral Tribute. . . . . . .

Good morning dear paddlers. Hope you're all ok but if not, I send positive thoughts to you.

Been up and down again. I'm thinking about changing my name to YoYo lol!!! I was going to say something about being up and down more than a certain type of ladies drawers but its early and some of you may not have had breakfast yet.

I did manage to meet up with Mr Lockwood on Wednesday for breakfast, despite having only had 2 hours sleep. The lure of a juicy sausage coated in brown sauce was too much to resist.
I have told him that you all want him back ont telly.

Had a lovely face to face catch up (its never the same on the phone and I always have problems with Skype) and had a lovely standard lavender for my belated birthday pressie. We are re-vamping our front garden so it will be put in a lovely pot and will take pride of place. I'm hoping June and Maureen are not lavender fans or I'm guessing that will be snaffled when they turn up in balaclavas to get the wisterias. I'm sure they are working in tandem as June let slip on my last post that she lives near Newcastle . . . . . . . that's near Maureen's turf. 

Now, I hope you don't mind that its not a card today but I thought you may like to see the flower arrangement/wreath I made for our dear friend who passed away at the beginning of May. The funeral was yesterday and was a lovely celebration of this dear man's life.

I decided to make our own as I have been disappointed with the last couple of florist arrangements we've ordered for funerals. They seemed to be more filler greenery than flowers.

I have done the odd arrangement before but this was my first funeral tribute. 

The ivy was from our garden, the flowers were from Morrisons and the posy pad and wires were from The Range.
It was a 9 inch pad, complete with base but once the flowers were added, it was about 11 inches in diameter.

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and felt quite chuffed when I took it to the funeral directors and the lady asked me what florist I worked for as she thought they were lovely. She seemed quite taken aback when I said I wasn't a florist. Just makes you heave a sigh of relief when someone else thinks they look ok.

Thank you for your various chicken liver recipes. I may give the creamy pasta sauce thing a try (thank you Bridget) and I love pate and garlic Barbara so I would love the recipe. If you're able to type it on here, that would be great but if its quite involved, don't worry. Yorkie Wendy, I'm not allowed alcohol, sadly although I have made a stew with Mackersons before so I wonder if that counts as having alcohol?
June, if I let Mr D loose with the cooking, I would end up back at A&E with food poisoning lol!!! He can boil an egg to perfection but anything else. . . . . noooooooo!!!
Helen, our wisterias also have a mini flush of flowers in Autumn (don't tell you know who).

That's me for now. Have a great weekend (supposed to be a scorcher) and be good.

Ang x


  1. Good sunny morning Ang

    I'm not surprised the lady at the funeral directors asked who you worked for as it's such a beautiful wreath!

    I hope you've now caught up on your lack of sleep and enjoying this gorgeous weather? I think our summer is here today, us northerners are so grateful for our one day summer, Maureen will confirm this when I see her to finalise our wisteria plans..... oops too much info!

    Happy to hear you did make breakfast with John, it's red sauce for me every time, my taste buds are too delicate for brown LOL

    I have 70 sugar roses to make, starting today, a late order for someone, so your lavender is safe for the moment but thank you for the heads up that it's in your front garden...mmmm

    Enjoy, take care and definitely keep Mr D out of the kitchen!!

    June x

  2. Hi Ang, the flowers are beautiful and I am not surprised the Funeral Director asked about them. You really are a very talented lady.
    Glad you enjoyed your breakfast with John, and yes I do miss him on TV.
    I would just like to ask if Maureen and June are successful in their Wisteria Raid, they can perhaps drop off a cutting here, or I would be willing to offer my services as the "Get-away Driver"
    Take care Ang and look after yourself

  3. A super floral tribute Ang, your talents have no boundaries!!
    I too managed a catch up with Lockers and told him the same as you , my craft ladies over here are missing him on TV..xxxxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    The flowers are beautiful Ang, clever lady.
    Hope you are more up than down, it's a pain when you feel unwell.

  5. Good morning Ang on this bright and sunny morning. Your floral arrangement is absolutely beautiful. I just hope you didn't tire yourself too much going to the service. You have had a busy week meeting up with John and being on patrol for the plant nabbers!! Enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. Take care my friend love from Jackie xx

  6. Gorgeous flower arrangement Ang. You're very talented. Xx

  7. Beautiful arrangement Mrs D, I agree ones from the florist seem to have a lot of filler and very few flowers these days. With regard to alcohol in cooking, generally heat burns the alcohol off, just leaving the flavour, so while coq au vin using a whole bottle of wine would probably be a no no, you should be o.k with a little used for flavouring/flambeing, or a beef in beer type stew that was cooked long and slow (use a lower percentage alcohol) brew. And yes we want Lockers back, its not the same (as good) without him

  8. Gorgeous Ang and very professional looking
    Now I'm going to sound boring I was told that to absorb iron you need to have vitamin C AND you'd have to drink one hellava lot of Mackie or Guinness (shame!) to get any iron from it! But if you like cooking with Mackie I think the alcohol evaporates off - but you'd need to check that
    Spinach is good but be aware that you might get Popeye's muscles My OH was diagnosed with anaemia and HAD to take an iron supplement prescribed by GP No foodstuff was strong enough

  9. How beautiful Ang, your chosen blooms are gorgeous and an unusual arrangement. You certainly did your friend proud with this arrangement.
    Yes Alcohol does evaporate in cooking, it cooks off.

    When I was nursing stout was ordered for the elderly ladies to help with iron intake, they too were on medication, but as it's a longgggg time ago I can't remember what, but perhaps you could check at a pharmacy to see if you could have the odd bottle or two. take care Kate x

  10. Wow! Ang you are a girl of many talents, your floral tribute is outstandingly beautiful, nattyboots loves , loves ,loves lavender now if i was to live next door ??????? Ahem my house would smell just gorgeous..

