Saturday, 3 June 2017

Thank You Joy. . . . . . . .

Hi folks. Hope this finds you all ok and not too wet.

Apologies for being missing for a few days but its been a mixed week. On the good days, I've been pottering in the garden getting my veggies and herbs planted in pots. Couple of not so good days but probably as a result of my pottering.
Then a group of us were supposed to be having a lunch out for mine and my pal Davey's birthdays but sadly Davey's brother passed away suddenly so a very sad time for my dear friend. I know he reads the blog, so I hope he won't mind me mentioning it. Big hugs to you chuck.

The clocks have also been delivered and mum Lucia loved them. Lilia seemed genuinely thrilled with hers and Luca smiled and jabbered in baby speak ............ hopefully in appreciation lol!!!
I will show you their new home card on my next post.
I did mean to mention, some of you thought of doing football team themed clocks. . . . . if you do, I would suggest you don't blog them as football clubs are very precious about copyright of their logos etc and will, apparently, sue. Same goes for Disney and suchlike, so beware.

Now, today's card I made some months ago for a very lovely lady called Joy. Joy is one of John's Breedon ladies whom I had met a few times at CE Towers when I was Debbie McGee to John's Small Daniels.
Towards the end of last Summer, after hearing that I was poorly, Joy very kindly made me this beautiful quilt to keep me snug in my chair.

It has kept me toasty warm during the Winter and has been the envy of Mr D. I made the card pretty much straight away but hadn't got round to blogging it until now. I met up with Joy again at Breedon last month and asked her if she would mind me showing the quilt on the blog and she was happy for me to do so. Thank you once again Joy for your kindness.

Cream card (some coloured with Milled Lavender DI)
Presscut Large Squares (the card was either 7x7 or 8x8)
SB Fancy Lattice
SB Large and Classic Ovals
SB Create an Ivy die set
SB Bitty Blossoms (naturally lol!!!)
Britannia Medium Rose die (for the fuchsia. . . . .see tutorial at top of the page)
Papermania flower punch
Tonic flower punch
John Lockwood sentiment
Card-io butterfly stamps
Various distress inks
Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Golden Green gilding wax
Teeny bling

I really loved making this card as you know I adore making floral creations and I certainly went mega floral with this. Happy to say, Joy loved it too and she told me she had framed it. What a complement.

Thank you for the comments about my birthday cake. Mr D got it from Asda. I'm surprised how many of you have Custard Creams as your favourite biccys too.

Lastly, after spooking some of you with the spider pic last time (I don't like em either but these are just baby garden spiders and as long as they stay in the garden, thats fine lol!!!) and after teasing June and Maureen with the wisteria, I have a happy snap of craft goodies I spent some of my birthday pennies on. It was an on line shop as no craft show in the locale until July.

Yes, I know there are more First Edition pads but at £5.50 for both, it would have been rude not to have given them a loving home.

That's me for now folks. Have a lovely weekend and a great week ahead.

Ang x


  1. Well, you can never have too many paper pads! Your card is just amazing, those flowers are stunning, the perfect thank you for such a lovely gift.
    My thoughts go out to Davey and all friends and family who are grieving at the moment, lots of virtual hugs being sent to all of you x

  2. What a gorgeous card! I love it! Have a great weekend!

  3. Morning Ang
    I must say this card is stunning I love the design and those flowers are wonderful.
    Sorry to hear you've had a rough few days take it easy and try not to do so much.
    So sad to hear the dreadful news this morning of another attack. Xx

  4. Morning what a stunning card to day thank to say thank you for a beautiful gift. Thank you for the tutorial. Looks like you once again secured some good crafty bargains. One of the craft stores I visit is closing - there are some bargains to be had - so what has a girl to do but buy, buy, buy - but some of bargains are on line. I believe John is holding workshops at one of their other stores next Saturday. WakeyL

  5. Hi Ang
    WOW! your card is just gorgeous , the flowers so so beautiful , loving the quilt too { something i have not mastered is quilting }
    So sorry to hear the sad news of your friends brother.
    Just you take care and rest when you can.
    Elaine H X

  6. Morning Ang

    This card is absolutely beautiful, (was going to say stunning then caught the word in Maria's comment. I really love it

    So sorry to read of Davey's brother's passing

    How kind of Joy to make you the gorgeous quilt, a lot of work in that creation too!

    Very impressed with your recent stash buys and look forward to seeing your cards.... I've added a strap line to my blog that does say it all about our 'must have's LOL

    Don't forget to have more breaks during your garden pottering!

    June x

  7. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful card, and the quilt's gorgeous too.

  8. Hi there Ang, I'm so sorry to hear that Davy's brother has died, how sad for him and the family too,you as well as he is a close friend.
    Your quilt is beautiful and how thoughtful of Joy, and your thank you card is stunning, beautifully designed and embellished.
    Pottering around in the heat won't help either, so you take care. Will pop and email in the post later, hugs Kate x

  9. Oh my Ang what a lot of news today. Your card is absolutely beautiful and I'm not surprised Joy has framed it, so much to look at and absorb and the same goes for Joy's quilt. So much work in it and such pretty colours. At the other end of the line I'm sorry to read about Davey's brother and perhaps I speak for many of your blog family if I ask you to pass on our condolences. As for you young lady, a little potter at a time instead of trying to do everything at one go!! Take care now Ang love from Jackie xx

  10. Wow Ang what a stunning card, I would have had it framed if I had been lucky enough to receive it. Joy is very lucky, but having said that what a lovely quilt she made for you. I always think something that someone has made for you is so special.
    Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time, you really should take things a little easier until you build up your strength.
    Please take care
    Hugs Wendyx

