Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Just A Note. . . . . . . . .

Good morning Campers, Hi Di Hi !!! Hope this finds you unmelted in this tropical spell.

Thank you for your kind comments about my floral creation. High praise indeed from SuzzieQ as a professional, thank you.

Welcome to Andrea and Myra H. Thank you for your comments ladies and hope you can visit again soon. Also welcome and thank you to Sharon for clicking the "follow" button.

Now, today its a trio of simple but pretty (I think) cards which are very postage friendly.
I sent some knitting and home made gift clippings out of a magazine to Kate and Janice and popped them in these cards . . . . . .  us crafters can't send anything without a card now can we lol???

6 x 6 scalloped card blanks (I think John gave me them???)
Various Card-io stamps
Various Memento Dewdrop and Distress inks
SB Curved Borders 2 dies (used to create a curved mask)
John Lockwood sentiment on the card below.

The above card was sent to a dear blog friend's daughter in law as she very sadly lost her brother and Mum in very quick succession earlier in the year. There are score lines next to the stamping if you look closely.

Yorkie Wendy, I thought you were my friend and there you are offering your services to Bonnie and Clyde (I'll let them argue over which one is which lol!!!)
I always associate the smell of lavender with old ladies knicker drawers (which probably explains why Maureen has 5 bushes of it in her garden . . . . . .  hee hee!!!).

Barbara, thank you so much for the pate recipe. The livers are in the fridge and ready to go later today. Must admit, they don't look very inviting in the packet. I also, on Maureen's advice, won't be using any slugs. . . . . .or any other slimey invertebrates for that matter.
Bridget, I'll try the pasta sauce next week.

I have actually been put on iron tablets now as my level was too low to boost with diet alone and also Vitamin D too. Thank goodness my underactive Thyroid means I don't have to pay for prescriptions or I would be poor and prostitute.

I've also now got to go for a kidney scan as the GP (he was new) looked back at my previous blood tests and said my kidney function was reduced. This had not been picked up in my 15 hospital admissions in the last 12 months so Mr D is furious.
I'm telling you, if I was a horse, I'd be halfway to the Fray Bentos factory lol!!! But, my mantra is "there is always someone else worse off" so you just have to go with it eh?

That's me for now folks. I'll be back on Thursday with another MAWTT challenge and its my turn to pick the theme so expect my usual bit of fun.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    Super cards, brilliant for what you have said ... we crafters "have" to pop a card in every time. I am finding lots of my customers are asking for "flat cards" these will be another option.
    My goodness you are fairly going though the mill once again.
    Once they get your Thyroid sorted out hopefully everything else might settle down.
    I did a "take" on John's beautiful "round" box, I have posted it on my Blog.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  2. Hello Ang, what fabulous cards, would be great as a set of note cards too. Sorry to hear that they have to give you treatment for something else now, hope it all goes well. Had to laugh at the poor and prostitute comment however. Have a great day all. Bx

  3. Hi Ang , i had to read your poor Prostitute comment twice { what a hoot ,thought my eyes were playing up again }

    Lovely cards mate i have some scalloped cards somewhere ,i have taken to doing a few lines of scoring since seeing yours earlier this year , i think it gives a classy look to the card .
    Sorry you have another problem , lets hope now they can sort you out .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  4. Good Morning to You, I love these little cards, and I'm lucky enough to have one. As you so rightly say easy on the postage.
    Not great about the latest development with you Ang, Mr D is right to be fizzing. But thank goodness it's been picked up now. Hope you don't become "prostitute ",too much like hard work me thinks.
    Oh and Queen Anne legs...on Regency furniture, slim with a nice curve, quite a feature. However her legs are like a poker, when I think of it.
    Take care Dear Heart, hugs Kate x

  5. Wonderful design Ang.I hope they get you sorted soon, xxx

  6. Hi Ang how often a new doc picks up something but as you've been in and out of hospital it is a very poor show and no wonder Mr D is annoyed. Just love the cards you have made the wavy lines makes them so much more interesting. It's a bit cooler today thankfully so the garden may get a bit of attention. Bye for now love from Jackie xx

  7. Good morning Ang, oh you do make both me and my hubby laugh - thank you. The cards are lovely; I have to say I am a fan of Cardio and the designs she produces. Sending you best wishes that your health issues improve soon! WakeyL

  8. Morning Ang,
    Poor you, more tests.
    Love your cards.

  9. Hello Ang,
    Less is more, and these cards prove it. Sometimes a simple little something is just what is needed. Good idea for a bereavement card as well. That reminds me, must go back to look back at your Congradulations card - I need one.
    Now as to my lavender plants, I have to say that I would need more than 5 bushes to fill my knicker drawer, personally I find Tennas much more useful!!!
    Sorry they have found something else to deal with, once you are in their clutches they manage to find an ailment a visit but I can understand Mr D's annoyance at the time it's taken to discover your kidney malfunction. Good luck and I hope you get sorted once and for all!!!
    love Maureen xx
    p.s. Good luck with the liver recipe.