    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  11. This is just stunning and a beautiful tribute for your friend. Sorry to hear that you've been up and down at the moment, but lovely that you managed to meet up with John. Take care x

  12. Hi Ang! You are a multi-talented lady. Gorgeous flower arrangement. So sorry on the loss of your friend. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I enjoy your blog so much, and pray when you don't feel well. That's very selfish of me, but I would hate to hear you can't do the things you want to do as you are very talented. I haven't seen a flower arrangement like this and would love to see the base you started with. Was it wire, foam or something else. Very unique. You are talented. I wish I had the supplies you have. I have a lot of stuff but I started buying before I had a plan or a style so I have a lot of things I just don't use. Planning a purge very soon. Stay well. As with Sue Wilson, I follow you and love your country. Myra from Florida

  14. Hello Mrs Duck one pate recipe as promised.1lb chicken livers,6oz butter, 2 tblsps bovril,good slug worcester sauce,3/4 cloves crushed garlic.Cook all together then measure of sherry but as you can't have alcohol you could leave this ou.Blend smooth in a blender,chill in trays and enjoy.It also freezes well if this makes to much for one sitting,but it does keep for 4/5 days.Hope you like the sound of it.Give my regards to John when you see him,I do miss him on tv. Regards Barbara D xxx

  15. Your floral tribute to your dear man friend who died is beautiful. Your combination of roses, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums and your ivy is designer perfect. You should be very proud of this arrangement. I am a florist and I recognize good work when I see it. I am sure you will be receiving requests from other people to make arrangements for them. Sorry you have had up and down days. So glad you were able to share some time with John. I, too, miss him on TV. I watched him via computer and learned so many card making techniques and art from him. He always shared his techniques with those who were interested. I am having withdrawal not having access to his shows. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy weekend.

  16. Hi Ang That is stunning You could go in to business
    Take care Hope this hot weather is not being too difficult for you

  17. This is a beautiful floral arrangement you made Ang. Not surprised everyone liked it. Who wouldn't. Sorry to hear you have had some bad days but good you could meet up with John. Yes we certainly miss him on TV. His ideas are brilliant

  18. Hi Ang,
    oh that wreath is gorgeous and so wonderfully created.
    No wonder the lady thought it was from a florist as it's brilliant.
    You are such a very clever lady.
    Glad you managed breakfast with John.
    Do miss hime on the TV too.
    Not sure why he isn't on there anymore must have missed something.
    Keeping fingers crossed for your health porbs.
    Love and big crafty hugs. Jenny L.

  19. Good evening Ang!
    Beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL a wonderful job done there.
    Your hubby sounds a bit like mine. John can boil 2 eggs at once and both are perfect, me I boil two, one is like "snot" and the other would split concrete!! Anything else, Mmmmm!! might manage to heat a tin of soup ... that is might!!
    Glad you managed a meet up with John, we all miss his fantastic talent and great hints & tips.
    Made one of his round boxes today.
    Have a great weekend
    Patricia xxx

  20. Hello Ang,
    Your flower arrangement is beautiful. I've done church wedding flowers and funeral arrangements for friends who've asked me (I don't charge, that's why they ask!!) but never done one to be given from us as I am always afraid that people think we are penny pinching. When my brother died we spent a fortune and when I saw it, I was angry and sad. Angry because they looked like old flowers and I felt it was a complete rip off, and sad because I wanted to honour my brother. This has happened more than once. Now as regards Lavender, I have to say that I have about 5 bushes and as my gardens are the size of a large envelope I don't think I could manage any more, although I'd always find room for Wisteria. The 3 roses we were given for our Golden Wedding are in bloom and are beautiful - so there ha ha (June, that should lull her into a false sense of security about her Wisteria and with Yorks Butterfly we'll make a great team!)
    Glad you had a good time with John and that you gave him our regards but sorry to read that you've been up and down. However DO NOT make the recipe from Barbara, she uses slugs, although she does say a good slug, I thought they were all nasty!!! ha ha
    love Maureen xx

  21. Hello Ang,
    I thought I'd left a comment earlier but clearly I didn't! It's old age you know! Lol!
    Your floral tribute is beautiful. I so agree about the cost and the standard of some bought ones. I too love doing flowers but never thought of doing a wreath. Why not? I have just done arrangements for church for weddings and funerals! It's lovely to learn what everyone makes .
    Glad you told John we miss him!
    Sorry you haven't been so well .
    Maybe a slug would help it slip over? Maybe not!
    Love Myra xx

  22. A lovely floral tribute and I bet people were pleased to know you had taken the time to make it. Keep well.

  23. Beautiful tribute Ang, love these gorgeous colours in the flowers. xxx Keep up and smiling.xx [aNNie]

  24. Beautiful tribute. I made the main floral tributes for both my parents, the last thing I could do for them, and bought ones all look the same. Nothing like something that comes from the heart.
    Helen x

  25. A lovely wreath Ang. Glad you enjoyed your time with John.

  26. What a lovely gesture, Ang. It is beautiful.
    Just got back from a very hot classic car rally - it really was too much.

    Anne (Northampton)

  27. Hello Ang, what a beautiful arrangement, are you sure you were not a florist in a previous life, because this certainly rivals some that I have seen, and like you say they are not always worth what you paid. Glad you caught up with John, hope you gave him a hug on our behalf. Take care. Bx

  28. Sorry Ang , I am just catching up on visiting your blog. What a wonderful tribute it is gorgeous, what a heartfelt way to say goodbye.. xx