  11. Ang, this is just a beautiful card, gorgeous colours too. Your quilt looks so warm and I could use it here at the moment, it's freezing. [got heating on]. You made me laugh re your comment on my splash splosh post...Mr D does that does he?? Keep well and enjoy your goodies.xx[aNNie]

  12. Hello Ang,
    This is stunning, just absolutely beautiful.
    Sorry to read that you've been a bit rough and I hope things improve on the health front for you. I also offer my condolences about Davey's brother.
    Joy's knee rug is lovely, and how thoughtful of her - does she know I've been pooorly? ha ha.
    I've been sitting weeding (it's a raised bed) and just do 10 minutes at a time, then have a cuppa and maybe a biccie before I start again. The little seat is now groaning when I sit down and the industrial crane to lift me off it goes back to the building site tomorrow!!!!
    Take care, watch what you are doing and thank you for no more teasing photos of Wisteria or spiders, although the goodie picture is a tease in itself.
    love Maureen xx

  13. Oh, La La!!! BEAUTIFUL creation. I love, love, love your mega floral designs. Joy is a lucky lady to receive this special thank you card. It definitely is frame worthy. I would have done the same and framed it. Your quilt is wonderful that Joy made just for you. Wishing you a better week.

  14. Your card is gorgeous! I have always loved that style of card.
    Speaking of gorgeous - your quilt is so very pretty.
    On a sadder note - so sorry to hear about the terrorist attack in London. It seems to go on and on. Maybe one day out leaders will figure out a way to eliminate these evil people.
    Sandy xx

  15. Your card is beautiful - suitable for framing. Joy is lucky to have it.
    I need to learn with the phrase:"when I was Debbie McGee to John's Small Daniels. Who is Debbie and what are small Daniels?
    Thank you for sharing the photo of Joy's quilt as it adds impact.
    Our hearts and prayers are with London.
    New York

  16. What a lovely friend Joy is to make you that beautiful lap quilt, Ang! I have to say your thank you card to her is every bit as magnificent and I'm sure she will cherish it! My sympathies to Davey. You take care and here's praying that soon those "off" days will be a thing of the past! Hugs, Darnell

  17. Wow! A beautiful card Ang. Definitely needs framing. Thank you for sharing it and also showing us the lovely quilt that Joy made for you. Thinking of Davey and family and all the victims of the latest attack in London. Hope you feel better soon Ang.

  18. Hi Ang,
    oooooooo! thanks for the heads up on the football thingy.
    I only make for family and never sell anything with those sort of things on.
    In fact I never sell anything just ask for peeps to donate to charity.
    Wasn't that so kind of Joy to make you that beautiful quilt.
    I am always in awe of quilt makers as it is such a very lovely caraft.
    I can't sew straight for toffee.
    Love this wonderful card and the design is awesome and very stunningly beautiful.
    Your flowers are superb and gogeous colours.
    You take care now and don't overdo things in the garden.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  19. Forgot to say my Son has just bought a wisteria.
    He had a beauty in his old house so wants to replace it in his new house.

  20. What a stunning card, Any. I am not surprised Joy has framed it. A fitting thank you for a wonderful gift.
    I was pleased to catch up with John yesterday and am going to his workshop next Sunday with Jan. Please take it steady so that you can resume your Debbie Magee role.

    Anne (Northampton)

  21. Hello Ang,
    What a beautiful card! I'm not surprised Joy framed it! Your flowers are beautiful!
    Lovely quilt too and a very thoughtful gift.
    Sorry to hear about Davey's brother.
    I will leave you to explain the Debbie Magee and small Daniel's ha ha!
    Love Myra x

  22. Hi Ang, what a stunningly beautiful card. What better way to keep it on display than to frame it. Joy's quilt is beautiful, I am very impressed with anyone that can sew creations like that. Hope you feel much better soon, and my sympathy to Davey, very sad. Take care all. Bx

  23. What a beauty, oops! The breakfast queue is moving, away in Hemsby for the weekend, be back later!

  24. This stunning No wonder Joy framed it Hope you're feeling better and it was so sad to hear about Davey's brother

  25. Beautiful flowers on a fabulous card. I'm not surprised it has been framed. Hugs Mrs A.

  26. Beautiful flowers on your card and lovely colour combination in the flowers.

  27. Stunning floral card Ang. No wonder Joy framed it and beautiful quilt. You take it easy and don't over do it. My daughter has been helping me to repair and improve the garden which was sorely neglected over the last 2 years. Still a long way to go but looking better all the time. Enjoy your summer it is wet and cold here today so I am snug indoors with a new jigsaw puzzle.
    Margaret M

  28. My goodness Ang, you were a very lucky girl to have been given such a beautiful gift, love it.
    Your card is absolutely STUNNING another Work of Art definitely needed to be framed.
    Patricia xxx

  29. Hi Ang
    Had a busy weekend with my granddaughter (4) who was really keen to craft so only just catching up with your blog. Also had to miss John at Colemans but I'd spotted his workshop next Sunday so I've booked to go with Anne.
    Good to hear you are making progress.
    What a lovely quilt and a sumptuous card from you as a thank you.

  30. What a truly gorgeous card Ang. Those flowers are absolutely delightful. You told me about the quilt Joy made for you but it is lovely to actually see it - maybe not in real life but as close as we're going to get! Christine x

  31. Wow an absolutely stunning card. I must learn to make flowers like this - but its not just being able to create the flowers its having the artistic eye to arrange them to perfection too.

    Helen x

  32. Hi Ang! Beautiful card and the quilt is so pretty! Sorry I am slow getting around to my friends blogs. Looks like you had fun shopping! Have a great day.