  10. Love the cards and a fab idea as the postage is getting higher and won't ever come down so its flat cards now. Even all the new dies coming out at the moment have to be workable as mailable. Does that make sense??

    It usually is a newbie doc that manages to see a problem, perhaps some of the old ones need to go back to school.

  11. Hi Mrs Duck, I agree the livers don't look all that appetising,but once they are pate you can forgive that.Hope you enjoy it.Sorry you are not too well hopefully all will be well eventually.Love the cards today Regards Barbara D xx

  12. Thank you sweet friend for your kind comments. I always enjoy your rhetoric. Your first card in lavender colors remind me of your lovely wisteria blooms. Are they still blooming? Lovely cards. I feel as Mr. D does. I would be be ranting on and on if I go there. So, I will just say: I am glad you have a new GP and hopefully he will get you on the right track to have much better health SOON. Take care.

  13. I love your sweet set of floral banded note cards, Ang! Very lovely!! So here I am killing time until we leave for the hospital so I see what you were referring to. I hope you get your blood rich again soon! As for the kidneys, I hope the first blip was just an anomoly. If not, thank goodness for the new doc or it might never have been found until it was much, much worse. Keep us posted, my friend. And well done keeping your chins up when I know it is very upsetting!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  14. Oh Ang what lovely cards, beautiful in their simplicity. Ang. I've said it before but I love your blog as you always make me smile, so not only do I look forward to seeing your beautiful cards and flowers but also your wonderful humour.
    Please Take care and keep well
    Hugs Wendyx

  15. Three fabulous cards, love the multi stamped blooms. Sorry to hear things aren't great health wise. Sending hugs x

  16. Hi Ang,
    oh I love these wonderful cards and their designs.
    Such a fab idea.
    I am trying myself to leave some white showing on my cards, but knowing me that isn't an easy task.LOL.
    I love the daffs paper it's gorgeous.

    Now I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I heard that they are going to make patients pay fr meds for thyroids as my DIL takes such meds, and told us.
    Unless of course they have done a U Turn yet again as they seem to be doing all the time.

    On the good news front my DH has had reduced kidney function for many years now a side affect of heart meds, and he has no porbs with it and no side affects.
    Hope that helps to aleviate any worries.

    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  17. Hi Ang

    These cards are so pretty, even the bereavement one and very tasteful

    Maureen.... keep mentioning your roses, do you think we could wear Mrs D down? lol

    Really sorry to hear about the undiagnosed kidney function and I also agree that Mr D has every right to be mad about it!! I do hope this will be addressed and rectified asap

    Take care

    June x

    PS thank you for your very kind, and funny, comments on my blog. You really make me smile Mrs D xx

  18. Lovely cards and very post able. Thank you. Sorry to hear you have more health problems. I had to take iron tablets for a while but everything ok now. Have to wait until Friday now to see if taking one Diabetic tablet a day is ok or if I will have to start taking two again.

  19. What a spiffing Idea on thee cards. Love how youv'e gone with the flow do to speak. Hugs Mrs A.

  20. Hi Ang. I've just been doing a load of cards similar to this with the Cardio peg stamps - find them so useful. Love the swirly line. I've been creating shapes with Ali's masks and then stamping through the the apertures.
    I'm another grateful for low thyroid tablets meaning no prescription charges although I have now reached the age when I don't pay anyway!
    Keep smiling.

  21. Do you know what - I forget to pop in a card!
    I hope you get things sorted and the new drugs help Next time we meet we'll be able to "play a tune" with all the meds rattling around
    I love these CAS cards I usually get a smudge or something on the white card and end up binning it because it's never quite in the right place for an embellishment

  22. Adore Card-io stamps, so quick and easy. Good luck with your scan and hope you get everything sorted soon.

  23. Great cards, I have a box of cards at my old slimming group and customers dont even like the odd pearl anymore for fear of going into the next post bracket, personally I think its a shame :(
    Hugs, Kaz x

  24. Hello Ang,
    You are so right ! No cardmaker can send anything without putting a card , however small , in as well! Trouble is they are all so nice and I keep them! Do you think it would be bad form to recycle a few?? I could send Patricia's to Maureen and Maureen's to Patricia?.. maybe not!
    This particular set is lovely and I love the shapes . They could even be made in advance and sentiments added later a la John's advice!
    Thanks, Love Myra xx

  25. Three lovely cards, Ang. I have a reduced kidney function but am not on any medication at present. I have to remember to drink loads of water. Hope all goes well - as others have said it's fortunate that you did see the new doctor.

    All the best

    Anne (Northampton)

  26. Fab cards Ang really great stamping! Sorry your finding it hard at the moment Paul has been washed out with this heat poor thing but the dogs love the paddling pool lol take care lots of huggles Sue xx